Ronald Reagan, Bush Family
President Reagan with the Bush family. Left to right: Neil Bush, Marvin Bush, Reagan, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Jeb Bush.  Photo credit: Reagan Library

Why did George H.W. Bush and his cabinet determine that John W. Hinckley Jr. — the man who in 1981 tried to kill the newly inaugurated President Ronald Reagan — was a lone nut, and no conspiracy, foreign or domestic, was involved? How did they arrive at this conclusion just five hours after the shooting, without any thorough examination?

And why won’t the Federal Bureau of Investigation release its documents on the shooter?

Hinckley, who was released from a federal psychiatric facility on August 5 after 35 years, remains a mystery, and that’s the way the government prefers it. Among the documents the Bureau withholds are those that reveal organizations linked to him — and the names of his associates.

One noteworthy individual will not even acknowledge knowing of Hinckley beforehand, someone associated with the shooter’s family, and an even longer history of dissociation — George H.W. Bush.

Most Americans have never heard about this — and even those who have will be intrigued by some little-known aspects. One is the rather unique way the Bush clan has dealt with or sought to dismiss such peculiar situations — and this is hardly the only one in which the family has been enmeshed.

Here’s an amazing example: Bush Senior, known to family and friends as “Poppy,” claimed he could not remember where he was when he heard that President John F. Kennedy had been shot. I discovered a good reason why he should have remembered — because he, himself, had been in Dallas that morning.

I learned this while researching the Bush dynasty for what would become the book Family of Secrets. I came upon one odd “coincidence” after another, weird ones that would make anyone’s eyebrows soar.

I also saw an FBI memo showing that the man who would later become Bush 41 had secretly called the FBI shortly after the shooting of President Kennedy with information on a man he said might be involved. It turned out that not only was the man not involved, but that Bush knew him personally — and even, via a subordinate, gave the man an alibi.

Too weird.

I also learned that Poppy Bush was a longtime acquaintance/friend of George de Mohrenschildt, the mysterious Russian “baron” who was perhaps the closest person to Lee Harvey Oswald in the year before Kennedy’s death.

Imagine my interest when I learned of de Mohrenschildt’s connections to American intelligence — and then that Bush Senior himself had covertly served the CIA for decades before being named CIA director as a purported “outsider” in 1976.

Indeed, he’d been secretly mucking around with the spy agency before, during, and after Kennedy was killed.

The CIA, of course, was later revealed by the Senate’s Church Committee investigation to be in the business of arranging the removal — or even the murder — of  national leaders in various parts of the world.

Imagine my fascination, then, to learn that John Hinckley Jr., the man who shot and nearly killed President Ronald Reagan in 1981 — an attempt which, if successful, would have resulted in then-Vice President George H.W. Bush moving up to the top spot — was none other than a friend of the Bush family.

How strange is that? So strange that it literally caused NBC News’s anchor John Chancellor’s eyebrows to arch as he reported the curious connection.

The story was broken by the now-defunct Houston Post, and then picked up briefly by the AP and UPI wire services, and some newspapers, plus Newsweek.

Then it vanished without a trace or further inquiry or comment in the mainstream media.

The story was so baffling and off-putting that even I, in writing Family of Secrets more than a quarter-century later, did not mention it. I was preparing to publish a book with so many shocking elements that the publisher and I worried about whether the mainstream media would even dare cover it, or review it fairly; in that context, the Hinckley-Bush connection seemed one provocation too far.


Fast forward to early August of this year, when news came that a federal judge had ordered John Hinckley released from captivity. Hinckley had already been granted partial freedoms over the years, including extended stays with his family outside the mental facility where he has been incarcerated. But now he is effectively “out,” albeit with some supervision.

Word of Hinckley’s release was met with pregnant silence, including from entities and individuals that bray about “law and order” — who routinely support jail time with no possibility of parole for all manner of individuals, particularly the poor and the unconnected.

Neither description, of course, fits Hinckley.

The Hinckleys and the Bushes have been friendly for decades, going back to the days when both families set down stakes in the dusty town of Midland, Texas, a magnet for the children of wealthy, East Coast families seeking to cash in on the oil boom.

The Hinckleys were donors to Poppy Bush’s political campaigns over the years, and they gave to support the first, unsuccessful bid for Congress of the young George W. Bush, in 1978. The families lived close to each other, they socialized; I saw indications that, at one point, they may have shared the same lawyer.

Even more strangely, Neil Bush, son of the vice president, was scheduled to have dinner with Hinckley’s brother, Scott, the day after the shooting.

