Chris Gay

Ted Rall, cartoonist

Worth a Thousand Words

Reading Time: 3 minutes WhoWhatWhy is swimming against the tide by committing longterm to the threatened art of political cartooning. First step: hiring the caustically funny Ted Rall.


Trump’s Kind of Labor Day

Reading Time: 5 minutes President Donald Trump wants to adjust capital gains for inflation, which would reduce taxes on the rich. Why hasn’t Congress done the same with the minimum wage, which inflation erodes every year?

electoral college, protest

Donald Trump, Hamilton’s Nightmare

Reading Time: 4 minutes A federal court ruling in favor of “faithless” electors may have come just in time. With his recent reckless comments, Trump reaffirms that he is precisely the sort of president the framers of the Constitution feared.

economy, crash

A Move Toward the Next Financial Crisis

Reading Time: 3 minutes Federal regulators are taking steps that could expose the world to another financial crisis, though most people won’t realize it until it is too late. We’ve seen this movie before.

Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, yuan

Trump’s China Tantrum

Reading Time: 4 minutes President Donald Trump’s designation of China as a “currency manipulator” is more a tantrum than an intellectually honest policy decision. It may nonetheless intensify a dangerous US-China trade spat.

Obamacare, Tyranny, ACA, health care

Obamacare Derangement Syndrome

Reading Time: 5 minutes A federal court in New Orleans is weighing a suit that would annul the Affordable Care Act. The basis for the case is as hypocritical as it is mean-spirited.