Russ Baker back on with popular Denver radio host Peter Boyles, talking about Jeb Bush dropping his last name for campaign purposes—and the mysterious, fiery death two years ago of journalist Michael Hastings.

Panorama credits: U.S. FDA / Flickr / RT America / YouTube


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danny j
danny j
6 years ago

Recently, Jon Stewart had General McChrystal as a guest on his Daily Show. It was the most appalling fawning sycophancy I’ve ever seen Jon do.

A reminder: McChrystal is the psychopath who transformed the Joint Special Operations Command into his very own “Murder Incorporated,” who committed targeted assassinations, murdering entire families in their homes, leaving behind “calling cards” so everyone would know who did the killing and why, etc. He is a TERRORIST of the first order.

McChrystal was driven to resign after Hastings’ article exposed him, not only as the serial, mass murderer he is, but specifically as a traitor to his “Commander in Chief.” Being a terrorist is just fine, but disrespecting the Terrorist in Chief” is a bridge too far.

Well, Jon began the interview by saying that Afghanistan and Iraq were pretty much doing fine, but then fell to pieces after McChrystal left. Then he basically asked if everything would be just groovy there if only McChrystal had stayed, and allowed the audience to believe that was true!


Steve Sperdacion
Steve Sperdacion
6 years ago
Reply to  danny j

as good as Stewart is, he has blind spots when it comes to certain subjects. He makes rosewater about Iran’s violence against protestors but ignores it in USA.

danny j
danny j
6 years ago

True. He was also completely silent about last summer’s “mowing the lawn” slaughter in Gaza.

I haven’t read or seen Rosewater yet, but from the Iranians I know, and others whose views I’ve read, that “Green Revolution” is believed to have been another CIA “color revolution,” “Arab Spring,” “pro-democracy Maidan” type movement.

That is, there is a substantial dissident community in each of those places, but they were pumped up inside the countries with outside influence/money and so exaggerated and misdirected.

This is not to make excuses for the horrible treatment of some dissidents by the Islamic Republic of Iran; they are heinously oppressive. I know of instances far worse than what I’ve heard were portrayed in Stewart’s film.

6 years ago

Very interesting and thank you, Mr. Baker, for not being afraid to speak up.

4 years ago


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