Sometimes, comedy can make you laugh and shudder at the same time. This is one of those. The inimitable Bill Hicks talks about JFK, Oswald, and the biggest mystery of our time. View with caution.

The late comedian and social critic Bill Hicks on the JFK assassination. Though ostensibly comedy, it’s intense, and may be too unsettling for some. View with caution.

3 responses to “Comedy and Reality Break: Bill Hicks on 11/22/63”

  1. Monkeykingjohnston says:

    Yet another sharp mind pointing out blatant lies foisted on us by the Overlords….the sad thing is that the sheep really do not want to hear the truth.

  2. Eric_Saunders says:

     How come Bill Hicks and George Carlin are so much more politically astute than most political science phds?

  3. Thomas says:

    Hilarious and chilling–nice find!

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