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An opportunity to catch up on some notable WhoWhatWhy stories

By now you’ve probably caught up on most of your home projects, and your Netflix queue is getting thin. Somebody told me today that going out to collect his snail mail was a big item on his daily to-do list. It’s clear that with self-isolation and social distancing we all have a little too much time on our hands. 

Perhaps then, this is an ideal time to catch up on WhoWhatWhy. In recent years we’ve published some truly groundbreaking stories. We’ve dealt at length with such important issues as our deeply compromised voting system, the unexplored background to President Donald Trump’s mysterious relationship with Vladimir Putin, core human rights and energy conflicts in the Middle East, secretive money that flows out of our hands to a limited cast of characters around the world — and other stories that directly impact all our lives.

Because of that, beginning today, we are adding a new feature to our homepage: a list of our most notable stories for you to catch up on. We’ll be adding to this list in the coming days, and we hope you find it useful and enjoyable.

Russ Baker
Chief Executive Officer and Editor-in-Chief

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