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With the Boston Marathon Bombing defense seeking a new trial, in part because of prejudicial media coverage, we figure this is a good time to remind people about one news organization that worked overtime to retain skepticism and agnosticism about the official position being disseminated through cooperative organs. When you read articles in the conventional media about the new development in the case, you may wish to post comments alerting readers to our work. One good link to the full collection of around 80 WhoWhatWhy articles can be found here. Some of the most thorough pieces will be found several pages back in the archive.

PUBLICITY NOTES: We’re getting more requests all the time for Russ and others to appear on radio shows and podcasts. In addition, we see our articles frequently picked up, cited, or linked to. For example, Daily Kos featured a postabout the “Black Lives Matter” movement and Hillary Clinton, and the first article they link to is ours, about the death of the youth Kalief Browder, by Ralph Lopez.


Corruption and Contempt: The Hidden Story of Hurricane Katrina
By Russ Baker
This article was originally assigned, accepted, and paid for in full by Vanity Fair — which never got around to publishing it. It tells the story of the cronyism, corruption, ineptness, contempt for the public and utter shamelessness of the Bush family apparatus and its extensive network. With yet another Bush now contesting the White House, and with the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina upon us, we would do well to study this closely. It documents unequivocally how greed and self-interest in high places can tear apart the very fabric of American society. Originally written within months of Hurricane Katrina, it will still make your blood boil. This week we publish it in five parts.


Trump and the White Nationalists
The New Yorker looks at Trump’s epic rise through the eyes of a growing cadre of supporters who feel increasingly dislocated in America’s changing demographic landscape. Trump’s loud and aggressive pronouncements about immigration have tapped a White nationalist vein that has some wondering if America is entering a period of European-style identity politics.

Scowcroft, the GOP, and the Nuclear Deal
The American Conservative examines the strange case of Brent Scowcroft—a former General and National Security advisor to Presidents Ford and G.H.W. Bush. So, what’s so “strange” about Scowcroft? He was right about Iraq (opposed it) and he just wrote an Op-Ed in The Washington Post endorsing the Iran Nuclear Deal. The conservative folks at The American Conservative wish the GOP was as conservative about the use of military power as Scowcroft.

Deez Nuts Has Started a Revolution
A 15-year-old boy from Iowa named Brady Olson is a trend-setter. Since news broke last week that his alter-ego—a faux presidential candidate named “Deez Nuts”—was actually polling near double-digits in three states, over sixty more faux candidates have entered the race. Mr. Not SureKing Prescott SatanSir TrippyCup aka Young Trippz aka The GOAT aka The Prophet aka Earl and dozens of other hopefuls are now running for president. Considering the prospects in the race so far, we wish these newcomers well.


Global Markets Hit Panic Button After the “Great Fall of China”
It official—China’s market crash has a snazzy moniker. As the crash moved into its third phase, the business media started calling it “The Great Fall of China.” But it is no joke. Markets around the globe went into a pre-trade sell-off that led to the Dow losing 1,000 points before bargain hunters led a recovery. The bounce-back notwithstanding, the these five charts show some troubling trend-lines and the faltering Chinese economy has some wondering if this is the start of the next financial meltdown.


Why Are We Obsessed With Zombies?
Zombies have crossed over from the world of voodoo and the dark realm of grim folklore to become the 21st Century’s dominant cultural meme. Spurred in part by the phenomenal success of “The Walking Dead” TV series and a spate of movies, our society has become obsessed with the idea of a zombie apocalypse. The Pentagon even went so far as to make plans to deal with a zombie army. They say it is just a creative scenario for training purposes. But…you never know! Sleep well.

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