battered men

Battered Men: The Hidden Hurt

Male victims of domestic abuse don’t always seek help. When they do, they are often excluded from government-funded services, despite laws mandating equal protection. Some advocates are fighting to change that.

White House, Deep State

Trump vs. ‘Deep State?’ That’s How Light Gets in

From Watergate to Iraq War propaganda, conflicts between the Deep State and the Executive branch have proven helpful to the public. They provided a glimpse into the White House and the nation’s intelligence apparatus, leading to important reforms. So perhaps an open conflict between the Trump administration and the Deep State isn’t such a bad thing.

Department of Justice, FBI

FBI Takes a Step Backwards on Transparency

The FBI is now only accepting FOIA requests via fax, “snail mail” or through a special online portal, limiting the options for submitting requests from the public. If transparency advocates had not intervened, the Bureau’s policy would have been far worse.