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Donald Trump and, apparently, whales are rejoicing that an offshore wind park project has been scrapped.

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What’s a man to do who is facing legal trouble all across the country and needs to convince himself that it’s all going great? He goes to his happy place. And for Donald Trump, that’s his “Truth Social” platform.

On Tuesday night, he “truthed” about 50 items that give him comfort. Many of them were poll results showing him dominating the GOP primary and predicting him winning a rematch with Joe Biden. While the former is undoubtedly true, the latter requires a bit of cherry-picking.

And, to make himself feel better, Trump also posted an article in which shoe experts said that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who has been mean to the former president, probably wears heel lifts and is shorter than he appears. That had to be balm for the soul of the 6’3”, 215 lbs. Trump, who has always found solace in making fun of the appearance of others.

As per usual, he capped his night with a rant against a justice system that, in the former president’s view, is just horribly unfair to him.

Yesterday, the targets of his ire were the prosecutor and judge in the civil fraud case that is currently playing out in New York and in which some of Trump’s children will testify in the coming days.

Needless to say, the former president is not a fan of that.

However, what caught our eye was the second-to-last post that Trump fired off before powering down for the night.

If you are familiar with the former president’s various quests, you will know that he is engaged in an epic struggle against a certain type of renewable energy.

One would not be wrong to call this a Quixotic battle. In fact, that would be an especially apt description because, just like the other famous Don’s, the target of this fight is windmills.

In this case, Trump celebrated the news that the Danish company Orsted announced that it would cease work on two US offshore wind projects.

Specifically, citing changing macroeconomic factors such as high inflation, rising interest rates, and supply chain bottlenecks, the company said it would scuttle its Ocean Wind 1 and 2 projects off the coast of New Jersey.

That news was music to the ears of Trump, and, according to the former president, also to whales.

Not the country Wales, mind you, but the large sea mammals.

“The whales, which are dying in record numbers because of these wind scams, are very happy tonight,” Trump wrote.

You may be shocked to learn that there is no evidence to back up this claim, which the former president has made previously.

Of course, that won’t stop Trump, who also believes that these turbines cause windmill cancer, from repeating it the next time he feels like tilting at windmills to make himself feel better.


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