In new court filings, the FBI has tacitly admitted that it knows about ties between members of the Saudi royal family and 9/11 hijackers, that it lied about not knowing, and that no one should learn more about this -- for reasons of “national security.”

AndyBushThe FBI apparently has known for a decade about links between powerful Saudi interests and the alleged 9/11 hijackers, and has been forced to tacitly admit that it lied about it for all of these years.

In case the import is not clear, let us state emphatically: this is a huge development.


In court filings seeking to stave off a media Freedom of Information request, the FBI has stated that releasing documents relating to this issue will harm “national security.”  As proof of the sensitivity of the matter, the FBI gave the judge a document dated April 4, 2002, in which the FBI states that its own inquiries “revealed many connections” between a well-connected Saudi family with a house in South Florida and “individuals associated with the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001.”

The Sarasota Affair

The Freedom of Information request that prompted these reluctant admissions was filed by the Broward Bulldog, a South Florida nonprofit investigative site which first covered the Saudi connection in 2011.

The Bulldog’s reporting explained how a family living in an exclusive gated community outside Sarasota, on Florida’s West Coast, had apparently vanished suddenly some 10 days before the 9/11 attacks. Investigators, including a swarm of FBI agents, found that the family’s departure was clearly so sudden that they left almost their entire household intact, down to cars, clothing, and food in the refrigerator. Most significant, though, investigators had established that several of the men publicly identified as among the 9/11 hijackers, including purported ringleader Mohammed Atta, had visited the house and/or been linked to it through a web of telephone communications.

The FBI told none of this to Congress, and it was not mentioned in the original 9/11 Commission report released in 2004.

WhoWhatWhy, in an original investigation, went deeper, and established that the owner of the house was  a prominent Saudi businessman who works directly for the Saudi prince most involved with aviation—including being the first Saudi who trained to fly planes in South Florida.  You can read our complete story here.

The significance of this cannot be stated strongly enough. Although many people think they “already know” about ties between the hijackers and Saudi royals, they confuse these important revelations with reports that prominent Saudis were permitted to leave the country shortly after 9/11, as popularized in Michael Moore’s film Fahrenheit 9/11.

This new revelation is far more significant. The older story shows possible favoritism toward, or at least concern for, well-connected Saudis on the part of the US government in permitting them to leave. The Sarasota story, however, shows that the US government came upon what may have been a command or control center for the men we are told hijacked the planes.

And with the connections documented by WhoWhatWhy, it is almost impossible not to conclude some kind of awareness, either before or after the act, on the part of Saudi Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud and the powerful clique he represents within the royal clan. Again, for more on this, please read the entire story, which continues over three pages on our site.

The FBI Reversal

Kudos to the Bulldog for filing the FOIA request, which unearthed that gem of an FBI submission. It was included in filings by Miami Assistant U.S. Attorney Carole M. Fernandez, and was part of a sworn 33-page declaration from FBI Records Section Chief David M. Hardy. He stated that producing classified information related to the matter “would reveal current specific targets of the FBI’s national security investigations.” The purpose of the filings was to convince U.S. District Judge William J. Zloch not to allow the FOIA suit to succeed.

The April 4 document is significant for three reasons: (1) it demonstrates that the authorities are aware of the Saudi link, (2) it demonstrates that the FBI previously lied when it declared that its inquiries in the matter found no links to the terrorists or the plot, (3) it has the FBI asserting that no more disclosures should be made in order to protect “national security.”

The FBI’s practice of finding evidence tied to Saudi Arabia, then denying it had such evidence, then reluctantly admitting that it did (but only as a way of blocking still more disclosure) is telling. The apparent willingness of the FBI to brazenly lie and then reverse itself—seemingly with no consequences—is now beginning to look like standard operating procedure.

As WhoWhatWhy has demonstrated in articles about the Boston Marathon bombing, the FBI has been guilty of an astonishing array of disinformation, story reversals, unaccountable violence, and general misbehavior just in that one affair alone. See this, this, this, and this.

In the Boston bombing case, the FBI claimed not to know anything about the alleged perpetrators, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, then was forced to admit it had had direct contact with them and their family. It also initially claimed via leaks to mainstream media reporters that one of its officers shot and killed Ibragim Todashev, a figure connected with the Tsarnaevs, because he attacked them with a knife, Since then, the story has changed repeatedly and is now obscured by a thick fog of misdirection. We’ve pointed out many other changing aspects of the FBI’s story.

Hence, when we look back at the granddaddy of all purported terrorist plots, 9/11, and see the FBI’s astonishing actions to block disclosure, we have to ask: Just what is going on in this country? What is the FBI, and does it actually serve democracy and the public interest? And where is the president, purportedly the most powerful person in the country, and the public’s representative? If the president is unable or unwilling to get to the bottom of these bizarre and deeply worrisome developments, what does that say about the health of the system itself?

The Biggest Revelations, Ignored

Fortunately for the FBI, almost the entirety of the media—from the corporate owned “mainstream” to purportedly outsider ”alternative” news outlets and websites—have steered clear of the entire subject.

The recent FBI court filings were revealed by a Bulldog article published in conjunction with one mainstream outlet—the Miami Herald. Previous revelations that appeared in The Herald were generally ignored by the rest of the press, and we may reasonably expect the same disturbing indifference to the latest bombshell.

This development leaves us with three significant conclusions:

-The US government knows about, and is concerned about, apparent ties between its allies in the Saudi royal family and the men accused of having hijacked the planes on 9/11 and orchestrated the greatest attack in history on the American mainland.

-The FBI continues to lie and suppress information in other matters of public concern, supposedly all in the interest of our shared “national security.”

-The media continues to demonstrate how weak, compromised and intimidated it is. With the majority of Americans still dependent for their understanding of current events and their world on these same media, the ramifications can be considered alarming.

[box]WhoWhatWhy plans to continue doing this kind of groundbreaking original reporting. You can count on it. But can we count on you? We cannot do our work without your support.

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Man on the street

Why Saudi Arabia’s criminal act against America is disregarded for National Security?

dusty rhodes



Are we to believe the Saudi government colluded with Bin Laden and even though US officials knew about it they had no choice but to order the intelligence agencies to stand down because preventing 9/11 would have embarrassed the Saudi government or somehow caused a disruption in oil markets?

