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Berlin Truck Terror Suspect and the Curious Matter of ID Papers Left Behind

Not the First Time a Terror Suspect Apparently Left a Paper Trail -- or Was Previously Known

Berlin Truck Attack
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Today, WhoWhatWhy has seen heavy traffic coming from Google searches that point to a story we ran almost two years ago. Why the sudden interest? It took us only a moment to discover the connection: We had written about the odd phenomenon of terrorists repeatedly leaving ID papers behind at the scene. And now, with the Berlin truck attack, we see yet another such example.

We also see that, in a pattern we have previously reported on with other terror incidents, the suspect was already known to authorities — had even been in custody, but was released.

From CNN:

The Berlin truck attack suspect had been arrested in August with forged documents on his way to Italy but was released by a judge, a German security official tells CNN.

The suspect’s identity papers were found inside the truck used in Monday’s attack on a Christmas market, which left 12 people dead, German security officials said.

The suspect was known to German security services as someone in contact with radical Islamist groups, and had been assessed as posing a risk, Interior Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Ralf Jaeger told reporters.

The suspect was believed to have entered Germany in July 2015, Jaeger said. His asylum request was refused in June, and Tunisian authorities were informed when the deportation process started.

What does it all mean? That’s for you to decide. You can start by reading the original article, below.

Original story:

One intriguing—if barely discussed—aspect of the Paris massacre was the quick progress authorities made in their investigation.

According to CNN, this was thanks to a staggering error—by one of the two now-dead alleged perpetrators. The man, Said Kouachi, reportedly left his identification card in the abandoned getaway vehicle. “It was their only mistake,” Dominique Rizet, police and justice consultant for CNN-affiliate BFMTV, opined.

Said Kouachi's ID card. Allegedly found in the getaway car.

Said Kouachi’s ID card. Allegedly found in the getaway car.

2Nonetheless, it was a most curious mistake.

After all, this is the same man who went to such trouble to seemingly hide his identity by wearing a mask.


Intriguingly, such apparent gaffes have marked other watershed violence. Consider these examples, and draw your own conclusion:

The Bundle of James Earl Ray: The accused killer of Martin Luther King escaped from a prison shortly before the attack, and left several items on the sidewalk near the assassination site—in a bundle that included his rifle, binoculars, clothing, his prison radio, and a newspaper clipping revealing where King would be staying.

The Wallet of Lee Harvey Oswald: The alleged assassin of John F. Kennedy and killer of Officer J.D.Tippit purportedly dropped his wallet, which was found at the scene of Tippit’s murder. To some, this appeared a little too neat. In any case, original law enforcement reports with this scenario were almost immediately replaced by another version: that the police took the wallet from him after he was arrested. (See “Assignment: Oswald” by former FBI agent James P. Hosty.)

The Visa of Satam al-Suqami: This identify document of one of the alleged 9/11 hijackers somehow survived unscathed a few blocks from the twin towers, though the plane itself was virtually obliterated.

The Passports belonging to Ziad Jarrah and Saeed al-Ghamdi: The passports of two alleged hijackers of United Airlines Flight 93 supposedly survived the fiery crash in Pennsylvania that left the aircraft itself charred and widely scattered—with one passport entirely intact.

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23 responses to “Berlin Truck Terror Suspect and the Curious Matter of ID Papers Left Behind”

  1. Avatar James D Reilly says:

    Is nobody willing to entertain the very real possibility that these ID’s are left behind because the terrorist and often the family they leave behind are rewarded at home and they are seen as heroes? How unbelievably foolish to go to a MASSIVE conspiracy involving thousands in the government instead of the obvious ….

  2. Avatar Franky Remley says:

    They want to close the borders in the hopes of keeping out the evils that may lurk on the other side. I really don’t think they care about your daily activities.

  3. Avatar Franky Remley says:

    Ya know, they’ve come a long way with medications that relieve the symptoms of paranoia.

  4. (Comment by reader @PamelaDrew) Journalistic professionals @whowhatwhy just share facts but common thread looks like False Flag to me.

  5. (Comment by reader @walti1986) It reminds me of the BMB and the Tsarnaev brothers. Same pattern, as you rightly did observe. Thank you.

