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Here’s a slightly complex one with a very simple message:

The Boston Globe just ran an item implicitly questioning the judgment of a Super PAC supporting Jeb Bush. The basis? The PAC ran an ad featuring Ben Swann, a newscaster who has doubts about the official Boston Marathon Bombing story. The Globe has no beef with the ad itself, which like many others takes Marco Rubio to task for missing Senate votes. Instead, it is who is shown mentioning Rubio’s record that has the Globe up in arms: a newscaster who has publicly expressed skepticism about the Boston Bombing, along with 9/11 and several mass shootings:

In 2013, while working for Cincinnati Fox-affiliate WXIX, Swann suggested that the FBI knew about the Boston Marathon bombing before it happened — even questioning if the government recruited and trained the perpetrators. On his YouTube channel later that year, Swann raised the notion that the FBI executed Ibragim Todashev, a suspected friend of the Tsarnaev brothers.

The Globe refers to Swann as “a Boston Marathon bombing conspiracy theorist.”

The paper contacted the Super PAC  for an explanation, and it  dodged that “bullet.”

The Globe of course never actually says what is wrong with questioning the version promoted by the FBI and government, nor addresses the huge number of known anomalies with the official account. Instead it relies on cheap McCarthyist tactics of discrediting anyone simply because they do not easily fall into line with what we’re told to think.

Highly unlikely but…. Could Jeb Bush’s supporters be so desperate to save his dying campaign that they are even willing to seek the support of the very demographic that believes his family, their cronies, and the military industrial complex fully capable of almost anything to maintain and consolidate power? Or, in this case, regain power?

Almost certainly not–most likely the Ben Swann item on Rubio was just one the advertising people ran across, and grabbed. But if there were more to it, the irony would be tremendous.

In any case, anything of depth on this would totally be lost on the Globe. Pity the poor, simple, traditional media. They miss everything, and make a big deal out of nothing.  


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