Manufacturing War: A Primer by Martin Hellman
How do you start a war? Hermann Göring had a theory that’s proven successful. Unfortunately, it’s been as appealing to democratic leaders as it was to fascist dictators.


Who supports the use of so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques” after 9/11? Just over half of Americans polled believe the CIA’s torture techniques were justified.

Who was pressured to link 9/11 and Iraq? The Torture Report reveals that the White House urged the CIA to find a connection that did not exist.

Who is the supposed terrorist behind the Sydney hostage standoff? Man Maron Monis—who, along with two hostages, died when police stormed the café. He was an Iranian refugee with a long, sordid criminal record and history of political stunts.

It seems he was a well-known criminal who is now being erroneously framed as a lone-wolf terrorist.

The once self-described expert in, among other things, numerology, black magic and faith healing had recently engaged in Islamic-based grandstanding. That has infuriated much of Australia’s Muslim community.

Who doesn’t want you to see photos detailing the breadth of American torture in Iraq and Afghanistan? So far, President Obama has fought the release of hundreds—perhaps thousands—of gruesome photos.

And who’s been teaching torture to Brazilians for decades? Yup, you guessed it.


What is in the just-passed $1.1 trillion budget … besides belching cows, salty foods and a big win for Big Oil? According to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), there is a dangerous precedent baked into the goodie-laden cake. If nothing else, the pressure is on the next Congress to fill the trough faster.

What is being revealed by the big Sony Hack? A lot of secrets, including some “liberal hypocrisy” among the so-called liberal elites and growing trepidation about further revelations from journalists rooting around in the emails.

And what are the five takeaways from the Lima climate conference?


Why should you reconsider David Koch? Because he reassured Barbara Walters he’s not an “evil billionaire”.

Why is online car service Uber in more trouble? Because drivers were gouging people fleeing the Sydney hostage crisis and France is about to ban ‘em.

And why does the Social Security Administration act like an inter-generational collection agency? Because it can.

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