  6. Avatar 0040 says:

    Once the ham-fisted CIA is commissioned to massage the narrative, magic bullets and ID cards appear like magic. Dead witnesses with contrary views are also found littered across the landscape. Americans require “proof” after all, before bombing abroad and repression at home begins.

  7. Avatar wizdym4aolcom says:

    Hmm….all these terrorist attacks by guys that, so thoughtfully, left identification. Smells like false-flag attacks to me.

    • Avatar 0040 says:

      Not false flags. “Terrorist attacks” are simple massaged to fit the current narrative and justify all sorts of war crimes. There are millions of aggrieved young men across the world more than willing to attack US interests if given a chance.

    • Avatar wizdym4aolcom says:

      Yes, all these instances of ID papers left behind at the scene of the crime to make it convenient for subsequent investigations….nearly 20 instances, and counting; from Oswald’s wallet found where Tippet was shot to now, in Berlin.

      Intuitively, terror attacks provide more terror when their source is mysterious and difficult to identify. Yet in these certain, select instances “calling cards” are left. Two of the biggest terrorist operations in the past 50 years, the Kennedy assassination and 9/11 are suspected of being false-flag operations to get the US deeper into expensive wars. Is the CIA-NSA, or some quasi amalgam that is so intent on manipulating the course of US foreign policy?

  8. Avatar David S says:

    The stupid sheeple are so easily led to the slaughter. Why would the false-flag perpetrators ever change their M.O. when it works so well every time. And don’t look to the mainstream media to point out these obvious similarities/identicalities.

  9. Avatar Fred Bartsch says:

    You had me right up to From CNN………

  10. Avatar tiger says:

    Am I getting a whiff of deja vu? Gladio v.2? First against the Communists, now against the Muslims.

    • Avatar 0040 says:

      Communists were never a real danger inside the US. That philosophy was rejected with a lot of help from the media after WW1. Islam however is a real danger in the US since it goes hand in glove with America’s powerful religious factions and their insane belief in mid -eastern sand gods. A rabid and growing infrastructure of religious fanatics is already here.

  11. Avatar Yep I said it says:

    I think this is a plant so they can increase control over borders and then slowly control people more.

  12. Avatar Dorothy says:

    Tamerlan Tsarnaev also ‘left behind’ multiple IDs, including a high school diploma of all things, also left in a vehicle.

  13. Avatar milosevic says:

    You forgot to mention that the Charlie Hebdo assassins were also purportedly identified because they left their identification papers in the abandoned getaway car.

    And the 9/11 hijackers were identified because their documents were found in a bag that was left behind at the airport in Boston.

    Whoever plans these operations can’t even be bothered to write a new script each time; they just recycle the old scripts. After all, the only people who notice these things are ‘Conspiracy Theorists’.

  14. Avatar LeseMajeste says:

    IMO, the truck was remotely hijacked and piloted to its grisly deed. I’m surprised they didn’t also find a copy of the Koran and that he had been visiting strip joints and drinking lots of alcohol, and issuing vague threats, which is what ‘devout’ Muslims do.

  15. Avatar MrE23 says:

    “The passports of two alleged hijackers of United Airlines Flight 93 supposedly survived the fiery crash in Pennsylvania that left the aircraft itself charred and widely scattered”

    I’ve never seen any photos of “charred” debris. Do they exist? I thought one of the weirdest mysteries of Flight 93 was that no debris was actually recovered- it supposedly vaporized into the crash site. No?

    • Avatar jimmygulag says:

      Weird mistake by author, for sure. But why? My first impression also.
      Charred ? …more likely invisible.

  16. Avatar Samuel White says:

    Thank you for this. My BS alarms immediately started ringing when I heard about the perp’s ID being found in the truck. This is the first time I’ve had the time to Google the subject…. Is there much buzz about this? Are there any mutterings from the MSM that it seems *very* convenient.

    On first glance, just reading the bylines on the search results, this site is the only one that has broached the subject.

  17. Avatar Roger GOSS says:

    I would suggest that the ID papers in the German truck in the Christmas market are a plant and that the original owner of the ID is dead and buried somewhere.