Donald Trump, West Palm Beach, FL
Former President Donald Trump speaking with attendees at the 2023 Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, FL. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

On Sunday, Donald Trump offered a series of opinions via Truth Social that ranged from “completely at odds with the Constitution of the United States” to “flat-out insane.”

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It doesn’t take much to set off Donald Trump and get him to launch into an unhinged tirade (or two). References to him being a loser will usually do it, as will the prospect of accountability. In many cases, the origin of the rants can be traced back to things the former president saw on his favorite TV shows, and, generally, the time of day also seems to have something to do with it. Trump gets especially cranky at night.

All that being said, it is not clear which of these factors contributed to the former president firing off a series of unhinged, nonsensical, and poorly composed messages on his Truth Social platform recently.

These posts often give an insight into Trump’s mind. While that must be fascinating for psychologists and psychiatrists, it is downright frightening for anybody worrying about the prospect of Trump occupying the White House again.

On Sunday, for example, he offered a series of opinions that ranged from “completely at odds with the Constitution of the United States” to “flat-out insane.”

First, Trump called on all Senate Democrats to resign because one of them, Sen. Bob Menendez (NJ), was indicted for his alleged participation in a bribery scheme.

The entire post is completely nuts and covers all of the former president’s insecurities and grievances — from losing the election to having his home raided because he stole classified documents.

Do yourself a favor and read the entire thing out loud (or to another person). And then, when you want to laugh because of how crazy it all sounds, keep in mind that this comes from the undisputed leader of the GOP and the man that tens of millions of Americans want to see in the White House.

Donald Trump, Truth Social

Photo Credit: Screenshot by WhoWhatWhy

In many cases, Trump limits himself to one rant per night and then goes back to reposting flattering things somebody said about him, but on Sunday, he was just getting started.

Next up was a tirade directed at Comcast, which the former president thinks should be “investigated for its ‘Country Threatening Treason.’” It’s as easy to discern what he means by that as it is to figure out what a drunk homeless person means when they say that “aliens did the 5G in my brain.”

However, while the latter is generally harmless, the former “openly and proudly” proclaimed that he wants to suspend the First Amendment, scrutinize media outlets he does not agree with, and ensure that they “pay a big price.”

Next up, Trump urged Republicans to shut down the entire government until they “GET EVERYTHING.” He uses the rationale that it won’t be the GOP that gets blamed for such a shutdown, which is verifiably and laughably incorrect.  

In the same post, the former president also called on Senate Republicans to topple Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY), a frequent target of his ire.

Then, Trump fired off a post about polling, something he takes a great interest in when the result is favorable, before capping off his evening by offering some thoughts on automatic voter registration.

Last week, Pennsylvania announced that it would automatically register eligible citizens to vote when they get or renew their driver’s licenses or other ID cards. This is standard practice in 23 other states, the District of Columbia, and many democracies around the globe.

In addition, it is, in theory, what Republicans want: People will register to vote with all of the proper documents and identification, which will ensure that only eligible Americans can cast their ballots.

However, because this will likely result in a higher turnout, especially among young voters, Trump thinks that the automatic voter registration is “a disaster for the Election of Republicans, including your favorite President, ME!,” which is probably a fair assessment, and “a totally Unconstitutional Act,” which is ridiculous.

Then, to make himself feel better about this perceived injustice, Trump insulted a few of his rivals for the Republican nomination before, thankfully, going to bed.


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