Buying an Election: Here Comes the Big Money Tsunami
By Jon Hecht
Campaign finance watchdog groups are calling on the Justice Department to launch investigations into the “non-campaigns” of some presidential “non-hopefuls” for flagrant violation of campaign spending limits. But when the agency responsible for enforcing such laws refuses to do so, what recourse do we have? The election has already been bought.


These Are Global Banking’s Winners and Losers Since the Crisis
Really, they are all “winners” inasmuch as they still exist despite their roles in creating the crisis, profiting off the collapse and, in recent years, paying billions of dollars in fines for foreclosure fraud, securities fraud, market manipulation and currency manipulation. But some “win” more than others, and this list shows the fraudsters at UBS topping the “market value” list, followed by Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley.

Here are all the CEOs and Politicians Going to the Top Secret Bilderberg Conference this Week
Some of the biggest wigs in the world will gather this week in Austria to discuss politics, foreign policy and economics free from the constraints of public scrutiny or oversight from journalists. Speculation about the nature of the annual get-together of ultra-elites is fueled by its decidedly anti-democratic secrecy. But the guest list is not a secret and it features such luminaries as Henry Kissinger, convicted leaker Gen. David H. Petraeus, Fmr. Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin and Google CEO Eric E. Schmidt.

Anthony Zinni’s Hard Truths
While the architects of the Iraq War either beat a dead horse to justify the debacle, or retroactively adjust the nature of their complicity, one of America’s preeminent generals has just published a starkly-worded book detailing the folly of wars made for political reasons with politicized intelligence for short-term goals. Zinni’s cautionary tale is all the more relevant given the news that the US is ramping up its efforts in Iraq.


The Year Political Advertising Turned Positive
Once upon a time, America’s political climate was hopeful, its political ads decidedly positive and its politicians more concerned with demonstrating their integrity rather than slinging mud at their opponents. No, this is not a fairy tale. This is the story of the 1976 election cycle and the positive impact Watergate had on the political climate of the day… complete with folksy, compelling video of the commercials.


Why Aren’t We More Scared of the Bird Flu?
The worst bird flu outbreak in US history is ravaging poultry farms and driving up the cost of eggs, but the fear-obsessed media and the reliably-reactive public are strangely indifferent to the epidemic. Why? Thus far, no human has been infected… yet. That’s the rub. If other cases around the world are any indication, it may be just a matter of time before this strain makes the leap.

Guide Dog Jumps In Front Of Bus To Protect His Blind Owner
Audrey Stone suffered broken ribs and a broken ankle, but it could’ve been worse. Her courageous companion—a Golden Retriever named Figo—is credited by onlookers with saving his blind buddy by throwing himself into the path of an oncoming bus. Apparently, Figo realized the driver was blind, too, so Figo took the initial hit to open the driver’s eyes. Doctors—and veterinarians—expect a full recovery.

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