Not the “Illuminati”!  Illuminate

Not the “Illuminati”! Illuminate

Some things you truly cannot make up. Like this: the museum and archives celebrating and exploring the life (if not really wanting to investigate the death) of John F. Kennedy is getting a facelift—courtesy of….the Carlyle Group.

This development was noted, without much fanfare, in a variety of major media. If there was a smidgen of irony, I missed it.

Yet, consider this: The ultimate globe-girdling corporation is playing a major role in preserving the memory of a president who at the time of his death was engaged in what may be described as mortal combat with outfits not unlike Carlyle—if smaller and less global. (I write about this in my book Family of Secrets but you can learn a lot more about JFK versus the corporations in Donald Gibson’s Battling Wall Street: The Kennedy Presidency.)

Kennedy was locked in grim battle with oil and steel and banking interests, hated by mining giants and soda pop companies, resisting pressures from the burgeoning defense industry, and on and on. The list of the offending and the aggrieved was endless. Executives were taking out ads to excoriate him, and even showing up at the White House to practically spit in his face.

“Those robbing bastards,” JFK told Walter Heller, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, when Heller mentioned the oil and gas industry. “I’m going to murder them.”—as cited in Family of Secrets, from audiotape held by John F. Kennedy Library and Museum


Why is the museum getting a facelift? Apparently, it is to “enhance the visual and interactive offerings.”

Does none of it have to do with the still-mysterious fire that broke out at the museum complex in Boston at approximately the same time as the bombings of the Boston Marathon? Initial news reports suggested that the fire might somehow be linked to the bombings, an event that led to the precedent-setting lockdown of a major American city in a military-style operation.

As with, well, practically everything about that day, we have since been assured that there was in fact no deeper mystery regarding the museum fire—that its cause was accidental and its timing a coincidence. And of course it may well have been, though I (a past user of the archives’ services) was struck by what seemed like a sheepish lack of openness on the part of library personnel when I made inquiries. Call it a reporter’s instincts.

JFK World vs Carlyle World

JFK, who entered the White House as outgoing president Eisenhower warned about the dangerous growth of a “military-industrial complex,” battled constantly with the same forces that today virtually reign supreme. He was an enthusiast of attempts in the mass media to draw attention to threats to freedom here at home, as seen in such movies as Seven Days in May, about a military coup against the U.S. government, and The Manchurian Candidate, about the subversion of our democratic system through mind control.

Times have certainly changed. The CEO of Carlyle, it should be noted, is a Democrat. He worked for Jimmy Carter. Other figures in the Carlyle orbit over the years have been Republicans—including George H.W. Bush, former Secretary of State James Baker III, and former Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci—and high-profile foreigners, including British Prime Minister John Major and members of the bin Laden family.

Carlyle itself is one of the increasing ranks of strange companies that seem to come out of nowhere and are suddenly everywhere and into everything. (You really must treat yourself to a review of its holdings; even in the constrained precincts of Wikipedia, it’s still a wonder to behold—if you just drill down one level, from the military contractors to the pipeline companies, many of which it bought undervalued, reinvigorated with new government funding, and then sold off at great profit.)

As Carlyle puts it on their site:

We are one of the world’s largest and most diversified alternative asset management firms. We manage 120 distinct funds and 133 fund of funds vehicles that invest across four segments, 11 core industries and six continents. Our global size, scale and brand enable us to access opportunities in virtually every market around the world.

Carlyle is the kind of massive, opaque entity that draws its breath and its profits from knowing the right information and having the right connections. As such, it attracts almost no public attention…except when it chooses to do something philanthropic to “enhance” its public image.

We have every right to be amazed that the directors of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum decided they needed money so badly that they would take it from the likes of Carlyle. Even more amazing is that they thought, correctly as it turns out, there would be no criticism of this decision and no consequences.

But really—why be amazed? The world has changed a great deal since John F. Kennedy was precipitously removed from the picture after rousing the ire of the very selfsame kinds of interests that today rule the roost.

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  • Russ Baker is Editor-in-Chief of WhoWhatWhy. He is an award-winning investigative journalist who specializes in exploring power dynamics behind major events.

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Wasn’t Dan Akerman who took over as CEO of GM part of the Carlyle Group? Carlyle Group seems to be popping up everywhere. Is Carlyle’s involvement in the JFK Museum an attempt to rewrite history?

d marino

They have already rewritten history!


I am still surprised how quickly that story died…. Russ, you should dig into this “fire”. Follow your instinct…


This does not look good. Imagine this becoming a trend.


ya think?


I was talking about the Carlyle Group specifically. But thanks for schooling me on privatization and the NWO. You totally blew my mind.


the privatization “trend” is well on its way here in the u.s. and all over the world.
so, we don’t have to imagine it. the big corporations and banksters- the international NWO power planners- have been imagining it and doing it all along forever.
what we have to imagine is how to rein these people in from taking EVERYTHING, including the historical records and facts, including all public resources, including our human dignity, including the very future of the planet.

