NRA recruiter, gun show
NRA recruiter at gun show. Photo credit: Gilbert Mercier / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Today, as Americans mark the first anniversary of the day 19 children and two adults were massacred in Uvalde, TX, the NRA will give away two guns.

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Today, many Americans will commemorate the first anniversary of the massacre of 19 students and two teachers in an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. Most of these events will undoubtedly be somber affairs. But if you want to celebrate this day by adding a bit more firepower to your arsenal, then the National Rifle Association (NRA) has got you covered. Together with a handful of corporate partners, it will give away two guns.

Even in a country very much used to mass shootings, the Uvalde attack stands out for several reasons. First and foremost because most of the victims were little kids. In addition, it was deadlier than most. With 21 victims, it ranks ninth on the list of deadliest mass shootings in the US. Bookended by elementary school massacres (in Newtown, CT, and Uvalde), seven of the top ten took place within a decade.

One final thing of note is that the “good guys with guns” waited more than an hour after arriving at the scene to enter the classroom where children were being murdered.

But for one lucky winner, today will be remembered as the day they won a couple of guns from the NRA and a handful of corporate sponsors.

And not just any two guns.

“This extraordinary bundle includes twelve unique items from top-notch brands, boasting an incredible value exceeding $4500,” the NRA said in a tweet on Monday that encouraged people to enter the giveaway.

WhoWhatWhy contacted the NRA, the two gun companies participating in the giveaway, and the Texas-based manufacturer of a gun light whose headquarters are about six hours by car from Uvalde.

At press time, none of them had gotten back to us.


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