This theory has similar logic to one posed by Richard Clarke. He put forth the theory that the CIA didn’t tell the FBI when al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar first entered the US in Jan. ’00. Instead the CIA tried to recruit them as double agents but when that effort failed they continued to keep the FBI out of the loop to avoid being held accountable for not sharing the information from the beginning.

So both theories suggest that US officials let the attacks go forward because it would be better to allow a massive terrorist attack than have either Saudi or US officials suffer some embarrassment or a slap on the wrist reprimand. IMO these theories don’t make sense as there were obviously less drastic solutions than allowing a terrorist attack to succeed.

If US officials wanted the public to know what really happened they would have done so by now. Sadly they seem content to lie to the public and in doing so dishonor everyone who was murdered on 9/11.


Good point trends… I’m surprised Russ did not connect the Florida findings to the much larger Saudi role in funding and chaperoning many of the hijackers around the US out of the West Coast. The funding goes right back to the Saudi Ambassador and his wife… the key agent al- Bayoumi was part of the FBI-led network involved in the first WTC bombing. This is a major black mark on Russ Baker’s otherwise interesting report.

I mean, on the West Coast an FBI informant was housing the hijackers and escorting them around Southern Cal with the Saudi operatives.

The Richard Clarke interview is useful because it corroborates some of the FBI- CIA- Saudi- collaborations identified by the Congressional 911 report, a report which was pretty devastating. Clarke also shows the efforts taken within the CIA to conceal their knowledge of al-Q operatives functioning in the US, even as CIA Director Tenent was telling Bush and Clarke that something bad was going to happen, without providing actionable details.

Clarke’s thesis about recruiting al-Q double agents is silly… he openly says this is the only motive he can think of to explain , especially the CIA treachery in 9/11.

In the end 9/11 really has NOT been about oil. It’s about creating a) an internal Orwellian police state dictatorship… essentially 9/11 was a coup against the US Constitution; b) implement a policy of Perpetual War overseas and exercise “total spectrum dominance” on the military side.

Man on the street

Hello Einestine!
Obviously even first grader can say that Saudi Arabia has oil. But, do you know that most of our oil import comes from Canada, Mexico, and Venezuela? Now that I informed you with that FACT, please answer the question again without hurting your fingers typing. Thanks.


In 2001 we imported (In thousands of barrels/day)

1356 from Canada

1394 from Mexico

1611 from Saudi Arabia

1291 from Venezuela

and about 3000 from all other sources combined. Saudi Arabia and Venezuela are and were members of OPEC. Loosing somewhere between 25% – 50% of our oil imports would have been a BFD.

Not that the FBI should have let 9/11 happen


Oil can be bought anywhere – it’s a commodity. It must be bigger than that. Big slush money for the Republicans or the Bush Family or Exxon, for example.

Chizzlin' Sam

I Recently watched an interview in which GHW Bush argues with Dan Rather for 9 minutes about Iran Contra. After Rather asks the first question GHWB goes on the offensive and points out the “$10 million study by the Senate and the House, the Tower Commission”, later he again points out the “exhaustive examination” of then VP Bush. Strange how the U.S. spent $10 million in 1988 to investigate Iran Contra–and just $13 million in 2002-04 investigating 9/11 (the biggest crime ever on American soil).
Also strange is how GHWB points out “I had no OPERATIONAL role” in Iran Contra. Even Reagan’s reaction to the question about GHWB having anything to do with Iran Contra the next day is quite suspect–he says “No” and then smiles from ear to ear…

I just am left wondering if the whole entire point of the Bush-Rather interview was for Bush to ambush Rather (and not the other way around). I wonder if the Bush camp negotiated for the 1st question to be about Iran–and then to move on. As the interview shows, after the initial question about Iran Rather moves on and offers up a softball question: “Your record, let’s talk about your record…” Bush then goes back into Iran Contra–after that I think Rather just decided that Bush went off script so he may as well follow. In any case, it’s not often that the candidate and the reporter both openly refer to meetings held before the interview. Would I be wrong to assume the meetings last longer than the interview?


EXCELLENT Posting :)



Great article!!!!

I would suggest that they knew because cutouts were indeed used, which was why at least 15 (if memory serves) of those hijackers were Saudia Arabian to begin with.

Again, and again, it must be repeated: during the normal police homicide investigation, those closest to the victims are investigated, as the killer is usually known.

Look at the backgrounds of many of those passengers aboard the flights that day, and it becomes apparent why no one came forward (other than those identifying the hijackers, and a host of other ancillary people); they placed the operational personnel (unknowing and unwitting operational personnel, that is) aboard those four airliners that day.

And to repeat: on 9/10/01, the Pentagon’s comptroller announced that their auditing team (the DIA’s Financial Management staff) had uncovered an unaccounted for $2.3 trillion (that is, missing) in DoD funds.

On the morning of 9/11/01, an airliner crashes dead center into the Pentagon’s west wall, killing almost all the members of that auditing team and severely injuring the rest.

Chizzlin' Sam

the more we find out–the fishier it gets!!! it seems the Secret Government seals records for extended periods to cover up–not to protect national security.


Kind of makes the term “conspiracy theory” less offensive and more common sense in my opinion. The media tries to smear people who question 9/11 and other events with the term and they also try to inject the absurd to make us all who question these events seem ridiculous.

But most importantly, Henry Kissinger was begrudgingly appointed by the Bush Administration after a long hold out, to lead the investigation into 9/11. Luckily the Jersey Girls did their research and asked him about his business dealing with the Bin Laden family. He resigned soon after.

The questions compiled by the Jersey Girls went mostly unanswered and would be worth looking into as well if anyone is interested in investigative journalism.

Here is a clip about the Kissinger choice:

Here are the Jersey Girl’s questions:

FACTS are another thing to focus on in my opinion:


The “Jersey Girls”. I once believed their lies. Now, after seeing more how these false flags work, I am embarrassed to admit that I ever fell for their scam.


What is their scam if you don’t mind saying.


There’s one big problem with trying to link the Saudi’s to 9/11.

If you watch the numerous videos of the three towers as they fall, there is no question they were all brought down with explosives.

They all fell at near free fall speed through the most resistance straight down into their own footprints. No steel frame building in history has ever fallen because of fire and those that have had fires have burned much longer without falling.

