Boen Wang

China and the US: Big Brothers-In-Law?

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Big Brother” is getting even bigger in China. In a development that the author of “1984” would surely have appreciated, China recently passed an “anti-terrorism law” that seems an excuse for a clampdown. It also eerily mirrors calls by US officials for access to encrypted communications.

Obama Administration Controls the Message

Reading Time: 4 minutes Barack Obama began his presidency with a promise of unprecedented openness in government. But heading into his final year in office, journalists see an administration that is more interested in message-control than transparency.

Does Mass Surveillance Change the Way We Behave?

Reading Time: 6 minutes What effect does the awareness of surveillance have on the behavior of people? WhoWhatWhy looked at the available results of research being conducted, and found that we may be reaching the tipping point — when awareness of being watched starts to affect behavior.