Hunter Biden, Abbe Lowell, 2023
Hunter Biden (son of US President Joseph Biden) on the left, lawyer Abbe Lowell on the right, surrounded by a gaggle of reporters asking about Biden's potential testimony before the House of Representatives about his foreign business dealings, December 13, 2023. Photo credit: Tom Williams / CQ Roll Call / Wikimedia

Hunter Biden is advising his father on whether to stay in the presidential race. Let’s hope making bad decisions doesn’t run in the family.

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If there is one thing we have learned from excessive House GOP investigations, wall-to-wall Fox News coverage (up to the point of getting sued), court records and various news reports, it is that we can rely on Hunter Biden’s judgment: If he thinks something should be done, run the other way.

Whether it’s strippers and blow, lying about drug use for a gun purchase, selling art, or dodging taxes, Hunter is a paragon of poor decision-making.

That is why it is not exactly comforting that he has emerged as one of his dad’s closest advisers as the elder Biden ponders whether he should quit his reelection campaign for the good of the country.

Well, that might be welcome news if the president decides to do the opposite of what his son advocates.

Apparently, both Hunter and first lady Jill Biden want him to stay in the race, and the president’s son has been popping into meetings to the bewilderment of White House staff.

To us, that indicates one thing: While there is no evidence that there is a “Biden Crime Family,” no matter how hard House Republicans and Fox News want to convince Americans otherwise, there certainly appears to be a “Biden Bad Decisions Family,” which is bad news for the country.

Sure, making the call to pull out of the race is a tough one for someone now used to the trappings of the presidency. Forget all that power; a return to Delaware might mean that the Bidens have to do their own dishes again.

But that seems like a small price to pay for giving another Democrat a much better chance of defeating Donald Trump.

In addition, all that harassment from the GOP and Fox would stop because they are, of course, not interested in uncovering actual wrongdoing but rather in smearing whoever is running against the former president.

Just for sheer entertainment purposes, it would be worth it for Joe Biden to get out of the race.

Reporter: “Congressman Jordan, how is your investigation into the machinations of Hunter Biden going? Do you finally have a shred of evidence that he participated in an enrichment scheme and that his father was involved?”

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH): “Who? I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m here to update you on the crimes of [enter name of son or daughter of eventual Democratic candidate here].”

Of course, a bit more than evading harassment is on the line for Hunter, who was recently convicted of three felonies related to that gun purchase.

While the president has publicly declared that he would not pardon his son, at this point, nobody would bat an eye if Joe Biden did so anyway and simply said that he forgot making that promise.

That would be another bad idea, so let’s just hope that Hunter did not get the “terrible decisions” gene from his father.


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