Hunter Biden, Fights Back
Hunter Biden delivers a statement on the subpoena and investigation of his tax and gun offences. Photo credit: C-SPAN / YouTube

You’d think that Republicans would be delighted after Hunter Biden’s felony conviction today. Well, think again. All the verdict shows is that the unsubstantiated claims of the weaponization of the justice system against the GOP are nonsense.

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Just kidding, of course. Hunter Biden is not actually running for president. If he were, then a felony conviction would probably really hurt him with voters…. unless he ran as a Republican. In that case, his supporters would shower him with money and claim it’s all a witch hunt. 

Speaking of the GOP, even though Republicans have been harassing Hunter Biden for years to get to his old man, they did not take the news well that the president’s son was convicted by a jury of his peers. 

It’s tough to blame them.

After all, claiming that the justice system was somehow rigged against them (them = Donald Trump) has been a key part of the narrative they, and the right-wing propaganda machine, have been trying to sell to the public. 

Now that the president’s only living son joined Trump on the list of Americans who were recently found guilty of having committed a felony, that all sounds a bit silly.

Predictably, Trump’s allies contorted themselves to somehow make it look as though Hunter Biden’s conviction were part of some grand scheme.

“The gun charges are a giant misdirection,” tweeted Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s senior advisers. “An easy op for DOJ to sell to a pliant media that is all too willing to be duped. Don’t be gaslit. This is all about protecting Joe Biden and only Joe Biden.”

In other words, Miller is claiming that the president, by all accounts a family man who has suffered greatly from the death of his first wife and two of his children, has engineered the conviction of his troubled son to stay in office.

That sounds plausible… if you are an insane conspiracy theorist. 

Just logistically, to pull this off, Hunter would have had to commit a felony in 2018, when he purchased a gun while incorrectly stating on a federal form that he was not abusing drugs.

If you are a student of history (or more than 10 years old), you will know that Joe Biden was not president when his son bought that firearm. In fact, it would be another six months until he announced his candidacy.

Talk about playing the long game.

It’s insane to believe that this was somehow planned, or that Hunter is being sacrificed to show that his dad has not weaponized the justice system (for which there is no evidence), or to “protect” the president from unsubstantiated allegations of corruption that Republicans have been making for years.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Trump campaign tried to convince its supporters of just that after the verdict was announced.

“This trial has been nothing more than a distraction from the real crimes of the Biden Crime Family, which has raked in tens of millions of dollars from China, Russia and Ukraine,” said Karoline Leavitt, the national press secretary of the Trump campaign.

Once again, there are “no real crimes” and there is no “Biden crime family.”

Well, apart from Hunter, who is now a convicted felon.


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