Who controlled access to the towers to allow the explosives to be installed? Larry Silverstein, leaseholder and personal friend of Bibi Netanyahu controlled who came and went day and night at WTC at the time. Silverstein, who normally breakfasts at a restaurant at the top of one of the towers conveniently had a doctor’s appointment on 9/11. His two siblings who also work in the towers also found excuses not to show up on that day.

Those five men arrested for filming and celebrating the fall of the towers weren’t Saudis. They were members of Mossad.
At least one of them admitted to working in explosive ordinance.




It’s okay to implicate Saudis. Providing solid evidence against Zionists is verboten here.


Russ deletes all comments that don’t support his coverup agenda.


Bush’s brother Marvin was head of security for the towers, he stepped down just before 9/11.

There is a great documenatary called “who killed John O’neil” implicating Kroll.


Kevin Ryan makes very interesting connections in this video:

Charles Frith

Low level information that nobody bothers about. The FBI’s job is to arrest competition to the the real crooks. People like the Zioncons who organised 9/11 as layed out in a recent masterly article for


The media had a huge chance to get some answers to 9/11 when Greg Barker and some CIA agents went around promoting the documentary Manhunt. Sadly nobody asked these CIA agents to explain what happened in regard to al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar. In an interview with The Story Barker said “I mean some of the specific blames have to do with documents that may or may not have been passed to the FBI. I’m not sure that full story has come out.”

The CIA told the FBI about al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar in late August of ’01 after withholding the information for 20 months. For its part the FBI has never explained the outright bizarre conduct of the Bin Laden unit (UBLU) that received the information. One would think the media would be interested in getting answers from unit chief Rodney Middleton so he could explain why the FBI investigation was obstructed. Or how about interviewing (at the time) IOS Dina Corsi who misrepresented NSLU advice to keep the investigation from the criminal side agents? AFAICT Corsi is currently the deputy director for counterintelligence.

If a member of the public acted like the FBI they would be charged as an accessory after the fact or with obstructing justice. For some reason the FBI can say the magic words national security and that somehow justifies their conduct. It should be noted that the threat to national security took place on 9/11. What is being protected is the full extent of FBI (and other agency) conduct that contributed to the success of the attacks.


Lets not get carried away just yet.
We dont know what the national security interest bit is all about.

Thanks for your coverage of this issue though


When government criminals use “national security” or “classify” documents, what they really mean is “I want to cover up evidence of the crimes I committed.”

“Classified” information is hiding evidence of crimes from our investigations. It is itself evidence that there was wrong-doing.

Max Derpin

it’s only fair that free speech requires free information access

Richard Charnin

Not one word in the article about the SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN FACTS that the Twin Towers came down from explosives, WTC 7 was a controlled demolition (Silverstein said “pull it”). A 757 could not have hit the Pentagon: 1) an expert pilot could not have made the maneuver and we are supposed to believe a hijacker who barely knew how to pilot a Cessna could, but it is a moot point since 2) the 757 could not fly at 500 mph without breaking up at such a low altitude,3) there was no visible wreckage), 4) the hole was too small, 5) there are no videos of the “crash”, 5) April Gallop was working right next to the impact area – and saw no plane.


Damn, it’s good to see there are people who can figure out what makes sense.


It appears that comments by people who make sense get deleted on this site.

James Henry 281

At the risk of preaching to the choir, I have to say that THIS is a federal agency “scandal” that the media should be beating to
death. Add to that (as Russ points out) the FBI’s scatterbrained explanations regarding the Boston Marathon debacle, the Agency’s well documented involvement in many of the recent terror attempts that were “thwarted,”

then throw in the FBI’s involvement in the “successful” 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center for good measure.

Whether the FBI and the dozen(s of) other security agencies
are somehow involved in these plots, or whether they are simply burying their mistakes to cover their own derrieres is essentially beside the point. The fact is, they have the ability to operate without any REAL accountability and the results speak for themselves (bloated federal budgets, erosion of civil
liberties, the US’s global dominance with corresponding blow-back).

When are we going to wake up to the fact that one of the most
sprawling and well-funded government institutions, that is the national security-industrial-complex, is fundamentally at odds with our democratic republic which is supposed to be based, by the way, on a theory of checks and balances? Is it not telling that the least accountable portion of our government, the national security apparatus, also happens to be the most profligate spender (if honest accounting is used, that is)?

Although the level of spending on national security is unarguably gargantuan, the exact numbers vary wildly and are quite hard to get an accurate picture of. This is, of course, because the exact amount of money we spend on national security is… (wait for it)

a national security secret!


The FBI spends its time thwarting Occupy, “ecoterrorists” and such. They don’t have time for Saudi princes organizing terror attacks.

Rory O'Connor

Check Footnote 44, Chapter Six of the 9/11 Commission Report…

Joseph M

Why? Does it talk about explosives within the three buildings that fell down? Awesome.


Readers are advised to note those commenters who completely ignore the facts we report in order to editorialize relentlessly on their agenda. This article presented information related to the FBI, the Saudis, and Florida–it had nothing to do with explosives. We invite thoughtful comments related to the work we do, not grandstanding for pet issues.


This is a bit harsh, Russ. I appreciate your reporting on the Saudi connection, but in comparison to the huge issues related to 9/11 – how those buildings came down, did a plane hit the pentagon, etc – focusing on the Saudis in Florida and what the FBI knew about them is nibbling around the edges. These huge issues should not be derided as “pet” ones. I’m puzzled by your seeming acceptance of so much of the official narrative on 9/11. You don’t seem at all curious as to whether the attacks were an inside job. I am a fan of your work, but your reticence on this point is very disappointing.


I don’t accept the official narrative, but I am a journalist. I only report new information that I am able to obtain and verify. There is a ton of published and posted material alleging a government plot to bring down those buildings. You believe that. Fine. I simply don’t have any inside or new information on that subject. Also, your lack of interest in evidence of Saudi connection to the people who are alleged to have hit those buildings, but only in another purported narrative, is indicative of a closed mind.

You’ll find plenty of places you can go where people cater to your preconceptions. If, on the other hand, you have new, solid, documented information on how those buildings were brought down (not widely distributed videos, and not rehashes from pro and con arguments and speculation–and by the way many architects and engineers take the opposite stance on probabilities, etc) then send them our way. We….have no agenda beyond credible reporting.