Casey Wright

Good point on the library fire. That was weird. Hm, consider Carlyle’s bet on Beats headphones and Apple’s huge strange payout 6 months later. Carlyle profit: 1B. What was that?


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Mr. B!

Carlyle Group is one of those private equity (private bank)/leveraged buyout firms which typically might put up 1/80th of the purchase price of a company, while borrowing the other 79/80ths of the price in a structured finance deal. The first two private equity firms in America were AEA Advisors and Warburg-Pincus (which our illustrious former secretary of the treasury, Timothy Geithner, recently joined).

AEA Advisors was owned by the Rockefeller, Mellon, Harriman families and one branch of the Warburg family, while Warburg-PIncus was owned by another branch of it.

The Carlyle Group was originally invested in by the Mellon family, with those investments enriched by them from time to time.

The Carlyle Group may have unfettered access to the American intelligence establishment as witnessed by the leaks from whistleblower, Edward Snowden, who was with Booz Allen Hamilton (owned by the Carlyle Group) when he penetrated the NSA’s various surveilliance and domestic surveillance programs.

The Carlyle Group, as ascertained by its personnel flows between it and the Blackstone Group, and its junior level in various club deals with them, appears to be a subset of the Blackstone Group, one of the largest, and for many years the largest, private equity firm. Similarly, the Blackstone Group was originally financed with seed money from the Rockefeller family.

We are constantly inundated with the mythology that these PE firms, and hedge funds (and they are frequently structured as to be one and the same) only do deals and investments with the highest returns and yields, yet we constantly observe how they purchase publishing firms to print books of no particular profit to misinform and redirect attention from reality.

How this deal could possibly yield a high rate of return is truly mystifying, leading one to believe only in ulterior motives.

Today the Blackstone Group, unless it has recently offloaded many of its RE/home purchases, is the largest landlord in America.

The recent missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 had a number of employees aboard it from Freescale Semiconductor, a company jointly owned by the Blackstone Group (majority owner), and the Carlyle Group (minority owner) with investments in it from AIG.

a allen

Hate to be nasty about this, but basically the same pricks who murdered the man want to be curators of his memory as well. Some serious black magic, I swear.


The same KINDS of pricks. The actual murderers are likely dead by now.


The families Bush, Harrieman, Rockefeller, Chaney, etc.; the heads of Kellogg, Brown & Root, oil industries, Halliburton, military industrial complex; the old names may have died but their replacement are in place


Don’t confuse the kings (Henry II) with the actual killers (knights) who do the dirty work (Beckett).
Fortunately, history remembers the bad kings & not the names of the stooges (an unlimited army).


History is written by the conquerors.



As I side note, I also made inquiries into the fire. Remember the police commissioner, Ed Davis, initially said it was “an incendiary device” that caused the black smoke. He DID NOT retract that statement afterwards, he only stated that it was unrelated to the Marathon bombs. The Museum said the Fire Dept. concluded it was an electrical fire, but never disclosed what exactly was damaged.


OK, if you don’t like the Carlyle “Official” JFK museum, why not create your own museum to JFK? A web only museum would be doable with comparatively minimal funding. A ‘bricks & mortar” might or might not follow.

Chappy Ted

There are plenty of websites that contain details about the Kennedy family that the MSM would never publish and that no “official” JFK shrine would ever display. Anybody who is actually interested in the history has access to it.


this group is the insiders ,insider…baker and bush on board should tell you something if you are really blind….imho


I was stunned that Gerald Ford and George HW Bush have been presented with the JFK Profile in Courage Award..what is up with that?


Good work, Russ. Keep your eyes on these bastards & their ilk.
The Big Liars (aka MSM) only create diversions & smokescreens.


Most responses in this thread, including the article itself, completely miss the point and the significance of this unsettling event: The murderers of JFK have just purchased control of the evidence of their own guilt.


Thank you! Exactly what I was thinking. Why otherwise would the Carlyle Group want to be involved in this??? I am totally nonplussed that Baker of all people didn’t home in on this first thing. There is absolutely no other explanation that makes any sense – guess the smoking gun (so to speak) they want to silence forever was not destroyed in the fire, so now they finish the job. Priceless.


The fact that Gerald Ford and George H. W. Bush have been recepients of the “Profiles in Courage” award gives me pause. What is up with that? Do these choices reflect the principles of JFK?


control the narrative. Own the museum. Whats the bet that photo of GHW B in the Depository doorway don’t get on the wall…

No matter how cynical I get I just can’t keep up.(Lilly Tomlin)


this Is just outrageous.

Daud GeAzan

Is it possible that they are going in to alter something?


All the JFK info was to be released at 50 yrs, now pushed back to 2017. Perhaps there is time for one more round of Sanitization.

John Pallyswine

The group that financed the murder of JFK also financed the careers of both Nixon and Bush. Prescott Bush who also fronted for this group, also partially financed the NAZIs and the Holocaust of 11,000,000.

Lisa Jacobs Hardy

I am assuming these scoundrels won’t have access to the historic records and files within the library. Is this just a cosmetic update to the facilities themselves? Maybe they are attempting to assuage their guilt….

