A town with a mortality rate 80 times higher than elsewhere—and the willful blindness of the locals, except for one person.

The truth about whistle-blowers—and why they do what they do.  Turns out they’re not crazy; the rest of us are.

A video talk on taking our freedom and doing something with it.

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Charlie Primero

TED = Purple Pill; pretending to promote alternatives while representing global corporate foundation media control.


So well articulated, Mr. Charlie, so perfectly articulated.
Just seeing the corporate (and Bilderberger members) financing behind TED should give everyone pause…..


But completely out of context as this particular talk is in no way “representing global corporate foundation media control”.

Damn Skippy

Bingo. Check out TED’s censorship of Rupert Sheldrake & Graham Hancock. TED is a cult-like group that represents the interests of not only global corporations and the borgeouise who want to feel good about their capitalist values, but also the dogmatic reductionism of scientific materialists. TED is not the way forward. It is a simulation.


Interesting, as TED itself is having a debate over it, furthermore Sheldrake’s 10 points are at best, half truths, and most of them are outright unsupported opinions (are themselves dogmas)



Nonetheless a good talk with good points.


Why, you got any heartburn?


Thanks for sharing Russ.
People just care about the things that are important to them. It’s much like prejudices, we need them, you cannot question and evaluate every single situation everytime. We need to ignore problems, otherwise we would turn nuts. The challenge is knowing when the water starts boiling to be ready to jump out of the pot. People living in Libby didn’t.


“Willful Blindness” –

It’s an epidemic in America.

Those that know – keep silent. Those that perceive – bury their heads. Those that are ignorant – don’t care.

Educate yourself on the dangers of “Willful Blindness”:

Doug Nusbaum

I am writing a book on this subject: “the big book of big St00pid”. I am sure that you think that this could not possible apply to YOU!!!. Enter the two words orwells boot into any search engine. The first item back will be mine, after paid links, usually under the name factotum666.

Evolution (Don’t believe in evolution??? well duh!!!) makes people stupid.

Doug Nusbaum

I stopped after 7 min. I have covered this ground numerous times. But I will reference it in my book.

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