Preconceptions? Have you considered the strong evidence of the use of nano-thermite to bring down those buildings? I’m talking samples of WTC dust, tested for nano-thermite, and confirmed. Or the fact that the narrative re WTC 7 changed drastically (According to NIST, WTC 7 first came down due to “normal office fires.’ Then Larry Silverstein, the owner, stated the buildings were ‘pulled.’ John Kerry affirmed this as well (see YouTube). As for other architects and engineers who take the opposite stance on probabilities: I have no idea who you are referring to. There are no probabilities. The simple scientific fact is that jet fuel can’t turn steel into molten lava, and anyone who says it can is quite . . . compromised. You wish for “documented evidence”? How about the total scientific implausibility of the government explanation? If you are waiting for a memo with Dick Cheney’s signature on it you won’t get it. What, BTW, in the nature of “documented evidence” do we have that Oswald didn’t kill JFK? Nothing, except the utter implausibility of the government narrative.


One last point: I am interested in the Saudi connection to the hijackers. But not as part of a dead end story that is false. What you are content to report is akin to reporting that the CIA was suspicious of Oswald after he returned from the Soviet Union but hid that fact for “reasons of national security.” Today we wouldn’t find such a story the least bit interesting, for we know that it presumes that Oswald killed Kennedy, and that assumption begs a huge question. Your entire piece misses the big “pet” elephant in the room: Whether these foreign hijackers intended to terrorize 2 American cities. The fact that you have “nothing new” to report does not absolve you from taking sides on this elemental and crucial question.


most people, most organizations do things to benefit themselves. i am having a hard time figuring out exactly what the saudis as a nation would gain from 9/11. likewise i fail to understand what some people in our country would gain “long term” from 9/11. bin laden’s motives are clear to me as are the consequences of the over reaction that we had as a nation. so what is the “end game” what is the benefit and to whom does it go?


Russ Baker, 15 of the 19 patsies err..alleged “hijackers” allegedly had Saudi passports. See : Mike Springmann resisted the state department’s insistence they be given visas. His career went south. If you need a complete background as to what happened regarding the events of September 11, 2001, read what Dr. David Ray Griffin reveals. Best Regards…

James Godbe

Well, finally . . . a response of sorts. How can you possibly mention ‘architects and engineers that have the opposite stance’ (who, your neighbor down the hall?) when 2000 of them have risked their careers and reputations (something your smugness in this response obviously seeks to preserve) by coming out individually to refute the official version. The writer you respond to is absolutely correct . . . this may be ‘new information’ to you, but it’s ho hum to those of us who’ve taken the time to investigate this. You apparently know about the massive information out there proving the official story a lie . . . why don’t you link to it, be more forthcoming, call a spade a spade? Can you possibly not know the significance of exposing this? In many ways, there IS no other story. A character in a Mark Twain story said: ‘If you know whar a man’s corn-pone is coming from, I’ll tell you what his ‘pinions are.’ Come on, Russ, you do great work and I realize the risks . . . but if you can’t grow cahones, at least don’t pretend to offer a song and dance why you can’t.


I haven’t seen anything in this thread about possible Israeli connections to 9/11

James Godbe



Hey guest… did anyone see a team wiring the WTC 1-2 for explosives?

Ok… when you have some details on that let us know. Grousing about explosives in the towers get us no where.

Russ and the work of others identifies specific people and entities to investigate. The obsession with the towers coming down isn’t very helpful to anyone.


Russ Baker seems unwilling to touch any issue that might implicate Israel and the Mossad.


1 name – John P. O’Neill – FBI counterterrorist expert suddenly moved to sidelines in early 2001 and cut from intel loop.

had chart with Atta’s name on it


Yes, I’m wondering why O’Neill hasn’t come up more in this discussion?


Maybe Russ Baker did not make the connection…unless you were paying attention it was easy to overlook….I wonder if he has a comment.


There was a fairly detailed reportage about O’Neill in The New Yorker not long after 9/11. I wonder whether that piece would be worth a second look. Why was this patriotic expert ignored? Weren’t there some odd personnel changes going on at the the top of the FBI at that time?


PBS Frontline had a great program in 2002 and have rebroadcast at least once…even interview with his SO.


Because Russ was focusing on a relatively narrow part of the 9/11 story. We need to find angles that will start to unravel the propaganda since the evidence that has been gathered by many people and direct witnesses to the event have been ignored or rejected by all political factions, all of the mainstream media and most of the “alternative” media. Thus new stories have a chance at being heard.


The words of Justice Louis Brandeis: “Decency, security and liberty alike demand that government officials shall be subjected to the rules of conduct that are commands to the citizen. In a government of laws, existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Our government is the potent, omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for the law, it invites every man to come a law unto himself. It invites anarchy. (United States v. Olmstead, 277 U.S. 438 (1928).

We are under the rule of a rogue government and the lies, in my opinion, are carried through collusion within the three branches. I, also, believe that the government is committing crimes against the American people in collusion with foreign nations. We are simply serfs and at any time collateral damage in the self preservation and self enrichment of tax supported high level officials who carry treason without fear of consequence. The rogue now out number and have made clear that reprisal will occur to any one left with a sliver of integrity. The health of the system is grave and as the Honorable Justice described a malignant situation.


You’ve got it pegged, my friend.

Jeff Grotke

you can’t eat cotton!!


It’s amazing that after all of this time we still don’t know how these hijackers managed to get on the planes, hijack them and the fly them into their targets. Failure of intelligence, incompetence, lack of imagination, or whatever excuse the government uses to explain it all away just doesn’t cut it, but most people just don’t seem that interested in getting to the bottom of this. Then there is the brick wall of secrecy that is the Saudi connection. It’s good to see at least some information come out, even if its just little bits and pieces 10+ years later.

Chris Jonsson

I knew this a long time ago because I wanted to know the truth and dug for it. Now if only the public will acknowledge it. The Bush Library and Margaret Spellings want to make sure no one will ever know.


Russ Baker, they don’t make them any better. Stay safe.


Yes. Stay safe. Watch your back.


The connections between highjackers and one of our “allies” is certainly a mystery, but I am still puzzeled about how jet fuel can cause an implosion of two massive buildings and one a couple of blocks away.


“Ponderous” indeed. Logic would dictate that if you are interested in how those buildings came down, you might not find documented connections and a documented coverup just an obscure mystery of no great relevance.


