Donald Trump, Phoenix, AZ
Donald Trump speaking at an event in Phoenix, AZ. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0 DEED)

If you heard anything negative about Donald Trump's performance at the Business Roundtable this week, rest assured that you were misinformed. Because it was, in fact, the greatest meeting in human history.

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On Thursday, Donald Trump met with the Business Roundtable to lay out his economic vision for the next four years. It apparently did not go so well. Some of the attending CEOs were reportedly not impressed, saying that the former president had no idea what he was talking about. 

Two days later, clearly irked by some stories critical of his performance, Trump tried to set the record straight in his trademark style… by making stuff up. 

The former president said on his Truth Social website that the meeting was actually “great,” adding that he had already received a lot of positive feedback. 

And, if you don’t believe him, just ask MAGA cult members like Fox News personality Larry Kudlow, who moderated the meeting, or former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. 

To be fair, Kudlow, who worked on Trump’s economic plan ahead of the 2016 election and served in the former president’s administration, had some good things to say about his former boss and current Fox News cash cow. 

He was especially delighted by Trump’s plans regarding the corporate tax rate, which currently is 21 percent. 

According to Kudlow, the former president first said that he would maintain that rate but then, in the course of the meeting, also suggested that we would lower it to 20 percent because that was a “nice round number.” 

Even if you weren’t an economics major, you have to know that setting tax policy based on the roundness of numbers is a surefire path to success. 

Perhaps sensing that the others were not sufficiently impressed, Trump then said that maybe he would also lower the tax rate to 18 percent or even 15 percent. 

This is probably what the CEOs meant when they said that the former president was meandering. 

Kudlow put a more favorable spin on things.

“So, I asked President Trump directly will he keep the 21 percent corporate tax rate, and he said ‘Yes,’” Kudlow recalled. “And then, as is his custom, he ruminates about the whole story.”

And that’s when the former president floated four different corporate tax rates in the span of a single meeting.

Therefore, “ruminate” is a very kind way to describe what Trump does.

For example, you wouldn’t ordinarily say that the former president recently “ruminated” about what would happen if he were on a sinking boat with a shark nearby. 

He babbled and rambled

In any case, it’s not tough to see why some CEOs thought that Trump was “all over the map.”

Obviously, the former president saw things a bit differently.

According to him, anybody who criticized his performance is a Biden-loving traitor. 

“The problem with doing this Roundtable group, however, is that some of these ‘Leaders’ are Biden sympathizers, especially those on top,” he wrote. “They love spreading false rumors and innuendo, and take what was a GREAT Meeting, actually an inspirational one, and doing everything possible to belittle and inflame.”

Because, as it turns out, all participants should count themselves lucky to have attended a meeting that was likely the best in human history. 

“Some said it was the best Meeting they’d ever had, and they were virtually all there,” Trump wrote. “Anybody saying anything else is no friend of our Country!”


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