The shooting took place on Monday, March 30, 1981. Neil and his wife, Sharon, were to have dinner with a girlfriend of hers who brought along Scott Hinckley as her date. Scott had supposedly been invited to round out the foursome.

Neil and his wife, and Scott, all lived in Denver at the time. Scott’s father’s oil company, Vanderbilt Oil, had its headquarters in Denver at that time. Scott was a company vice president.

Meanwhile, the shooter, John W. Hinckley Jr., lived from time to time with his family in a small town outside Denver. In fact, at the time he shot Reagan, he was living with his parents.

This put Neil Bush, the senior Hinckleys, Scott Hinckley, and would-be presidential assassin John W. Hinckley Jr. in close quarters over an extended period.

Neil might reasonably have been aware that John Jr. was having serious problems, and was in psychiatric care. And — given the Bush family’s politically-driven strategy of tracking and staying in touch with huge numbers of family friends and acquaintances, plus a fondness for sharing the doings of their network among themselves — the probability that Neil would have relayed to his parents John Jr.’s mental problems, and psychiatric treatments, is not remote.

In the fall of 1980, Hinckley was arrested at Nashville airport carrying three guns on the very day that then-president Jimmy Carter arrived in that city. (He is believed to have been stalking Carter, against whom the Reagan-Bush ticket was locked in combat) He was neither fingerprinted nor charged.

Notwithstanding the commonness of guns in Tennessee, once he was in custody, nobody seems to have discovered his troubled background and psychiatric problems or expressed any concern that a gun-toting non-local was arriving in the same city at the same time as the president.

(It’s interesting to note that just as Hinckley stalked candidates of both parties with widely differing political philosophies, authorities claimed that Lee Harvey Oswald took shots not only at President Kennedy, but also at General Edwin Walker, a Kennedy nemesis on the hard right.)

In late 1980 and early 1981, Hinckley was also stalking the actress Jodie Foster. He said that he had been hearing “voices” in his head — and became convinced that he and Foster had a special bond.

Interestingly, notes by Hinckley describing a conspiracy to assassinate a president were found in a search of his prison cell, according to Breaking Points, a memoir written by his parents. They said the notes referred only to “an imaginary conspiracy” and his lawyers dismissed them as far-fetched. They have never surfaced publicly.

The FBI declined to release 22 pages of documents that included the names of  associates and organizations linked to Hinckley, and details of his finances..

A jury bought the story that the Hinckley case was strictly one of a deranged individual obsessed with an actress and he was found guilty and packed off to the Washington-area St. Elizabeth’s mental hospital — an institution with a fascinating history of involvement with the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program, which focused on mind control experiments — and efforts to study the possibility of “programming” killers. Psychiatrists played a crucial role in recruiting subjects for these experiments. (Documents on Hinckley’s psychiatric records are among those kept secret.)

Congressional hearings in the 1970s revealed the existence of MK-ULTRA and these mind-control programs. Five years before the Reagan shooting, at the time of those hearings, the new CIA director was…. Poppy Bush.

John Hinckley Sr. (“Jack” Hinckley) was deeply involved with World Vision, a nonprofit humanitarian organization that receives heavy funding from USAID, the government organ that has historically been closely associated with the Central Intelligence Agency. He was close with the head of World Vision’s ministries, a former State Department official who worked, among other things, as an adviser in Vietnam.

Interestingly, another “lone nut” who changed the global landscape, Mark David Chapman, who shot and killed John Lennon, had been an employee of World Vision.


Vice President Bush seems never to have personally commented on his connections with the Hinckleys. In a typical non-response — which I noted in Family of Secrets is a Bush family tactic in dealing with sensitive information — a Bush aide, press secretary Peter Teeley, told a UPI reporter the day after the arrest: “I don’t know a damn thing about it. All I know is what you’re telling me.”

Of course, the issue was not what the British-born Teeley knew, it was what his boss knew. Asked whether Bush had mentioned knowing the Hinckleys, Teeley replied that the veep “made no mention of it whatsoever.” So there we have it: no actual comment from Poppy Bush himself.

Neil Bush, at a press conference the day after the shooting, did admit to one connection with the Hinckleys: he mentioned, in passing, that Scott Hinckley had also been at his house a couple of months earlier, at his surprise birthday party. Ostensibly he was there as the “date” of the same “close” female friend who was scheduled to dine with the Bushes the day after the shooting.

The apparent use of the woman friend of Sharon Bush to explain any connection between the families, despite an already existing direct connection between the families, warranted more attention.