I cannot believe I once thought you were legitimate. Do you honestly believe the controlled demolition of the three towers are an obscure mystery of no great relevance? Of course you don’t. You are part of the coverup.


“an obscure mystery of no relevance.”? Holy Fuckin’ Moley!


Why was all the forensic evidence at the WTC site
either carted away to land fills or sent to China before a correct, thorough investigation could be completed?

Jon Norris

that one gets me too I’m not an architect I’m a mechanic with some towards a mechanical engineering degree jet engines don’t melt. And that is at the optimal conditions for the fuel to burn not just a spill I’ve burned plenty of diesel which is very similar to jet fuel and can’t melt steel with it. Also the building should have fallen in the direction of the impact near the 82 floor not from ground up at least that’s what logic would say and on two buildings not to mention building 7. Or the lack of wreckage at the pentagon


Severely distressed victims of the crash in the north tower were seen frantically waving for help
at the point where the plane had entered a half hour before. The smoke was jet black, implying a dying fire. The victims were standing near where the 9/11 investigation concluded temperatures were up to 3000 degrees F. Does that make sense?


Hitler, Mein Kampf: “In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted by,,,the big lie more than the small lie,,,it would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths…they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think there may be some other explanation, for the grossly impudent lie leaves traces behind it even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world, and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.”

Mr. M

Great reporting. The lack of msm coverage on this is astounding. More proof that real investigatie journalism from the mainstream outlets is dead – you and Greenwald and Hedges are some of the few honorable reporters out there. Any other names you recommend?
btw great interview on Rockwell’s site – a robust interview.


Thanks for mentioning this interview. It was really, really good! Anytime Russ talks for more than 20 minutes at a time is pure intellectual bliss. Unfortunately, his three-minute snippets on RT just aren’t satisfying enough.


The Saudi family and the Bush family have been rolling in the same dirty laundry since Prescott Bush and beyond – it was dirty from the get-go when Saudis were allowed airspace to leave the country…

Pierce Aero

There were strippers in the club where the 9/11 pilots were known to attend, that lived in my neighborhood. They had long told me stories about local F.B.I. agents being present in the club. Since at least ’89. By ’01 it was common knowledge among them. After 9/11, they recalled the faces of these pilots, and pointed out that they, and the F.B.I. had been in one the same nights, many times. Our current San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore, formerly F.B.I., appears to have become aware of this at some point. Later, in spite, or perhaps because of, their reports of these events at this club known as The Body Shop, official reports placed the pilots at Cheetahs. From the beginning, it seemed to me that they knew.

John Watson

There is no evidence of Muslim hijackers on the 4 planes on 911. In 2001, cell phones did not work at altitudes above 8000 feet. ( The technology did not become available to make high altitude cell phone calls until 2006, with the advent of the Qualcom system. The cell phone calls from the plane were therefore faked. Read David Ray Griffin’s book: “Debunking 911 Debunking.”


This is the most significant story I’ve ever read about 9/11, and it highlights the total, absolute hypocrisy of the government claiming that data mining will keep us safe. Here is possibly the most important aspect of the entire 9/11 story being KNOWINGLY suppressed and ignored by the government and most of the media. No data mining needed — and its being covered up. Mind boggling — thank you for this article.


Greg Palast has advanced a theory that the Iraq invasion was not about securing Iraqi oil but about keeping the price of oil up. The Saudis would directly benefit from this, as would all the oil interests in the US. Food for thought.

James Godbe

Gee, Russ, you say that ‘almost the entirety of the media—from the corporate owned “mainstream”
to purportedly outsider ”alternative” news outlets and websites—have
steered clear of the entire subject’ . . . by ‘this’ subject I suppose you mean this ‘startling’ info about the FBI and the Saudi connection to 9/11 . . . but in fact the subject is 9/11 itself and YOU are but one of the ‘alternative’ news outlets that continue to ignore the mountain range of evidence that it could only have happened w/ massive expertise from the government of the United States. Hello?



Oh, come on, James. Stop relentlessly pushing your pet agenda……


James should be relentless when it comes to the lies, treachery, and murders committed on 9/11.
It’s an insult to term it a “pet agenda”.


Russ Baker tip-toes around certain issues, 9/11 in particular. Why doesn’t he see how improbable the whole
thing is? Even Tom Kean, head of the 9/11 Commission,
stated, “We were set up to fail.”


Russ, please investigate the “suicide” earlier this year of Phillip Marshall, who published a book last year, called “The Big Bamboozle”, linking (in great detail) the Saudi royal family with 9-11. I don’t believe for a moment that his death was a suicide but as far as I know nobody is seriously looking into it. I would love to see you take that on… but… be careful.

doug vaughan

WHO is looking into it: first part of story coming soon…


I would love to have the WHO do the Marshall story. Here is the case of a conspiracy investigator with 2 great books and first-hand experience in both black ops and aviation – alleged to have shot his 2 kids (and dog) execution style, and then himself.

If it was murder, hasn’t the conspiracy shown its hand (or at least revealed its longest suit)? Do we doubt that Marshall’s theory might contain key elements which brush the closest to the achilles heel of the conspiracy?

And I think that would in fact be the Saudi connection. The royal family hated Al-Q and Bandar would have been at least interested in hearing Shadow-Gov plans to frame them for destruction (along with Saddam into the bargain).

Jack is right to urge caution.


On 9/11 the U.S. was staging a “terrorist” attack in New York and D.C. FBI-asset Saudi Arabians playing hijackers were part of the script. Their crudely conspicuous un-Muslim behavior during their stay in Florida…alcohol, lap-dancers, etc…made them ideal patsies when the exercise turned out to be for real. Dick Cheney had taken control of the “war game”. And so it goes…

Jeff Grotke

Sometimes a patsy is also a conspirator. I think its likely there was a real terrorist plot, that was aided and abetted by those wargames. The real point of this story should be that the Saudis didn’t do this for their benefit. They had people who were smart enough to use the Saudis to find some radicalized muslims, to carry this out. If we were serious about this terrorist issue, we would be shutting down these schools were children do nothing but recite the Koran. But we don’t because terrorism is useful to American corporate interests, and we need people crazy enough to kick the beehive once in a while, so we can all be terrorized into giving up our freedoms.


