When is a plea deal not really a deal? When you’re jailed journalist Barrett Brown, and prosecutors show up at what’s supposed to be a one-day sentencing with hundreds of pages of evidence against you, looking for the longest prison term possible.


Who was instrumental in brokering the sudden shift in U.S.-Cuba relations? Pope Francis quietly helped the two parties come together to make an historic course change in U.S. foreign policy.

Who is outraged by the opening of diplomatic ties with Cuba? Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).


What has stopped Hollywood in its tracks? A supposed threat against a new movie titled “The Interview” by the hackers who blew open Sony.

What is wider than ever? The income gap in America.

And what did the CIA study a while ago? How to overthrow a “hypothetical” nation.


Why is the Army launching a billion-dollar surveillance blimp over Maryland? Because they can.

And why won’t the Army clean up a nuclear weapons site in Indiana? Because it’s too dangerous.

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