Two weeks ago, WhoWhatWhy wrote about the mysterious high-speed, single-car crash that ended the life of journalist Michael Hastings. Here’s that surveillance camera video we mentioned, from the pizza place adjacent to the crash site.

Watch the video here:

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Where is Elise Jordan? The rest of the family? This latest video gives a better perspective on the speed and the primary as well as SECONDARY explosions. Some reporter named Kimberly Dvorak of San Diego 6 (TV) claimed a member of the family said his ashes were returned. The source claims to have no such knowldge. Dvorak is unresponsive. This is more than odd.


I saw the Krikorian piece here referenced on a…blog somewhere, and they referred to WhoWhatWhy simply as “a blog,” without naming it. They even went so far as to call Krikorian a veteran reporter, but didn’t seem to think WhoWhatWhy worthy of even mentioning. WhoWhatWhy just gained a little credibility with me.


See RT reporter, Abby Martin’s interview of Sgt. Biggs and Kim Dvorak for a little more insight into this crash.http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/145636/URGENT_Investigate_Michael_Hastings_Death_Joe_Biggs__BreakingTheSet/


Hi, didn’t see your post before I posted the same interview, via You Tube.


I realize I’m not the only one who suspects the recent death of Barnaby Jack, hardware hacker extraordinaire, may be just too “coincidental” but for anyone unfamiliar with his background:

From 08/21/12 (about one year ago),


McAfee puts Barnaby Jack on car-jacking hackers’ case


A McAfee spokeswoman said that among those hackers working on pulling apart cars was Barnaby Jack, a well-known researcher . . . .


Smarter than Your Average Bear

There is nothing in this video to suggest foul play


except a car exploded and an engine launched a few hundred feet in a head on collision.

Smarter than Your Average Bear

Other than an explosion that does not show in this video


This video is a tiny piece of the puzzle, coming in late to the party. Everyone needs to look at the LOUDLABS footage, if you haven’t already, and the interviews with his buddy Biggs. They bunked together in Iraq and were good friends. It simply doesn’t add up.

There’s definitely something odd going on but the video quality isn’t really good enough to give anything other than a general sense of what appears to have happened. For instance there appears to be a minor flash right before the big one, is that glare from the rear lights (breaks) or something else? etc.. etc..

Smarter than Your Average Bear

Exactly – I’m not commenting one way or the other on whether he had a true accident or he was assassinated – just that there is nothing in this video to support any sort of conspiracy theory so it should be treated as a distraction to the truth and nothing else


It sure seems like there’s more to this than meets the eye. I’m happy that there’s outside investigation and reporting. The car manufacturer should have a keen interest if one of its new cars just blew up. If they’re being stonewalled, we need to know.

Note to journalists: We need you now, more than ever.




I barely even noticed Hastings before the crash, but I’ve been watching him on YouTube, various appearances over the past couple of years, and I’ve formed the opinion that he must have been one of the most visible and effective critics of the Military Industrial Complex we had. If the MIC murders it’s enemies, and I think they do, he must have been very high on their hit list.


Just curious, is this a video shot on a camera of the Surveillance video as there is movement and the sound of dripping water or something in the background? Seems like this camera shot would give accurate response time and if there were additional explosions if it was continually running.


This was my exact first thought- the footage looks and sounds almost hand held.


if you look at the full field you can see that it is hand held of a video monitor


Aye. it’s a video of the security video playback on a monitor. Not entirely sure why this would be done except it being easier to upload to YT than properly editing and uploading (a segment of) the original?

Ricarrdo estavans

Was the car tampered with? Where is the car now? Has it been crushed?


Wow, I can’t tell if the crash preceded the explosion or not … it looked like – NOT. It looked like his car blew up and then crashed to me.


I’ve watched this video several times. Looks like a camera pointed at a monitor, which explains the movement. If you watch very carefully you can see the brake lights come on just before the 1st explosion (however there were no reported skid marks). Looks like a 2nd larger explosion just after the 1st. Autos generally don’t blow up like this, especially MBZ. Looks like “Boston Brakes” to me as Hasting reportedly “drove like a Grandma” and in this scene that car was way over the speed limit.


Whose grandma drives like that? ;-)

There is an interesting analysis done on Youtube by Lawrence Harker entitled “Michael Hastings Crash Analysis” which seems reasonable, but also does not take into account this latest video … which honestly does not seem to show much … except there are some flashes of light.