Jeff, you stubbornly accept the improbable scenario that these 19 guys overwhelmed the crews and passengers on the four flights, and then flying blind at near supersonic speed managed to find and collide into the twin towers and Pentagon, a feat that any experienced 757 pilot will tell you is nigh impossible. You leave the government off the hook, apparently unwilling to see what I think is a deliberate false-flag op to open the doors to Constitution-shredding new laws that strip us of our rights and freedoms. Why do this? Ask the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Murdoch, Kissinger, Soros, Skull&Bones, Masons, and others who want to dominate the world.


Just curious Bbethan7, how do you see the situation as having occurred? I’m with you on shadow gov’t, etc., and I’ve read books, articles, and watched videos on the 9/11, but some of the conclusions drawn are ridiculous (people were taken off planes and given new identifies, etc., or the planes were controlled via remote).

What’s your take?


It’s not clear what happened to the planes, although it’s not likely they crashed into WTC 1 and 2, nor the Pentagon. They may have been taken to remote military air fields to be dismantled. The passengers? Snuffed out possibly. Shocking? Not if you know of numerous historical killings of dispensable people.


My take is that lives are cheap and expendable when political-military operations occur. How many lives have been lost over the centuries? Countless millions. 3000 on 9/11 is petty in comparison. The NWO people are ruthless.


Sure the Saudis stood to benefit … they are in multiple businesses partnerships with the Bush family … Carlyle group … Bin Ladin construction whom builds all of the middle east military bases for the US .. the kill your competition Business model of J.P. Morgan via Iraq

Hymie Porkensteen

y’all forgot, there are 2 muslim sects that are war with each other and their offshoots. Saudi’s interest could have been solely for US to attack countries of the other muslim persuation. Iraq had both!


If you would like to read some interesting FACTS about the Bush family, look no further than “Family of Secrets” by Russ Baker. Fascinating book. Very detailed. Difficult to put down.


I guess your security services do what the UK security services have done in the past: covered up for years.

We had false convictions of terrorists for IRA bombings on the UK mainland in the 1970s and it took the best part of 20 years to rescind the convictions.

We have had 24 years since the 1989 Hillsborough disaster took place and only in the past year and a half has the official verdict been rescinded and new investigations/reports commissioned.

There are those who think 7/7 was planned to be the day after the London 2012 Olympics victory to kill any new UK optimism amongst it people stone dead. There are some who think the whole thing was a false flag operation using patsies. They claim that it was impossible for the bombers to get to Kings X station in time due to the cancellation of a train at Luton.

I’d keep digging if I were you and assume, until proven otherwise, that the US state is not of the people and for the people but of the hyper-rich and for the hyper-rich, up to and including being virulently against the people.

You should realise the difference between the right to pursue happiness and the right to achieve it. The former allows covert operations to prevent it, after all……..

The Tim Channel

The buildings were retrofitted to be taken down by authorities after the near successful earlier bombing. It was felt that if something like that happened again, it would be better to be able to drop them in place for overall public safety. All NY skyscrapers have been retrofitted this way for the public safety but it is top secret. If people knew they were living in buildings set up for public safety to be imploded in place (should the need arise) there would be riots. Enjoy.


IF MY MEMORY SERVES ME PROPER … DIDN’T LARRY SILVERSTEIN APPLY FOR A DEMO PERMIT … They would have never permitted it due to the asbestos … I believe that the abatement was over a billion for just the 2 buildings … so to me there is one arm of motive … i hope we get to see a real investigation in my lifetime and real justice be done


A reminder, please no ALL CAPS in your responses.

Thank you,


Silverstein, and his pals in Mossad, were definitely part of the scheme.


If it’s top secret, how’d you find out about it?




“All NY skyscrapers have been retrofitted this way for public safety”. I doubt you have any verifiable evidence
for this assertion. But, no matter. You’re obviously joking.


Well, there is really no point in discussing anything about 9/11–in the American media and even on some web sites the subject is ignored or banned. Sadly, the government’s story on 9/11 for which little proof was offered, has been accepted in toto by the full spectrum of America’s political spectrum particularly by the left.

No opposition movement can be an opposition movement without questioning the assumptions of the national security state and the events surrounding 9/11 and, for that matter, the assassinations of the 60s.


This is not new at all. The U.S. did 9/11. There’s much evidence to confirm this. The assassinations over the past 50 years. JFK, MLK, RFK, Malcolm X, John Lennon,, plus the Murrah Building, Waco, Boston, etc. were done for political motives and to instill fear of terrorism. All in all a beautifully orchestrated series of events to further the long range NWO agenda. Of course I’ll get a million thumbs down, and be called a demented idiot for this post, Well, it confirms my conviction that brainwashing and propaganda have been immensely successful.


I’ll give you a thumbs up

Kaptain Amerika

Don’t forget this….the bush crime family’s probable involvement with Reagan’s assassination attempt


I held a Top Secret Crypto Clearance for over 20 years in the US Military, and if your were to look at the traffic that was being passed through the communication channels, you would have wanted to vomit. The USA has been complicit in hundreds if not thousands of incidents that not only harmed innocents, but caused untold damages, treason, and murder of american military and civilians both outside and inside the USA. One glaring instance was the attack on the USS Liberty by the Israelis, with the Johnson Administration totally behind this treachery. At that time, I had decided that I would complete my career and then start looking for a country that believed in Freedom for all and not just for those who were either very rich or had high government connections and cared little about those whom it killed, maimed or ruined. America to me, is a vile, hipocrytical, greedy, ignorant country that believes that the minority Reich Wing should rule and those who oppose it should be destroyed.

Today I am of the opinion that the world should Boycott both Israel, the USA, Britain, and all the other fascist countries that keep aiding and abetting slavery, genocide, and the rule of the very rich over the commons. This includes those who practice religion to the detriment of others. I will personally do all I can to see the present government fail in the USA. I think that any and all persons who are involved in the highest levels of the administration along with the congress and the law enforcement should be brought up on charges of treason and crimes against humanity.


The U.S, is a criminal Imperialist invader/occupier of distant lands, inflicting horrible pain. misery, and death on people who are mostly innocent. Why do this? We are in the vanguard of the New World Order plot devised by powerful bankers, industrialists, and military brass, along with their secret societies, to impose total domination of the globe. Ruthless, evil, unstoppable.


