Donald Trump, Messiah Scam
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Want to get “re-Truthed” by former President Donald Trump? Here is a guide on how to make that happen. Hint: You might have to compare him to God.

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What’s a guy to do when he is about to be indicted for a third (and possibly fourth time) for various coup-related crimes and is feeling kinda blue about it? Apparently, if that guy is a former president with severe narcissistic personality disorder, his own social media network, and a cult-like following, the answer is “sharing memes that portray him as a messianic figure.”

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but Truth Social is the window to what is going on in Donald Trump’s head at any given point in time.

Right now, that window tells us that he is feeling mopey and is in serious need of validation. Therefore, if “being re-Truthed by a twice-impeached president” has been a dream of yours, then today might be a golden opportunity to cross that item off your bucket list.

Here is how: Head on over to Truth Social, create an account, and then either compare Trump to God or put down one of his opponents. Oh, and apparently it helps to pretend to be a member of QAnon.

Let’s take a closer look at what will do the trick:

It is probably fair to say, and Two Corinthians would agree, that the former president is not a scholar of the Good Book. However, he loves it when people pray for/over him, and he has a basic understanding of the main plot. Therefore, if you want to be re-Truthed, do not make the mistake of comparing him to one of the minor biblical characters. Stick to the highlights.

The Back Story to Trump’s Astonishing “Strong Christian” Lie

For example, on Friday night, the former president re-Truthed a post saying actor and QAnon fave Jim Caviezel called Trump “the new Moses.” The new Moses liked the post so much that he re-Truthed it twice.

He also enjoyed a post referring to him as “one of God’s finest warriors.”

Next up are “Truths” indicating that Trump won the 2020 election. He loves those.

Here is one saying that “January 6 will go down in history as the day the government staged a riot to cover up the fact that they certified a fraudulent election.”

Hey, we didn’t say your post has to make sense.

Obviously, any post saying that Trump was the greatest president or just that he is awesome in general also has a chance to be re-Truthed.

QAnon adherent “Andrea,” who is of course a “patriot” and MAGA all the way, along with user “RelentlessforTruth,” have cracked the formula, as each of them got re-Truthed multiple times.

Finally, Trump enjoys posts that put down his opponents.

If you make fun of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s weight in the process, you may just get your re-Truth.

So, if you want to get some love from the former president, head on over to Truth Social and follow these steps… and you might even find a great deal for MyPillow in the process.



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