The YT video analysis mentioning his car possibly bottoming out and losing control .. I don’t know if that is shown in the new video … I don’t see any bumps in the cars … but it is so far away it’s hard to tell.


which honestly does not seem to show much … except there are some flashes of light.

Well, this vid, when taken with the photos showing flames shooting up fifteen feet and higher above the crashed vehicle, should explain the situation to you more than amply!


list of suspicious circumstances so far, any input is appreciated.

Wikileaks revealed that their lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, was
contacted by Hastings just hours before his death claiming that he was
being investigated by the FBI.

Hastings sent an email to colleagues hours before his death
stating: re:NSA… I’m onto a big story and need to go off the radar for
a bit.

One eyewitness described the crash as such: “The Car Was
Bouncing, Flames and Sparks Near the Gas Tank. When He Hit the Palm Tree
That’s When the Flames Were Higher. There Were Explosions and
Everything… No One Could Approach the Car Because it Kept Exploding.”

The accident only involved Hastings car, no other vehicles.
Police, Firefighters and EMS have been told not to comment on the investigation

Another witness described the scene: “It sounded like a bomb went off.” “My house shook, the windows were rattling.”

LAPD will not release a police report

Former marine friend told media that Hasting’s was threatened: “We will hunt you down and kill you” for McChrystal reporting

Hastings was driving a new Mercedes C-250, a car not prone to
bursting into flames, especially sustaining heat that the crash did, as
per military official

Hastings had worked on numerous articles critical of the
establishment, including: The Rise of the Killer Drones: How America
Goes to War in Secret, Julian Assange: The Rolling Stone Interview,
Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators,
America’s Last Prisoner of War.

One of Hastings articles had resulted in the forced resignation of General McChrystal.

Hastings had said in a 2012 Reddit AMA that he received numerous death threats.

When he died, Hastings was working on a story regarding current CIA director Brennan.

No brake/skid marks

Some of his work was probing the CIA

Hastings was Cremated, even though his family never requested it.

Wife has hired a private investigator

Michael Hasting had not had a drink in 5 years

It might also be important to note that DARPA has the ability to hack cars.



There are videos on the net showing people with a stuck throttle going over 100 mph and everything they try, brakes, ignition, etc, doesn’t work. In one video, a father with kids tries to stop but can’t and he and kids are killed. How easy is it to rig a stuck throttle?


Anyone see the recent coverage by Abby Martin? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EysdTBx-ShI


In this video Biggs reports that somebody said that the LAPD had been to Hastings’ place on the day of the crash, and that he had been looking under his car. Also, it is said that the engine was found “behind” the car, seemingly saying that it was not further down the road in the direction that the car had been traveling. That would almost guarantee that a bomb had separated the engine. And cars do not blow up like that. Gasoline does not just explode. It needs to be aerated and then vaporized by heat.


Many others have pointed out that this reporter is incorrect. The engine was found further south on the street Hastings was travelling so it was not behind the car after the crash. If they are correct, then how could this reporter get such a basic fact wrong?

Edward Jaffe

Some quick research: after talking to some EMT’s and retired fireman — no one could recall a car ever bursting into flames at once. Generally the fire starts in the engine compartment and reaches the fuel tank later.

For most modern cars — air-bag deployment cuts engine electrics and fuel pump. Tank is out of crush zone. A little “ping-pong” ball prevents gas from spilling if car is inverted.

I could not find any data easily — but I suspect that car fires are less frequent these days.

BTW- If you never want to be in car fire — buy a diesel.



Your point about the airbag deployment cutting power to the fuel pump is interesting. In fact, the air pump is indeed power by electricity, therefore whatever cut the power cut the power to the fuel pump as well, nullifying the argument that the fuel pump was feeding the fire.


They had a show on Mythbusters awhile back evidently disproving the “urban myth” that cars explode on impact, and Mercedes has vehemently denied that such is possible with their vehicles!

Latest on auto/computer hacking:


Frank von Winkhorst

The real problem here is that an awful lot of people have internalized what they see in Hollywood movies, where cars always explode in flames when they crash, whereas, in the real world they simply crumple up. This is just another iteration of the three WTC buildings collapsing vertically and Kennedy’s head exploding in a splash of blood in the Zapruder film.

Frank von Winkhorst

Or a Tesla.