Charles Drago

Mt. Rushmore comes to mind.

Mt. Rushmore National Monument is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. To the tribe commonly referred to by its vanquishers as the “Sioux,” the Black Hills, or Paha Sapa in the language of the Lakota peoples, remains the holiest of places – like the Vatican to Roman Catholics. Assayed and determined to be worthless wilderness by the high priests of Mammon-on-the-Potomac, the Black Hills were formally recognized as sovereign Sioux “property” in a legally binding treaty ratified by Congress. Shortly thereafter,

However, in 1874, a certain young conquistador named Custer led a U.S. Army expedition into the area. Two millionaire miners were with that merry band. They discovered gold in them thar hills. And faster than you can say Eureka! the treaty was unilaterally abrogated. The Sioux were cast out.

Then – this is rich – to add insult to the injuries of grand theft, genocide, and cultural annihilation, one of the most sacred peaks of Paha Sapa was desecrated with the carvings of the likenesses of the leaders of the cutthroats and thieves.

It is as if barbarians had occupied post-Renaissance Rome, put its citizens to the sword, looted the Vatican, and on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, over Michelangelo’s masterpiece, painted craven images of their chieftains.

Some years later, a Polish immigrant (Korczak Ziolkowski, a self-taught sculptor who had worked on the Mt. Rushmore abomination) decided to balance the books by carving on a nearby summit the gigantic likeness of the Lakota war leader Teshunka Witko, or Crazy Horse. Today the artist’s heirs struggle to complete his daunting project. Tourists visit the site each year, although in nowhere near the numbers who regularly flock to Mt. Rushmore. Which I’ve visited. And where a savage irony hangs thick and dank in the desecrated air.

As dusk falls, hundreds gather in the amphitheater at the foot of the monument to watch a documentary film about the great sculpture’s creation. At the appointed time all rise and sing their national anthem, and as the lyric “brave” echoes through Paha Sapa, immense searchlights illuminate what I prefer to appreciate as the memorialized prototype for a later, equally portentous (if understandably less overtly celebrated) summit meeting of true American power-brokers: the Appalachin Conference.

As for the fire at the JFK Library on the day of the Boston Marathon bombing: Know it to be a variation on the post-9/11 anthrax attacks.

Charles Kafka

this is no big deal,
they have always killed the prophets, then copyrighted their words.
jesus said they would do that with him,
look at michael jackson.
there ought to be a blog somewhere where someone lists all the people who were killed by the elite, or died wrongly, then had their voices taken over by them.
puppets for the people,
it’ll be interesting to see what they do with the place,
kennedy who was a democrat, today sounds more like the reptilian… errr Republicans than the republicans of today.


Down the Memory Hole with our history! I recommend to all to see the re-made ‘Manchurian Candidate’…it speaks even more topically on this and it also has a happy ending, which I don’t think many of us living will see. Where once we lived in the USA, we now live in a Third World Fascist Theocracy of the Oligarchy of the Plutocracy in the Untied Stasi Staats of Amerikkkanistan!

Cathleen McGuire

oh, god, it gets worser and worser.

Oct 1, 2014 – JFK’s Grandson, Jack
Schlossberg, Presents the Profile in Courage Award to Former President
George H. W. Bush in Kennebunkport, ME

Alvy Singer

JFK was actually more than an enthusiast of msm efforts to reveal possible threats to our freedoms from within.
President Kennedy actually was responsible for getting a green-light for Sinatra’s production company to make “The Manchurian Candidate”. The Head of United Artists at the time, Arthur Krim was hesitant to make the film. The President felt it was so important that the film be made that he called Krim personally to tell him that he had no problems with the film and encouraged him to make it.
Kirk Douglas has also talked and written about JFK strongly encouraging Douglas to make “Seven Days in May”. JFK offered to help Douglas and instructed Pierre Salinger to allow the film’s production designer to have access to the Oval office and other rooms in the White House. If memory serves Douglas mentions this in greater detail I believe in his first auto-biography, “The Ragman’s Son”.


“Times have certainly changed. The CEO of Carlyle, it should be noted, is
a Democrat. He worked for Jimmy Carter. Other figures in the Carlyle
orbit over the years have been Republicans—including George H.W. Bush,
former Secretary of State James Baker III, and former Defense Secretary
Frank Carlucci—and high-profile foreigners, including British Prime
Minister John Major and members of the bin Laden family.”

I’m glad this was linked to the 2016 campaign documentary article. I missed it the first time around. Just FYI, Frank Carlucci was a CIA officer in Congo when Patrice Lumumba was removed from power and handed over to his enemies to be murdered. Source: Chief of Station Congo by Lawrence Devlin. Mr. Devlin died early in this century and couldn’t resist touting his Cold War exploits before checking out.

Hugh O'Neill

Carlucci and the CIA may also know a lot about the death of UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold whose plane was brought down in the Congo etc. Carlyle Group likewise have some interesting connections to the Bin Laden Family and 9/11 in particular.