Marjorie Taylor Greene, deconstructed
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In a very Trumpian manner, Marjorie Taylor Greene has taken to ranting, doling out nicknames, and publicly airing her grievances on social media.

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UPDATED November 4, 2023 — Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is not dealing all that well with the fact that nearly two dozen of her GOP colleagues voted against advancing her resolution to censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI).

In light of the ridiculousness of that resolution, which accused the Democrat of “leading an insurrection,” i.e., participating in an anti-war demonstration in a House office building, it is shocking that not more Republicans deserted her.

They should have… just as Democrats should have opposed an effort to censure Greene for some of the crazy things she says. That measure was not voted on after Greene’s resolution was blocked.

The threat of censuring a colleague used to be a weapon that was wielded rarely. As of late, however, it has become much more commonplace and therefore has lost its meaning.

Still, it is encouraging that at least some Republicans did not want to play Greene’s game.

Of course, the MAGA firebrand from Georgia did not see things that way and spent Wednesday evening and Thursday morning railing against and insulting her Republican colleagues in a series of amusing tweets.

It began fairly benignly with Greene posting the names of the 23 GOP lawmakers who voted to shelve her resolution.

But things quickly went downhill from there.

While directing some of her ire at “terrorist lover Tlaib,” Greene reserved much of her anger for her fellow Republicans and also spilled the beans on what all this is actually about… the actual insurrection of January 6.

What the Georgia lawmaker is really trying to do is to devalue the term “insurrection” so that the violent attack by her fellow Trump supporters on the Capitol seems more benign in retrospect.

And Greene was very upset that some of her colleagues did not want to play along.

She later wrote: “If Jan 6th was an insurrection so was Oct 18th and the DOJ must be forced to prosecute everyone involved on Oct 18th exactly the same way.”

Comparing the two events is patently ridiculous, and it is hardly worth pointing out how different they were.

One was a violent and deadly storming of Congress during the certification of Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election; the other was a nonviolent protest in a House building that may have interrupted staffers or inconvenienced them as they walked between offices.

Greene then turned to singling out individual lawmakers, such as Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), who had defended his opposition to the resolution by pointing out that it was “deeply flawed.”

That did not go over well with the Georgia lawmaker, who, like her idol Donald Trump, seems to have a long memory when it comes to past slights.

“You voted to kick me out of the freedom caucus, but keep CNN wannabe Ken Buck and vaping groping Lauren Boebert and you voted with the Democrats to protect Terrorist Tlaib,” Greene wrote. “You hate Trump, certified Biden’s election, and could care less about J6 defendants being persecuted.”

Props to her for also getting in a dig at Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), with whom she is likewise feuding.

In a subsequent tweet, she referred to Buck as “Colonel Sanders” and lambasted him for being a career politician.

Later, Greene went totally off the rails and suggested that the Texan “will be reciting his powdered wig soliloquies as Americans are marched to the firing squads.”

She also complained about the congressional schedule, introduced an amendment to prevent use of federal funds to support the “Marxist plan to erase the past” by removing monuments from public lands, and finally posted a diatribe on Friday evening detailing her many grievances with the Republican party:

Right now I can’t relate to my Republican conference because it does nothing to stop the border invasion that has caused a national security crisis, refuses to stop the weaponized government political persecutions, won’t stop funding foreign wars, provides no accountability for all the crap caused by COVID, won’t protect kids from sexualization and genital mutilation, and NEVER HOLDS DEMOCRATS ACCOUNTABLE AND WON’T IMPEACH ANYONE!

Who knows what she will come up with if this continues.

However, everybody should take great comfort in the fact that US lawmakers are allowed to go on unhinged rants without getting censured, and that we can make fun of her for it.

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