The latest article on auto/computer hacking, and mention of the publicity given it on The Today Show can be found at arstechnica.com:



FBI breaks the law by failing to reply to FOIA requests. http://rt.com/usa/fbi-lawsuit-michael-hastings-753/


It sure is taking a long time for the LAPD and the coroner’s office and the FBI to get its stories straight. It must be convenient to be accountable to no one.

For me, the problem is this:
1. Cars don’t explode in real life (unless sabotaged), just in the movies.
Even if it was possible for some sort of crash to make a car explode by
accident, what was shown here is WAAAY too bright to be anything
There also appears to be some kind of small light right that disappears
before it gets really bright. Could it be a detonator?
4. The only witness said the car exploded, THEN crashed.
5. The engine was blown 200 feet from the car.
6. The LAPD ruled out foul play with no investigation.
The police then cremated the body after the family asked them not to
(so they could run an autopsy)…once again, the family specifically
asked them NOT to cremate.
His last text sent to friends claimed the FBI was watching him, AND he
was just about to publish the biggest story of his career.

Is it all just coincidence?


That blanket is not, out of decency, covering the victim. It is cover the front end of the car where the engine used to be. There seems to be no good shot of the front of the car.


Thats shaped like the head rest. But having said that, I dont recall seeing the head rest in the clip that I posted on the other article on Hastings posted here. No – head and no head rest is visible in the stop stills I manage to get of the back, passenger or front windshield.


Using the “back lighting” from the three street signs, stop the video between .8 and .9 to see if you can see his head or now the head rest in the back, passenger or front wind shield. For some reason my key board doesnt allow me to Prtscrn. Otherwise I would have several shots here that show those windows clear.


These bushes seen in the Loudlabs video are bothering me. At first, I thought they were a car parked there. But they are bushes. I went to the intersection on Google Maps at ground level and there were three tiny shrubs there under the Mobil Station sign. That picture was taken a while ago, as the pharmacy was still under construction. Anyway, there is distortion right over those bushes and below. I thought it might be some kind of digital video averaging effect, but that doesn’t make sense. I think something is being hidden. Note the top of the circled area where two bushes seem to come together. Landscaping bushes like these are usually pruned to be distinct, not to join together at the top. I’m too far away to go see what it looks like today, or I would.


In my opinion, what I have highlighted is the more likely position of these two bushes, and what I have darkened is the area which has been obscured.


It seems to me that this apparent manipulation could hide something in either of these two areas, or may be designed to obscure Hastings’ car itself.


Whatever that blob is, it is weird. But you can see some – through it as evident by seeing MH’s car come barreling through behind it.


Yes. I have been futilely trying to determine whether or not the car has been faked behind the bushes, but there’s no use in it. If something is being hidden here, I think that it’s not likely the car, but a stationary person vehicle. And an operation like LOUDLABS probably can’t function without being very cozy with the LAPD. I think that this might have been intended to be a grand spectacle and that the perps wanted a video.

James Madison

Statistically nearly impossible for a car to explode like that, nevermind a GLK class Mercedes, according to this article on the video:

“New video, statistics raise odds of foul play in Hastings death”


Great article and many thanks for the heads up on it.


After looking at the unedited Loudlabs dash cam video, I think the Bushes problem might just be some weird lighting effect on the windshield. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCuZZ4m5J7I This video indicates 4 minutes from running that red light until Loudlabs is on the scene.


It’s probably nothing, but I’ll put it out there, since the authorities don’t seem to care…in that unedited Loudlabs dash cam video can be seen some kind of truck breaking just in front of the Mobil station as Loudlabs approaches. The truck proceeds straight through the intersection, and then stops while signalling a right turn. In a few seconds it turns right. A couple of seconds later, from that same spot it was stopped at, a man comes walking towards the intersection. When he gets to the light, he crosses the street in the direction from which Hastings’ car will be coming. Just as he walks off screen, Hastings comes zooming by. I could speculate, but it probably is nothing.


It’s not a truck; it’s an LA bus. And it stops where there is no light or stop sign. It probably let that guy off, who walks back to the intersection and crosses. I guess this isn’t all that exciting.


This shows the bus where it stops on North Highland beyond the Santa Monica Blvd. intersection, and the man who apparently gets off and walks back to the intersection. For most of the walk, he keeps a sign pole between him and the camera. Probably nothing.


knew they were coming, raced to avoid a missile shot,cover to not expose outward blast,those in know at scene will vanish, even lapd ones cremation hides chemical residue from missile!


