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Does Our Entire Criminal Justice System Need “Creative Destruction”?
By Jeff Schechtman
A law professor who wants to throw out the law? That’s right: Adam Benforado thinks we should yank out by the roots our entire criminal justice system. Do we need to eliminate juries, much of our court system — and find whole new ways to determine guilt, innocence and punishment? Benforado says yes.


We’ve Consumed More Than the Earth Can Produce This Year
Yesterday was “Earth Overshoot Day.” That’s the day when humanity’s yearly consumption rate exceeds the amount of resources the planet can produce in one year. Essentially, it’s the day humanity goes into the red on the ecological balance sheet… and it’s coming earlier and earlier with each passing year.

Latest Version of Blackwater Still Landing Government Contracts
The mercenaries formerly known as “Blackwater” are still garnering government greenbacks. Now known as Academi, they just scored a non-competitive contract worth $8.3 million to provide “armed security” in Afghanistan. Since 2008, Academi has tallied $171.5 million in contracts and its “mysterious” subsidiary International Development Solutions (IDS) pulled in a staggering $685 million in contracts. According to BloombergBusiness, IDS provides “government support missions” that include program management, security, and emergency medical and canine explosive detection services.

Jeb Bush: ‘Taking Out Saddam Hussein Turned Out To Be A Pretty Good Deal’ 
Coming off of a widely-panned foreign policy speech, Jeb doubled-down on his brother’s debacle in Iraq and refused to rule out torture as a viable tactic in future conflicts. He stated bluntly that he’s “not struggling” with the issue of torture. And, to be fair, taking out Saddam did turn out to be a “pretty good deal” for contractors like Blackwater.


How Wall Street’s Bankers Stayed Out of Jail
Noted business journalist and commentator William D. Cohan examines the “justice” that was not served after the Crash of 2008. Since taking the world’s economy to the brink, Wall Street has quietly dispatched one probe after another by paying nearly $190 billion in often tax-deductible fines to various government entities. Despite widespread fraud, no one has gone to jail. The revolving door between government and Wall Street may have something to do with the lack of criminal prosecutions, according to Cohan.


Study: Apes May Not Be That Far Away From Talking
Koko the gorilla is famously adept at communication. The 40-year-old ape learned enough sign language to interact effectively with humans. She reportedly wept at the loss of a human friend—comedian Robin Williams. And she’s famously fond of kittens. Now, researchers have reviewed countless hours of footage showing Koko’s vocalizations and sociable behaviors. They’ve determined that she’s developed voluntary control over her vocal tract. And that potential for speech may be typical in all apes.

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