George W’s New Gig: Cold Cash for Hot Air by Joseph L. Flatley
George W. Bush is raking in millions on the celebrity speaking circuit. Some of the outfits he’s taken money from have less-than-stellar reputations for integrity. And, frankly, the whole thing stinks.


Who is spreading out around Iraq? U.S. military advisers. But don’t call them “Boots on the Ground” … at least, not yet.

The next question is whether U.S. advisers will end up not being “Boots on the Ground” in other places. With Europe’s cocaine use and the Islamic States’ “oil empire” fueling jihadis, it’s hard to imagine the war lasting only four years.

Who thinks America’s political and economic systems are rigged? A majority of Americans!

To wit, who has an unfair advantage on Wall Street? Well, JPMorgan Chase is gaming the energy market and Goldman Sachs is rigging commodity markets. And Goldman’s deep ties to the New York Federal Reserve are also under the microscope thanks to a whistleblower’s release of taped conversations between Fed examiners and their Goldman buddies.

Is it any wonder that some might think global corruption is a “bigger scourge” than terrorism?


What is the White House trying to keep concealed? An executive summary of the Senate’s 6,300-page report on CIA detention and interrogation programs.

On the other hand, the White House is annoyed that the “big three” TV networks refuse to air tonight’s prime-time address on immigration. But their Sunday Shows sure seem to like the White House’s wars.

And what does Daniel Ellsberg think about the state of American democracy?


Why is Hillary the “Military-Industrial Candidate”?

Why is CIA Director John Brennan “weighing” a major reorganization?

Why is the Pentagon trying to “re-classify” public documents?

Why are Israeli companies helping other countries spy on their own citizens?

And why is looking at your smartphone so bad for your health?

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