I saw it stated somewhere that stop lights can be hacked, too, so I got to thinking about that intersection at Santa Monica and North Highland that we get such a nice view of. In this unedited LOUDLABS dash cam video ,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCuZZ4m5J7I the Santa Monica light becomes visible at 3:40, and it is green, and stays green until the LOUDLABS van parks. I think it is safe to assume that this means that during this whole time the North Highland light was red and that no cars came don North Highland, the same street that Hastings came down. The light turns red at 4:44 and presumably, the North Highland light turns green. No cars come by in this light cycle. Then Hastings comes whizzing by at 5:47 while his light is red and the one we can see is green. And it’s not until 6:22 that the first of 5 cars go by on Hastings’ course. So, for 2 minutes and 42 seconds the only car to come through that intersection was Hastings’, and 35 seconds later, during a period of 20 seconds, 5 cars drive by. Then after that. as the LOUDLABS vehicle pulls out, you can see 2 more vehicles cue up at the presumably red North Highland light. Our entire view of this intersection lasts 4 minutes, and Hastings comes by right in the middle of that. No cars precede him, and 7 come after him. This doesn’t prove anything, but I think it suggests that traffic might have been controlled, that the way was cleared for the event.


My above comments refer only to traffic traveling on North Highland. Other cars do drive by on Santa Monica.


If, as I suggest, this intersection was a control point, and traffic on North Highland was controlled at the Lexington Street intersection, the next intersection “upstream,” how was traffic controlled on Santa Monica Blvd? Perhaps that was the job of our pedestrian, the guy who presumably got off the bus. He is the man at the intersection just before Hastings bombs through. What does he do? As you can see in this picture, he motions as if he is pressing the crosswalk light. If had seen any approaching cars, perhaps he would have waited for the walk signal. But, since there were none, he just crossed without waiting. If he had given a signal, perhaps by cell phone, at this point, the car could have been sent on its way down by the Lexington intersection and could have appeared, as it does, just after he crosses.


s can be seen in the Pizzeria video, no cars other than Hastings are moving on North Highland for that 27 seconds, either. And, as you can see on my map here, that wasn’t far down the street, a few seconds at Hastings’ speed. And yet, 1 minute and 52 seconds after Hastings crosses Santa Monica, probably a minute and a half after the crash, 1 car does come up from the opposite direction, a white SUV also pictured here. This could have been a spotter observing the crash, and now coming back to pick up our pedestrian.


And I think it is odd that the LOUDLABS guy would pull into a gas station, apparently open, and pull up to the pumps, in order to fiddle with his laptop. I’d pull off to the side where I wouldn’t be in anybody’s way. Odd that he doesn’t seem to notice the zooming Mercedes. Odd that he doesn’t seem to hear the boom which shook peoples’ windows when the car exploded. This must have happened just 5 blocks away while he was sitting there. And, also, when he pulls in you can see this odd-looking van parked beside and behind where he parks. Of course, none of this proves anything.


One spooky thing about the coverage of this incident is the uncanny resemblance between the two witness clips in this report about the Hastings crash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FljAb5mvSk at 0:50 and 1:05, and the two witness clips in this Onion News piece http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U4Ha9HQvMo&list=FLlJa7YtqPMhP-pwlQWCnyUQ&index=20 at 0:23 and 0:29. It makes me wonder if this is some kind of joke.


This unedited LOUDLABS dash cam video also starts out in an interesting way http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCuZZ4m5J7I&list=FLlJa7YtqPMhP-pwlQWCnyUQ&index=1 . At 0:23, LOUDLABS is sitting at an intersection with Santa Monica Blvd, the same street he turns off into the Mobil station later. And there is a bus stopped there on Santa Monica, pointing in the direction that LOUDLABS will be going. At 0:40, the bus starts to go. LOUDLABS starts to go at 1:10; he gives the bus a 30-second head start. Then when he is stopped by the red light at 1:21, he says, “C’mon, man!” as if he is pissed off that he had to stop, like maybe he’s supposed to be 30 seconds behind the bus. “Why are you such a bitch? Goddamn.” At the next red light, at 3:10, when he stops he says, “I don’t f******g like that at all.” Then he catches up with the bus at the Mobil station, and drives in as if that’s what he was planning to do all along. It looks to me as if he was planning to follow that bus down Santa Monica Blvd.


Ay carumba! I just noticed that in my picture of that “odd-looking van” which LOUDLABS parks next to at the Mobil station, a man in the drivers seat, wearing a short-sleeved shirt, is sticking his arm out the window as if he is signalling LOUDLABS.