I know part of the truth of 9/11 … it’s here on the East Coast. Kings Mountain, North Carolina..I know that this neighborhood is involved heavily and so is the town. The connect stretches all over Carolina, who knows how far, mainly shelby, gastonia, and charlotte.


Seclusion from the world plays a heavy role.. internet made things become alot more interesting… for the world


Details, names, clarifications please.


If you dislike America so much why haven’t you moved to another, nicer country? Sure America has flaws but what country doesn’t? And ~ most people that have had a Top Secret “Crypto” clearance don’t blab about it as you have here. The NSA is probably watching you right now. :-)

Mark Harder

No, if you’re principled dissenter, you don’t leave, because that would be abandoning a society you believe you can still change for the better. The dissident who stays and works for a better country is a patriot. The people who bury their heads in the sand, so apathetic they won’t read, listen, discuss, think or act are the ones I wish would bug out.


And NOW we have the SAUDIs owning the largest OIL REFINERY in the USA…in Texas: so all our administrations are cowards: but far more penetrating they are TRAITORs WITHIN.. And in the last few weeks: 27 Fighter Jets SOLD to the SAUDIS: have access to US Airspace…but then the dyke fat bbutt signed the agreement for the l5,000 Russians Troops to be on USA soil: and that reflects upon the Fed 2008 Agreement by US Generals, Mexicans and Canadian Military: “if the USA has civil unrest–their troops can enter to assist! As if we don’t have enough Mexicans with 2/3’s of USA pop increase alone paving over our land mass annually! PS What about the media that day showing the Secret Service in Dallas and in Florida picking up via airplanes the Bin Ladin Family? It was on national TV… Bush Sr on UAE Board…he and Powell took bribes via the Emir…and the media PROPAGANDISTA was Amanpour is the spouse of the son of the Federal Reserve. Blood in on their eternal souls destined for HELL and ASAP one way

Dan Allen

Russ: I wish I could thank you enough for this report.

We need 50 reporters on nothing but the FBI, exposing and forcing them to engage the public on the information the reporters would provide. Someone have $15 million to pay for getting this started?

Kaptain Amerika

Barbara Honegger’s presentation titled “Behind the Smoke Curtain” in Seattle’s Town Hall Theater, January 12, 2013, on what happened and what didn’t happen at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

Karen M. Roderick

George H. W. Bush lied about the day he filmed reading to the classroom during 9/11. The video footage was on purpose because Bush choose a little girl that would be his lover when she and her father Doc Malute decides how much money they will pay Bush to be his lover. Bush doesn’t know that sex with minors is prohibited especially for registered sex offenders who are in the database (Harvard) for pedefilia. Bush is a Catch Me If You Can type actor and he knows how to play people to get what he wants. Bush is a mutant in the Registry and he signs a waver from a Gantu guard regulates his tire tracks so no one knows his wherabouts. Bush has molested 243 children and exploited their parents becsuse he is told no and he can’t handle being told no and sets up aggressive behavioral sex with minor children. Bush lives 100 yards from a school. Sex offenders can not reside near a school. Why don’t you put him in Gwantanamo Bay like he does the rebels he waterboards there because the military said no that he can’t run the military because he is a forgeiner. I am proud to know our military that won’t allow an immigrant to run our military. Aquarius Embassy.

Tim Moles

Karen or Ken, who ever you are. I am coming for you and all involved. You will be held accountable!!!
I have served my Country with pride and honor. Let the hunt begin.
Tim Moles

Karen M. Roderick

Bush was type old “no” that he could not perform magic at the World Trade Center lobby. He felt that they were not recycling the right way and performed at the Norway Bldg. which video was taken at the Norway Bldg. where Bush is in disguise. He took the look of a native Indian and he is native Indian. He was stocking the men and women at the World Trade Center for months before he called the Nevada or Arizona or Utah Air Traffic Control Office to let them know his plan to destroy the WTC but not the Norway Bldg. because they recycled. The military has facial recognition technology. They could put the picture of Bush at the Norway Bldg. in disguise and put a current picture of Bush and know if those two people are the same person. There is a hairdresser who workes for United Airlines flight #2004 Friday and Saturday only. This person is harrassed by Bush constantly because she knew who he was even in his native costume. He put her in the electronic mind torture. So the hairdresser is s witness. There should be a Air Marshall with a badge and gun flying on her Friday and Saturday. In fact, an Air Marshall should be on every airline and every flight to helo the public who don’t fly anymore because of 911 a peace of mind that a Marshall is aboard and is armed with handcuffs. Aquarius Embassy.

Tim Moles

Move on Good People. Nothing new to see here! Just our Government starting to sweat.

Mark Harder

Have you actually read the comments in this thread? More editorial oversight, please! Uncivil, unclear, unsubstantiated and more than all, unintelligent. Some of them are so incoherent, I wonder if their authors are suffering from psychotic delusions. Really; I’ve read my share of online paranoid ravings, but these take the cake.

Karen M. Roderick

There were eight Pakistani hijackers and one Afghani highjacker. The leader was the Afghani Tolj. John Travolta set them up at Florida flying school under a secret name Trov Bleeve or Trover Bleeve. Look on flying school flying log 12b. Travolta is a registered pilot for airlines. He has a unique handwriting and Bleeve and Travolta are the same handwriter. He paid the eight $24, 000 and the leader $52, 000 to attend flight school. His bank has record of the transactions at First Common Bank.

Tim Moles

Nice to see such a well written writer write such nonsense. I see an active operator working to misdirect or just to instill confusion. Based on the prose of English I suspect an American operator probably working for the US Government. They cannot afford to loose!

Karen M. Roderick

I AM THE WOMAN THAT YOU HEARD CRY THROUGH THE TELEVISION THAT DAY. John Travolta picked up the nine highjackers in Clube Florida. George W. Bush supports Travolta and asked Travolta to practice the 24 min. flight from the South Tower Air Traffic Control Utah to the World Trade Center and then to the Pentagon which was a 25 min. flight from WTC to Pentagon. Leon Panetta knew they were planning the attacks.

Tim Moles

Nice to see such a well written writer write such nonsense. I see an active operator working to misdirect or just to instill confusion. Based on the prose of English I suspect an American operator probably working for the US Government. They cannot afford to loose!

