Why Russia’s New “Cold” War is an Old War – Part 1, by Silvia Todorova
The headlines about Russia, the West and Ukraine are all about a resurgent Cold War. Don’t be fooled: What’s happening is a much older kind of European conflict, one that has reshaped the geography of power there for a thousand years. And is doing it again.


Who just announced a “historic” deal on climate? The U.S. struck the potential “game changer” with China on the eve of the G20 meetings in Australia. Whether the pact will have a practical impact, is merely symbolic or will even get past Congress remains to be seen.

What is known is that the White House is preparing to unleash a “climate onslaught” back at home.

Who just paid $4.3 billion to settle a criminal probe into currency manipulation? Six major banks including Citi and JPMorgan Chase paid the fines after investigations into collusion in currency trading. Of course, no one is going to jail in this deal and the “punishment” falls predictably short.

Who is doing the dirty (and dangerous) work of spotting targets for America’s drone war in Pakistan?

Who can track ISIS, stalk the CIA or function as a one-man spy agency? Anyone can!


What is the Neocon plan for more (and more) war? See a map of 200 years of U.S. interventions.

What is the main problem with the Pentagon’s weapons procurement system?

What are the most popular stocks with Members of Congress?

What is increasingly seen in U.S. skies? Drones!


Why won’t a judge curtail the force-feedings of a Gitmo detainee who was cleared for release in 2009?

Why does Wall Street love Hillary Clinton? And who is her version of Sheldon Adelson?

Why is the creator of ‘The Simpsons’ giving away his fortune? See his interview here.

And how much money did “Big Cable” give to Members of Congress who oversee the Internet?

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