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In a rambling social media post, Trump reminds us not to forget about Stormy Daniels.

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If self-owns had value, Donald Trump would be as rich as he fantasizes himself to be.

Whether it’s admitting to crimes on camera or in social media posts, talking about how he would date his daughter and how hot she is, or bragging about passing a test for detecting the onset of dementia to prove that he is a genius, the former president says things all the time that reflect very poorly on him.

Trump provided a great example of this bizarre pattern of behavior in a Truth Social post on Monday.

As he frequently does, he spent part of his day airing grievances and settling scores.

This time, one of the targets of Trump’s ire was Forbes magazine, which had recently removed him from its list of the 400 richest Americans.

That didn’t sit well with the former president. After all, Trump loves pretending to be rich and successful.

In fact, that obsession is one of the reasons he currently finds himself in a New York courtroom on civil charges that he committed fraud.

Therefore, because no real or perceived slight can go “unpunished,” Trump wrote a truly weird (even by his own standards) post about the magazine.

Well, at least it started out being about Forbes before taking some strange twists and turns.

First, Trump accused the magazine of working with New York Attorney General Letitia James, who brought that fraud case against him.

Next, the former president accused China of being involved in an “election interference scam,” before he returned to Forbes and noted that he is up by a lot in the Republican primary.

However, that wasn’t the funniest part of the post.

Out of the blue, he also brought up Stormy Daniels, the porn star whom he paid $130,000 to keep quiet about an alleged affair (that payment, by the way, is the subject of one of Trump’s four indictments).

“China owned (China Investment Corp, the Country’s Sovereign wealth Fund!), and very badly failing, Forbes ‘Magazine,’ which lost most of its relevance long ago, and which knows less about me than Stormy Daniels (who doesn’t know me at all!) or Rosie O’Donnell, took me off their Fake Forbes 400 list, just by a ‘whisker,’ even though they know that I should be high up on that now very dated and discredited ‘antique,’” Trump wrote.

Even we don’t know what half of the stuff means that he is pattering on about. Maybe Rosie O’Donnell once sold him a fake antique? Who knows that’s going on in Trump’s head… or who would want to know.

But the Stormy Daniels reference caught our eye, not just because it is so random but also because bringing her up is incredibly dumb, even on a Trump-level.

With all of the other legal trouble the former president is in, it would be easy to forget that he paid hush money to a porn star in order for her not to talk about an affair they had after his third (and somehow still-current) wife just had a son.

Fortunately, Trump reminded us.

Of course, there is still the mystery of how she figured into the rest of the rant.

However, her memoir might give a clue as to what triggered the association in the former president’s mind.

According to Daniels, Trump once asked her to spank her with a magazine that featured him on the cover.

The name of that magazine? You guessed it: Forbes.


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