OSCE election observers
Monitors of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission conducting a foot patrol in Ukraine. The OSCE is sending monitors to the United States for the 2016 election. Photo credit: OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

Three months ago, WhoWhatWhy wrote a story on how the rest of the world is treating this year’s US election like that of a banana republic.

Specifically, we were first to report that the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is sending hundreds of election observers to the US due to concerns over voter suppression.

Now, the mainstream media is finally catching up. Last week, The Washington Post wrote a similar story on the OSCE observers who will monitor the November 8 election.

Why are we telling you this?

Because WhoWhatWhy is a very small news organization made up mostly of volunteers and we are proud when we are ahead of the curve. In this case we managed to scoop one of the most prominent newspapers in the world (along with the rest of the corporate media) on a vital issue.

Pointing out our accomplishments is a way for us to thank you for your loyal support. Without our readers, there would be no WhoWhatWhy. We only exist because you read our stories, share them with others and some of you support us financially.

So don’t just view this blog post as us patting ourselves on the back (although there is some of that). Please look at it as us saying: You were right to believe in us and, because, you did, you found out about something two months before the rest of the United States.

Thank you for everything you do. We will continue to try to hold up our end of the bargain by writing about issues you might not learn about elsewhere and to scoop the “big boys” in areas where our coverage overlaps.

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Brion Adair

What’s being ignored is outright fraud, due to rigged voting machines. Voter fraud meaning dead people , non-citizens and even illegal aliens voting, plus stuffing ballot boxes and other tricks.

Jeff Clyburn

31 cases of in-person fraud in 1 billion ballots cast since 2010… It’s a non-issue exaggerated by paranoid right-wingers, per usual.

But purging voter rolls of undesirables, gerrymandering and voting precinct disinformation? That’s a real thing. And it’s not the Dems doing it.

George W Obama

It is pointless to observe an election where the wealthy have chosen the candidates for whom you will be allowed to vote.

Elections in the US are rigged long before the polls open.

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