Well, I’ve been getting lots of “blocked” phone calls, and birds in the driveway with their heads chopped off, so maybe I’d better stop now. You look after yourself, Mr. Baker.


That guy’s “anomalies” aren’t anything but a car reflecting the fire and two normal lights on a house.


Woa cowboy… I dont buy everything I see either, but he’ s got – actually – several points – 1) driving up to the scene as you cross Melrose – you can see a bank of lights on the left hand side – behind are two red lights that look like flares but later in the video are found out to be police lights to divert traffic- lets call this Hmm #1

Now when you look at that Pizza video – Hastings goes sideways before impact and you know why we know that – cuz that back light is sitting there and shining down the street right back at that Pizza video – now – of course how does that happen, but more importantly why? I can see the silhouette of Hastings car going 90 degrees to North Highland before it blows up – before it impacts that damn 3 and one half foot wide palm tree – now how do you suppose that happens? oh and then did i mention that the Hastings car engine grew wings and flew 180 and settled down at the corner of Clinton and North Highland? How on earth did that happen when the car blew up at 90 degrees to north Highland. This aint a metaphor boy!

Then when you parade through the video as you have pointed out above in #1 those same bank of lights are supported by the L shaped frame – and you correctly point out a car on the street – there are two cars on the street on that side actually.
The next anamoly is at :35 in the Loud Lab video – when the cameraman shuts down for (what seems like to you) a moment and then pops up and all the apparatus on the right hand side is gone worse the security vehicle prominent throuughout is now gone too! In a few minutes the damnest thing – the security vehicle suddenly appears out of nowhere sitting on the median.

What the heck is that tow truck doing there in the first place – its light all a flahsing? is he drunk? is he real? Why does he travel around the corner and turn up again when Jose (behind him) gets interviewed? this time he turns right onto a one way street that is going south? Hmmm?

So, before we start throwing rocks at each other – lets figure out where the rocks can go first?


I think its okay to pick up your mail and calls and what not – the bad guys arent afraid of us.


Just dealing with the claims on that web page regarding the photos displayed, there is no incriminating machinery and it does not disappear. The car, probably just drove on. The lights on the house are out of frame afterwards because the photographer has moved. And the unnamed thing, at the new angle, is hidden by the tree. These obvious errors do not encourage me to find more claims, wherever they are. And I’m not throwing any rocks and I’m not a cowboy. When LOUDLABS is approaching at 0:12 in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LSY3wVuASg those lights to the left belong to that car I pointed out above. You can see in my picture marked “1” above that the car’s headlights are on. It might have something to do with something, but it is just a car’s headlights 4 minutes after the crash. Yes, the security vehicle moves and so does the tow truck. I don’t find that significant.


As for the pizza video, I can’t be sure the car turns before it explodes. Maybe it does. You must have a higher resolution copy of that than I do.There are some lights there, which could belong to that car. I think that Hastings’ car probably turned because it hit the water pipe thing off center, but I don’t know. The pizza video as I find it isn’t good enough to see any detail.


Hmm I dont know dude….Without a police report where all whistling in the dark, so any reasonably argued speculation is as worthy as the next. I dont who LLs is – but their is some weird things going on in that vid – that are worth questioning. Cars dont just pop in and out of the same stream of video – like that security car. And a tow truck that large is not something you see everyday, or at 4:30 am. Anyway – fresh eyes are always good to have.


I beg to differ. The whatever the hell that is which you labeled “lights on house” is not lights on house. If you really look at it, it is sitting on a pipe which makes a 90 degree turn to the left at ground level and continues out of sight behind the median palm tree. It may be connected to that other contraption that you labeled parked car. What kind of car would that be? The all new Accordian? The tip of your arrow points to something on the ground. It appears to be made of metal and resembles the number five. Just behind that is some blurry reddish thing. And if you really look at the light in front of the metal-looking “5”, it seems to be coming from the very bottom of that thing, too low for light from auto headlights.

Last point, “that guy’s anomalies” needs to read “that gal’s anomalies”.


Actually, it seems that at least one of thos lights is a flashlight held by a person standing on the house’s porch or steps, as you can see in my picture below. And, that clearly is a parked car. The “5” is light reflected off the car and smeared by camera motion. And, the “Whatever the hell it is thing,” is a different object that the *gal* pointed out.


