CaptureThis documentary about the three Reuther brothers of the United Auto Workers, tells, through one very important union, the remarkable story of the rise and fall of organized labor. It also addresses the crucial symbiosis between unions and the civil rights movement.

For this viewer, it raises a great many questions, including about whether unions might not be in their dismal current state were it not for the untimely, violent deaths of their greatest allies and champions, including John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, and Walter Reuther himself. Also intriguing is how Lyndon Johnson was able to keep the UAW and other unions on the sidelines for a long while during the Vietnam War, and the harm this may have done to labor’s cause.

You can click on the screen below to watch the official trailer…..You won’t see all of the above in the trailer, but you will in the full film. More information about the film here.

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8 years ago

Will most definitely watch this one. Also, from my own area of Chautauqua County, the AMAZINGLY talented, and caring human being, Natalie Merchant is singing, “Which Side Are You On,”……very powerful version.

Matt Prather
8 years ago

Nice preview — I can tell the documentary is full of faces and names and stories that people need to keep in their memory of history.

I like WhoWhatWhy — I would have been a $$ supporter already but I haven’t actually had a bank account or a job in the past three years — hard to believe, I know — but true.

8 years ago
Reply to  Matt Prather

Let’s hope those fortunate to have jobs step up and fund us–so we can look into why so many fine people have no job while others rent Hamptons beach houses for $550,000 a MONTH (per today’s celebration of richness in today’s New York Times. Please, help us look into the plight of Matt and others, at

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