Karen what is your GS pay grade or are you a subcontractor?
Tim Moles
CEO – Stormin Incorporated
Oregon State

Karen M. Roderick

George W. not S. Harry Truman still gets a parliment tax on tea that is sent to England. The amount are trillions each month. It’s funny that no one cares how wealthy the Bush’s. The parliment tax is but one of thousands of income they illegally receive. Because he exchanges sex party’s to not go to jail he has never has an IRS audit. He doesn’t pay taxes because he is Canadian. I want what he has. I will just offer sex party’s to get away with everything. Bush insists he is a King. Wow a Canadian King. It doesn’t work because they don’t believe in God.

Karen M. Roderick

Obama was in the United States the June before the 911 attack. He flew United Airlines flight #2441. He used the name Gutu. The FBI or CIA should check the manifest from United Airlines for June to see if Gutu was on board. He did not speak English so he learned English at an FBI location Baltimore. Obama wanted to show his greatfulness because Bush released him from a prison in Nairobi. There is a photograph on Bush’s wall at his offices that is a picture of Obama in shackles. Bush is dyslexic and he can not process information correctly. He was diagnosed with glahomophelia which permits Russian’s to get help translating written language. Bush is Russian and Canadian. So he is Russian and his mother made him small and put him inside herself like my mother did. So Obama put a hit on the World Trade Center in June of 2001 because he wanted to show a friend back in Africa by the name of Rylies who Obama bought a television for and sent it back to his friend in Africa so the friend could watch on the tv what Obama ordered. Why is Bush working at the White House still? If you ever ask Bush to leave his job at the White House because he can’t understand English you should say George do you have an appointment you must attend to. Bush will retaliate. I would like to be paid. I would like credit.

Karen M. Roderick

Bush dresses in his native Indian dress clothes and performs magic which is potent and hurts the people he puts the black magic on. Bush asked the World Trade Center Assembly if he could go to the WTC lobby on June 25, 2001 and perform magic for the children of the WTC employees. Bush is a pedifile. A pedifile is a child sex preditor. Bush felt that the children at the WTC were exquisite and wanted to meet them. The parents thought that Bush was a little odd for asking and Bush retaliated by putting his hit to take down the WTC in retaliation. There is a recording of Bush talking to a WTC employee. The phone conversation is recorded on Sprint’s cellphone logs. Now, when I get my cellphone bill the cellphone carrier gives a list of every call and how long the call was and to whom I was calling. Sprint has the information but a lawyer would need to subpoena Sprint’s phone records. They would need Bush’s phone records and voicemail messages. I would like to get paid. I would like credit.

Karen M. Roderick

Bush took a picture with Omar Bin Laden June of 2001 before the 911 attack. In the picture are Bush and Omar Bin Laden posing with a contract. A computer techie could magnify the words on the contract and I speculate that it involves Bush’s oil drums that were paid for by Bush royalty’s from Hollywood starlets prostituting themselves out to give Bush a status because he never has any wealth if they didn’t sell their body’s. I beg to differ. So Bush purchased the oil drums that were stored in Iraq but he moved them to Utah and the soldier leagues which are the most expensive soldier babysits his oil and American tax payers foot the bill. Bush created the Iraq war around the oil drums and American tax payers foot the bill for his extreme games which was a war to babysit his oil and he could command the troops. Shania Twain is also known to enjoy extreme games which American’s foot the bill for that. Bono enforces extreme games and the American tax payers foot the bill for him. Bush, Twain, Obama and Bono were not allowed to run the military’s in their native country’s so they come to the United States and the American military allows it. In truth, America’s military is weak because they can br attacked by Canada, Nairobi or Ireland because we allow anyone to run the United States military. I would like to get paid. I would like credit.

Karen M. Roderick

Bush has a national website that originates from his Air Traffic Control Tower location in Utah. Air Traffic Control are the people who communicate with the pilots and tell them they can take off or land their plane. So the website by the name of Regional Resporary Council Club is a compilation of crime before the crime takes place so the crime is premeditated. Premeditated means they didn’t just attack the WTC the day of 911 in a crime of passion. The perpetrators thought about how, when, why, who, where, how they were going to take down the WTC. On the website for December of 2000 is a message and a picture of the WTC blown up that someone at the Utah Air Traffic Control computer enhanced to look like the WTC had blown up. The message and picture were to show other members what crime they could look forward to see which was the WTC attack. The famous are pretending they die by having sex with a news man for a fake airing of their surmise. They are afraid of my list. I want to get paid. I want credit.

Karen M. Roderick

The list of people who contributed to the 911 attack are as follows: George W. Bush, George H. Bush, Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chloe Winthur, Pamela Anderson Lee, Margaret Thur or Thurman, Donald Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld’s mother Ria, Prescott Bush, Republican Council of AZ, Barack Hussein Obama, Michele Obama, Tim McGraw, Dr. Phil, Mel Gibson, Shania Twain, Kenny Chesney, Philharmonics, the main actor in Big that I call Tom Hanks. John Travolta, Leonardo DiCaprio, Uma Thurman, Princess Kate, the Queen mother, Candace Bergen mastermined the whole thing. These people are communists and should be escourted out of the country. The police handle situations like this by bringing each accused and asking them questions. There are usually two cops. One is good cop the other bad cop and they get the person to talk. There is usually a district attorney present that watches the cops with the accused and they tell the cop they need the perpetrator to admit the crime. The cops continue antagonizing the person until they admit the crime. These people do not think they go to jail ever. The cop should tell them how many years they get if convicted. They think Bush will bail them out.

Steve Lane

I strongly recommend this book: “Presidential Puppetry” by Andrew Kreig.
It is available on Amazon at a very reasonable price.

Real American

Why didn’t we do more research before attacking Iraq? If their was no Iraqi involvement in the plane attacks? Why didn’t we attack Saudia Arabia? The bush administration wants to sit their and say that they don’t want to hold an entire country responsible for a couple bad apples. If no one from Iraq was involved, then why attack Iraq? I feel sorry for all the people that died for an unjustified war. Essentially troops died for nothing, i am sorry to say that, but its true.

Math & Physics

“If their was no Iraqi involvement in the plane attacks?”
Seriously, you still believe commercial airliners hit the WTC, what a hayseed!
Aluminum can not cut through structural steel at such low velocity. If you think you can prove otherwise, demonstrate.

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