Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, costumes
Halloween costume ideas. Photo credit: Nicki Dugan Pogue / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) and Carol VanHook / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

If you still haven’t picked out your Halloween costume, here is some inspiration for those who take politics and political leaders seriously but not too seriously.

Halloween, and the accompanying costumes, are supposed to be scary or funny. But what do you do at a time when many Americans are already scared about what is happening to their country and the entire world is making fun of the US?

Here are some examples of people who used Halloween to send a message or simply to ridicule all of the people who got the country into this mess.

Trump Dreamer


Trump Dreamer, costume

In the GOP’s immigration fairy tale, brown people will self-deport. In reality, the big guy himself has to do the heavy lifting. But careful, when you drag those Hispanics out of the country, don’t grab them by the p****

Source: IamAman / Dream Act Portal

Trump Grabber


Trump Grabber, costume

Speaking of … to those on the left, Jemima Khan’s Melania Trump costume (complete with a groping Donald) was a lot funnier before the election. As first lady, Melania might be the only part of the government where Trump is a hands-on president.


Bernie, Trump and Hillary


Bernie, Trump, Hillary, costume

To a frighteningly large percentage of Americans, the alternatives would have been just as scary as Trump. This trio shows why.

Source: Carly Cooper / BuzzFeed

Bernie Baby


Bernie Baby

When this little guy grows up, he’ll vote for Jill Stein in Wisconsin, Bern down the Democratic Party and give healthcare to everybody.

Source: Chelsea Lyons‏ / Twitter

Trump Hat and Hair


Trump Hat Hair, costume

Donald Trump has certainly made red hats great again. His hard-core supporters are drawing the line at copying the president’s hairdo. But even that… thing… Trump wears on his head should be fair game on Halloween. This young costume-wearer even got the size of the president’s hands right.

Source: Jessica Devader / HuffPost Australia

Bad Hombre


Bad Hombre, costume

In 2016 this might have been a funny costume; but, if this guy wears the same thing again this year, he’ll probably be detained by ICE agents.

Source: Nathan Rupert / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Kim Baby


Kim Baby, costume

This little fella is less of a baby than the actual Kim Jong-un. And taller, too.
Source: CBS Houston

Trump Wall


Trump Wall, costume

If the border wall will actually have Trump’s name on it, then the Mexicans won’t have to pay for it after all — because the Russians will snap it up.

Source: Hiveminer

Hillary’s Damn Emails


Hillary emails, costume

It’s kinda ironic that this costume looks a bit like a KKK outfit, because that’s where Hillary Clinton’s incredibly dumb decision to store her emails on a private server got everybody.

Source: JOE

Topless Putin


Topless Putin, costume

On Halloween — and every other day — Vladimir Putin must be sitting in the Kremlin in amazement that his plan to destabilize the West is working so well.

Source: BuzzFeed

P90X Paul Ryan


Paul Ryan, costume

Every day, for Paul Ryan, it seems like a heavier lift. Stop asking him about Donald Trump — he’s just here to give billionaires a tax cut.

Source: College Humor



Obamacare, costume

The days when a malfunctioning website was Obamacare’s biggest problem are long gone. Now the uninsured number of Americans is increasing again. To them, the scariest thing this Halloween is a preexisting condition.

Source: The Political Jungle


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