Border Patrol stop
Border Patrol officer questions a motorist.  Photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from Voices of Liberty / YouTube

Did you know that there is a simple way you can get out of answering questions at a traffic stop? Be white.

This was originally scheduled to run three weeks ago but, after the murder of five policemen in Dallas, we decided to hold it. However, we will now run it because the message it conveys is not anti-cop. Instead, it reflects a reality that many Americans are simply not aware of.

Are you white? If so, please read on. If you are black, DO NOT read the next few paragraphs as the information they contain may kill you. Instead, please skip to the fifth paragraph.

Hello, white readers. From time to time, we like to present videos that inform Americans of their rights and protect them from police overreach. This week, we want to show a clip that will allow you to get out of random traffic stops without answering too many onerous questions from law enforcement personnel.

In this video, you will learn that you have a lot of rights when police or immigration officers stop you for no particular reason. You will also learn that you can even be a bit of a smartass when you know the law is on your side (and if you are white). The video has lots of examples of people getting away with being a bit sassy with cops or simply driving off.

Specifically, these are your rights (if you are white):

• You can respectfully decline to answer any questions

• You can respectfully decline to take a field sobriety test

• You can be a bit of a jerk if the law is on your side. Your attitude cannot be used against you. However, don’t be overly aggressive

• You don’t need to roll your window all the way down even if a law enforcement officer asks you

If you are black, you can now start reading again. Please disregard the video. It’s not for you. Seriously, following this advice might get you killed. We just hope you don’t get pulled over by the cops. If you do, be polite, follow all instructions, don’t make any sudden movements — and keep your hands visible at all times. Even if you know that a cop is doing something unlawful, do not call them out on it. Just hope you make it out of the stop alive and that a court of law will sort things out if you have been mistreated.

Please be safe!

Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from border patrol officer (Voices of Liberty / YouTube)

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