If You Thought Red Light Cameras Were Bad, you ought to see this street surveillance setup ..


Who benefits from the continuing decline in oil prices as oil floods the market? Everybody but Vladimir Putin.

The Russian leader arrived for a much-ballyhooed “showdown” at the G20 meetings. Although European powers pledged military cooperation against Russia, the Daily Beast warns that people should be careful what they wish for ….

Who is suddenly “making sense” about the confrontation with Russia? Henry Kissinger!

Who is “colluding with tyranny” in Myanmar? And why did President Obama just “affirm support” for the oil-rich nation?

Who’s getting ready to go on patrol? Robot security guards.


What is the U.S. Department of Justice doing with fake celltowers on planes? The Wall Street Journal reports that U.S. Marshals are targeting Americans’ cellphones and scooping up a lot of data with “dirtboxes”.

And what did JFK warn of in 1959? The very tool that helped him beat Nixon.


Why are psychologists rethinking their participation in torture?

Why is the Supreme Court getting too smart and cloistered for its own good?

Why did the Secret Service fail so miserably at stopping White House intruder Omar Gonzalez? (Here’s another explanation.)

Why is America’s nuclear weapons program “FUBAR”?

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