ICYMI: George W’s New Gig: Cold Cash for Hot Air by Joseph L. Flatley
George W. Bush is raking in millions on the celebrity speaking circuit. Some of the outfits he’s taken money from have less-than-stellar reputations for integrity. And, frankly, the whole thing stinks.


Who has given up the title of “Deporter in Chief”? President Obama relinquished the crown by extending undocumented immigrants a “reprieve” or an “amnesty”—depending on which side you ask.

Republicans are outraged and promising their own action on immigration. Either way, Obama has reset the agenda and is repositioning his party’s coalition, much to the chagrin of Republicans concerned about the Hispanic vote.

Who is funding the “political resegregation” of the United States? Surprise, it’s corporate America.

Who put the financial system at risk, according to the Senate? The Federal Reserve.


What “erupted” in the Senate? A fight over the much-delayed CIA  torture report.

What has the FBI “very excited”? A machine that can scan your DNA … in 90 seconds. You can’t stop progress.

What deadline is “looming”? Monday is the last day of negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program. Talks have restarted in Vienna, and Secretary of State Kerry is pushing hard for a ground-breaking deal.

What is behind the recent free-fall in oil prices? Some speculate that the US and Saudi Arabia are conspiring to keep them down—in an effort to squeeze Iran and Russia.

What is the US sending to Ukraine? More “non-lethal” military aid.


Why is the CIA’s Official Book Reviewer “Unimpressed”?

Why will the “Surveillance State” live on into the future?

Why are shareholders revolting against Rupert Murdoch?

Why are American pigs too fat?

And how exactly does someone “Weaponize Facts”?

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