It’s taken some time for us to get through the “Rewards” going to folks who backed WhoWhatWhy’s successful Kickstarter campaign. But we’re getting there. Now, it’s time for thanks to those whose reward level gets a “shout-out” ….


Hey!  Thanks for your support of our Kickstarter campaign to:

Adam LeBow

Candis Krummel

James D Wilde

Marcia Annenberg

Susan Bryan

Gabriella Aratow

Aaron Good

Susan Madrak

Joe Wagner

Cheryl Caloia

Nancy Barth

Frank A Oliveri

Many Thanks! Hope you like what we’re up to here.


  • Russ Baker

    Russ Baker is Editor-in-Chief of WhoWhatWhy. He is an award-winning investigative journalist who specializes in exploring power dynamics behind major events.

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