Jim Paris (left) Russ Baker (Right). Photo credit: WhoWhatWhy, Jim Paris Live

A wide-ranging fall 2014 podcast interview of Russ Baker on a variety of topics that continue to fascinate us, not only because of the amazing things we have discovered, but because of the continuing mysteries about them — the Bushes, the Clintons and Obama, how elites cross usual political lines, problems presidents face when they antagonize powerful private interests, and much more.

In this podcast from the fall of 2014, Russ Baker talks to radio host Jim Paris. Most of the conversation is about the Bush family (including the family’s early years and its plans for the very long term), an endless source of surprises, and Jeb’s campaign, Skull and Bones and the role such elite groups play, but also about:

• the oddly close relationship between the Bushes and Clintons

• the Bushes and the Saudis

• oddities and anomalies about the deaths of JFK and Bin Laden

• explanations for improbable decisions made by Barack Obama

• invisible power networks in government

• the dearth of meaningful political choices — and why that is.


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Related front page panorama photo credit: Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton (Eric Draper / White House / Wikimedia), Witchcraft at Salem Village (Samuel Walker and Company / Wikmedia), Skull and Bones logo (Yale University Archives / Wikimedia).


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