Russ Baker (left), Thom Hartmann (right) Photo credit: WhoWhatWhy,  Chris Eaves / Flickr

Podcast, with Russ Baker explaining WhoWhatWhy’s reporting on a little-known but absolutely central explanatory story regarding 9/11. Were elements of the Saudi royal family complicit in the 9/11 attacks? (Sound quality a bit staticky— run time approximately 9 minutes)

Related front page panorama photo credit: Saudi Flag (Ayman Makki – Wikimedia), Mohamed Atta (Florida DMV / Wikimedia), Ziad Jarrah (Florida DMV / Wikimedia)

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Barry Kissin
Barry Kissin
6 years ago

This is great — as far as it goes.

But we already have that the
Saudi government is involved. (I was impressed by Russ Baker’s
statement that the suddenly vanishing Saudi family in Sarasota had had
contact with as many as 11 of the “purported” hijackers.)

But the focus needs to be on the cover-up — by Bush followed by Obama.

Russ Baker nor the stand-in for Thom Hartman manage to reflect that the
fact of Saudi gov’t involvement entirely undermines the rationale of
the Global War on Terror, all the way from 9-11-01 thru today — today
when we are in league with the Saudis in further pulverizing all over
the Mid-east.

One can pussyfoot around with ‘inside job,’ and still establish an indictment of the entire militarist system, media included.

From Our Twitter Page
6 years ago

(Comment by reader @Southseas7) Too much about the ‘hijackers’ ! The so called planes ‘explained’ the demolitions, that’s all.

6 years ago

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