Republicans Dominate States with Poor Democratic Health, Study Finds
By Klaus Marre
A new study shows that there is a wide gap between states when it comes to providing access to the ballot box for their citizens. States won by President Barack Obama generally performed much better with regard to ballot box access while those won by Mitt Romney in the last presidential election did very poorly.


How Cuba is Using Capitalism to Save Socialism
In part two of Quartz’s four-part series on America’s new relationship with Cuba, Tim Fernholz examines the coming of “capitalism with Cuban characteristics” and the anticipated impact of President Obama’s historic move to bring the island in from the cold (war). One thing is certain… Cuba’s infamous living museum of classic cars is about to get t-boned at the intersection of diplomacy and trade.

Dick Cheney: Iran Deal Makes ‘Actual Use of Nuclear Weapons’ More Likely
It’s hard to know what the difference between “use” and “actual use” of nuclear weapons is… but it’s also hard to know what makes Cheney tick. Well, besides a pacemaker. Maybe it’s just the desire to be seen and heard? Well, that’s what Fox News is for… to give foreign policy failures like Cheney a chance to bloviate.

Funny or Die Mocks Congressmen For Wanting Iraq-Style War with Iran
While the GOP plans its attack on the peaceful resolution of the Iran nuclear stand-off and the K Street machine gears up for a profitable fight, the folks at Funny or Die turn their sights on the bombardiers in Congress.

Planned Parenthood Exec Caught on Camera Boasting About Harvesting Fetal Organs
A pro-life advocacy group just changed the 2016 Presidential campaign with an undercover video. The Center for Medical Progress posted a video purporting to show a Planned Parenthood exec “selling body parts” from aborted fetuses. Snopes fact-checked the video and it came up “undetermined.” GOP presidential candidates have jumped on the video and Planned Parenthood, putting its supporters on the counter-attack, and stoking the controversy surrounding the long-simmering issue of abortion.


Another “Terror” Arrest; Another Mentally Ill Man, Armed by the FBI
The Intercept blows open yet-another case of the FBI nabbing a terror suspect with a history of instability and arguably guiding him into the world of jihad. This time it’s Alexander Ciccolo, 23, “aka Ali Al Amriki.” The son of a Boston police captain, the mentally ill Ciccolo did a lot of ranting and raving about jihad until an FBI informant got in touch. Then he started making shopping lists for weapons. Go figure.


Starlings on Prozac: How Pharmaceuticals May Affect Wildlife
People take a lot of Prozac. But the body only metabolizes some of it. The rest ends up passing through and then down the drain… until it finally ends up in the environment. Now scientists are starting to see the impact of all that “unused” Prozac on the wildlife that ends up swimming in it, and eating what swims in it. If a group of starlings is any indication, it is changing animal behavior… and not for the better.

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