What is this vehicle which LOUDLABS parks next to? The rear window and mounted tire make me think “Hummer.” but it’s too tall for a Hummer. It kind of looks like a Brinks money truck, but not exactly. It’s got things on the roof and looks most like police surveillance vehicles I have seen pictures of. But, it doesn’t look exactly like any of those, either. And there’s somebody sitting in it, apparently waving at LOUDLABS at 4 in the morning just before Michael Hastings’ car blows up down the street. Maybe it’s a roach coach getting ready for the busy day ahead.


This might interest somebody, LOUDLABS route from the Mobil station to the scene of the accident. I can’t hear what’s coming over his radio very well, so maybe I’m wrong about this, but I think he maneuvers to turn off Santa Monica Blvd before news of the accident comes over his radio as he actually turns. Also, if you entertain the notion that he takes his cues to move from the radio, he starts to pull out of the Mobil station exactly as a distinctive voice starts talking on the radio, saying something I can’t undertsand. But, he stops before entering the street, even though he has a green light at the intersection and there are no cars apparently coming, and does not proceed until after two beeps are heard. Could be nothing.


It sounded like he stopped to text something before he pulled out of the Mobil station.


Yes, I did hear keystrokes. So, maybe I’m reaching too far to say he’s responding to the beeps. I just mean all of this as something to consider.


I don’t think you are reaching too far. I think everything needs to be considered. Is LoudLabs News even a real company? I can’t find anything on them. Just some listing in Downey CA. http://companies.findthecompany.com/l/30698062/Loudlabs-News-in-Downey-CA Is this just one guy with a videocam working out of his apartment?


There are at least two of them, I believe. At least that’s how it sounds in their Youtube video description on the dash cam video, where somebody talks about “Scott” talking to himself. Though, I suppose that could be “Scott” again. I’ll have to look into that when I have more time.


If I’ve got the address right, this is the LoudLabs corporate HQ.


Apparently Scott from LoudLabs is an artists. This picture is apparently one of his.


Apparently Scott also makes T-shirts http://www.manta.com/c/mvvlrcd/loudlabs-llc . Perhaps “Make No Pattern” is available on a nice Fruit of the Loom? I’m too creeped out to go on right now.


Yes, they are a real media company. Don’t have web site handy now but have seen it. They have many, many videos. They work with the police dept. Just search LA LOUDLABS. How could witness Jose see “speeding” car when he was two blocks from from Santa Monica and N. Highland at Magee’s donut shop (open 24 hrs)? This is as weird as accidental recording of a speeding car by LOUDLABS at Santa Monica and Highland Avenue. Even if it was MH’s car, that doesn’t prove he was driving at the time. No one has proved it was his car. License plate? Identifiable photo of driver and/or passenger? Why was Jose at donut shop so early in the morning (4:15 am) when his work shift doesn’t start until much later? All videos of speeding cars are highly questionable. Curb of southbound N. Highland Ave south of Melrose is a few inches east of curb on Highland north of Melrose. If car had been out of control and racing, once it crossed Melrose southbound, it would have run on the curb or median unless the driver veered slightly to the right. Driver would have to know this like a race driver knows the race track. Driving at night?! OOPS!!! Everyone in area or who can get to area, please take pictures of this fact as soon as possible.


Just dinkin around about Loudlabs and found this


something weird about this company – Loudlabs LLC, Loudlabs News, Loudlabs Art, and I just scratched around for 5 mins.
More tomorrow.


It sounds like This Scott Lane fella IS LOUDLABS, and it is very weird that apparently he said of himself in his video comments, “Our photographer Scott, (who apparently talks to himself while working) was sitting at Highland Ave and Santa Monica Blvd.” He talks to himself and he writes of himself in the third person.


The CL 250 that Hastings was driving has a data logging feature that recorded that last 10 seconds i believe before the crash.
This if it can be accessed will tell the tale of what really happened.


I just watched the detestable Piers Morgan interview Hastings’ widow and I found it a very creepy 8 minutes, but most weird to me was that Piers asked her about A-Rod (really!), but did not ask her if her husband had been sent home in an urn. That’s what we all wanted to know, Piers, what Elise Jordan thinks of A-Rod.


so at 15/16 second mark there was one last reflection of light on the left prior to 1st explosion.the headlights were the reason for the first 2 reflections but the 3rd was after the car had passed and looked to travel the opposite direction.however appears to be fishtailing thru the whole video. my .02

De Grijze Duif

Did you see the latest photo of the car being toed away?


