And You Thought Red-Light Cameras Were Bad

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Big Brother’s American toehold: Red-light cameras

Big Brother’s American toehold: Red-light cameras

Red-light cameras are the American manifestation of Big Brother’s unblinking eye. In China, the surveillance state takes no chances with its vision. Our only question: is it 20/20 or better?


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3 responses to “And You Thought Red-Light Cameras Were Bad”

  1. rasputin1952 says:

    No one can “take” your Rights away, you need to sacrifice them, give them up in the name of “security” or some other obscure notion.The use of cameras is just one more step in the control of the people, a way to keep the masses from coming together and demanding what we born with, Freedom. Look up “Stellar Wind”, the NSA is picking up virtually every electronic signal around the globe and storing them in Utah. As I type, and then post this, it will go, via “Stellar Wind” to the repository in the Utah complex. The vast amount of data that can now be stored is almost beyond imagination. Own a cell phone? GPS “off”, how do you know it’s truly off? We are followed every day by electronic devices. We retain the illusion of a form of Freedom, but the reality is, we pour billions into monitoring citizens we have no business monitoring.

    If you have that feeling you’re being watched, rest assured, you are.

  2. MountainMan says:

    I am unalterably opposed to Red-Light Cameras. The are the physical manifestation of the moral bankruptcy of the State as well as a clear sign of its malicious intentions toward the people.

    • jdirtNOW says:

      I know, I know, I know! I know how you feel brother, but I’m suggesting a different way to think about this “physical manifestation” (well said!) as you put it.

      In an exercise of adaptive thinking (you’re not closed minded, are you?), try to imagine this incremental step in the direction of totalitarianism as an incremental step in the direction of revolution, and ultimately true freedom. Yes yes yes, we know you want to fight the man, stand up for your rights, push for equality, blah blah blah, but you’re not going to do it, and more importantly, you are weak and nobody wants to hear it. What are you gonna do, form a group and protest together? You should occupy something. Maybe occupy wall street. That’ll show em! That’ll bring change, won’t it?!

      Look around. You’re little group will change nothing.

      I say save your energy, promote fascism, promote totalitarianism, and eventually it’ll collapse of it’s own weight. Something like judo, use/help the weight of this bullshit to push itself to the ground. Sure, it’s going to suck, but on the other end we might have a chance at freedom.