Celia Wexler

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Will Government Grind to a Halt December 8?

Reading Time: 4 minutes December 8 is the deadline for working out a budget deal. It is always tough for the two parties to agree on spending. Reaching agreement this year may be particularly challenging, even though Republicans control Congress and the White House.

Emilio Gutierrez

Forget about Pardoning A Turkey: Grant This Journalist Asylum

Reading Time: 3 minutes In 2008, Emilio Gutierrez fled Mexico because of serious death threats. Ten years later, he faces imminent deportation. You would think that President Donald Trump would understand the plight of Mexican journalists whose reporting on drug traffickers and government corruption have led them to flee for their lives. After all, he appears to understand that Read More


The Feds’ Secret Workforce

Reading Time: 7 minutes The federal workforce is at the same size as it was in the days of John F. Kennedy, while the use of federal contractors has surged. That trend may only get worse with expected federal budget cuts.

Duke Energy

Op-eds Endorsing Atlantic Coast Pipeline Came From Big Power, Activists Charge

Reading Time: 1 minute As we reported last April and May, a controversial 550-mile pipeline crossing Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina is roiling Virginia politics — right in the middle of a hotly contested gubernatorial race.The pipeline to bring natural gas from Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania to consumers in Virginia and North Carolina has drawn the opposition Read More

When Toxic Politics Clash With Toxic Chemicals

Reading Time: 7 minutes For 40 years, the federal government has failed to protect the public from toxic chemicals. Last year, a bipartisan Congress passed a law to change that state of affairs. Public health advocates worry that the Trump administration is now undermining it.