Thank you! I hadn’t seen that. I wonder why they kept the blanket draped over the hood, even as it was towed away? I have never in my life seen a car being towed with a blanket draped over its hood.


I actually sent an email to the towing company after I saw that picture, asking them if they had been asked to keep the blanket in place. No reply, of course. I Googled around, and they seem to be a favored tow company of the LAPD.


It’s odd that the frame of this video is visibly moving the entire time. Wouldn’t a security camera be entirely still? Also, in Krikorian and Krajicek’s article, they say “four seconds into the start of the tape” – wouldn’t a security camera be running for hours? Those two things really jumped out at me.


At least you first issue has been answered here by others. The video seems, they say, to have been made by a hand-held camera recording off a screen. Presumably the security video was copied for uploading in this way.


If this is true, as it seems to be, the original would probably be of higher quality and show more detail.


The first two vehicles to cross Melrose after Hastings is
explained by the alleged (and highly suspicious) “Michael Carter.”


See also:


The first (van) was a “taxi”, and Carter was the Jeep.

But “Carter” is nowhere to be found – only hearsay is
available. Who is he? Where does he live? What does he do? Where was he going at 4:15? What if anything did he actually post on a Facebook page, or anywhere

Carter implied that the cab pulled up after him 2 blocks later at the next light (Willoughby). However, he was well behind the
taxi in departing Melrose.

Also Scott Lane from LoudLabs, or more aptly QUIETLABS,
successfully does NOT INTERVIEW almost everyone at the scene who was there before he arrived: at least 4 or 5 neighbors on the sidewalk, the tow truck driver, and at least 2 Hatzolah guys (“security van” and guy walking alongside). He only seemed interested in what will support the script.

Lane was allegedly going home after leaving the Mobile station according to their statement, not looking for something. Yet he seems to abruptly and suspiciously turn right to get to the accident almost at the same time any audible mention of it is

And he zigzags all over the place to get to Melrose and
Highland. Why didn’t he just go south to Melrose and turn right to Highland?

And how could Shaul (Pavel) Raigorodsky wake up, get dressed, including his skull cap, get outside, and start hosing down the fire, all with a couple of minutes? Something odd about that. He’s almost 60-years-old, and claims to have been asleep at the time, in a 2nd floor bedroom. People that age take a while to wake up and start functioning.

His wife Ludmilla (who refused to be interviewed by Lane)
told GiGi Erneta that she watched from their balcony after being ordered inside by the coroner. However, they don’t have a balcony (613 N. Highland). They both also talked about the “fire hydant” and some kind of “security cover” around it that was about 2 feet high. But there are no hydrants anywhere in the median along Highland.


Got streets mixed up – meant first two vehicles to cross Santa Monica.


If this Carter guy is accurate, and the LOUDLABS dashcam video implies that he might be, then Hastings’ car not only went 80 through a red light, but did so between two stopped cars.


The so-called “Michael Carter” witness appears to be a plant, as does the article about him at YahooNews. For more info look at my comments at the other page here:


If you can locate the actual FB post by Carter a couple hours after the incident, I’ll buy you lunch sometime. So far there is no evidence that anyone named Michael Carter posted anything at FB. All references are only to the YahooNews article that quote from his alleged post, but fails to provide a link while providing lots of other links.

However, maybe Carter is real. But he claimed twice the car was “white,” even after watching at the site. Sure looked silver to me. What color does it look like to you? Was David Copperfield there, too? :) Or maybe Hastings did a have a white car, and the one in video was not his.

The 3 explosions occurred at 0:58 in the LL unedited video. Listen. Everything else is fabricated to fit the official story. Lane with LL got there about 8 minutes post explosions, not 4 minutes. That’s why there were so many people there already.

When Lane left the Mobile station he first stopped right in front of the RV (or big van) parked next to him. And he typed on his computer, as if to alert someone that he was departing, perhaps after getting some instructions from someone in the RV.


No car explodes like that without some serious assistance from bombs. People who use bombs every day threatened to kill him. He was concerned that his car had been rigged with bombs, apparently. We have a video showing his car being blown up. Yep. Definitely an accident. Not.


This video was edited, cut at the point that the car’s lights disappear. And the photographer who shot this off the screen intentionally shot the screen off center so that we would not see the timing clock on the video jump on the cut. In my opinion.