This was again a typical pattern I had noted with the Bushes: stress another person, in this case, the female friend, as if she were the only connection between the Bushes and the Hinckleys, thereby diverting attention from the central fact: the Bushes and Hinckleys were themselves longtime friends. (Neil did claim he had never met the gunman or the gunman’s father — a claim that would be hard to disprove — and that would in any case hardly matter given the family-to-family connections.)

In any event, no evidence has ever surfaced that any of the Bushes were so much as questioned about their relationship to the Hinckleys by the FBI, Secret Service, or any other entity, and no investigation, informal or formal, appears to have taken place.

Meanwhile, the media’s focus was on the highly unpopular Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, whose statement that “I’m in charge here” in the minutes after Reagan’s shooting was turned into a meme that is remembered to this day, despite the fact that Haig had merely stated that he was in charge as the third in succession, “pending the return of the vice president and in close touch with him.”

Thus, the Haig story became a sensation, and successfully distracted just about everyone from the weird Bush-Hinckley connection.


Poppy would have become president if Reagan died, rather than waiting eight long years. He had engaged in a bitter primary campaign against Reagan, who then surprised many people by taking Bush as his running mate. (Richard Nixon, once asked by an aide why he took such an unappealing and unpopular figure as Spiro Agnew as his vice president, reportedly answered, “assassination insurance.” It’s interesting to note that George H.W. Bush similarly chose Dan Quayle, a figure widely considered a “lightweight” ill suited to the presidency, as his running mate.)

In any case, although Reagan survived, Bush for a time served as de facto president — and after Reagan’s resumption of “power,” Bush remained an astonishingly influential vice president, to many, the real power in the country in many respects ever after.


Around the time of the shooting of Kennedy in Dallas, the Hinckleys were operating out of Dallas, with offices in the Republic Bank Building, a tower which housed many entities and individuals connected by varying degrees to intelligence activity, including the offices of the mysterious Russian “baron” George de Mohrenschildt (an old friend of George H.W. Bush), who was perhaps the principal influence in the life of Lee Harvey Oswald in the year leading up to the shooting of Kennedy.

In 1978, not long before Poppy Bush’s presidential bid, his son George W. was making his first bid for elective office (with donations from the Hinckley clan). Neil Bush was W’s campaign manager, living in the city of Lubbock.

Another person living there at that time was… John Hinckley Jr. Asked about that by a newspaper reporter, W. commented that it was “conceivable” Neil would have met Hinckley during that period.

As for himself, W. said at the time, “It’s certainly conceivable that I met him or might have been introduced to him. I don’t recognize his face from the brief, kind of distorted thing they had on TV and the name doesn’t ring any bells. I know he wasn’t on our staff. I could check our volunteer rolls.”

Was there any follow-up? Did Bush ever seek to learn more about Hinckley or explain what ways they were or were not acquainted? Not that I can find.

And then there is this: The very day that Reagan was shot, the Reagan-Bush Department of Energy notified the Hinckley family at Vanderbilt oil that the government might be forced to penalize the family business to the tune of $2 million. (AP, April 1, 1981) Was Scott coming to dinner with Neil to try to sort it out? Whatever happened, after John Hinckley shot Reagan, the penalty never materialized.

Neil never did provide a more satisfying explanation of why the shooter’s brother was coming to his house for dinner than that he was filling in as a date for a friend of his wife’s. But who had suggested the dinner in the first place, and who had recommended Scott be one of the foursome? That remains murky.

As for the shooter, here’s what Neil said about whether he knew or had met him: “I have no idea,” he said. “I don’t recognize any pictures of him. I just wish I could see a better picture of him.”


In a memoir, Bush aide Chase Untermyer, who accompanied Bush to the unveiling, writes:

I washed up and went to bed for a nap before writing this entry. Around 1:30, I was awakened by a call from Art Wiese of the Houston Post. Art related the possibility that Neil Bush (the VP’s son) may be acquainted with the alleged assailant, John W. Hinckley Jr. Neil and Sharon do know Hinckley’s brother (in Denver) and were planning to have dinner with them tomorrow night. The Hinckleys are a prosperous family, and John Sr. may have been a Bush contributor. Art wanted to know if this connection was known by GB…

As Art pointed out, even a slight Bush connection in this shooting could set off the conspiracy freaks.”….

“What’s up?” GB asked, seeing us all there.

“Did you talk to Neil last night?” Pete asked as we entered the West Basement.

“No; is it about this guy?”



We all went into the VP’s office, where Pete related the story that Wiese had been working on and which was being played big in Houston and over the wires. GB appeared only mildly concerned, so little in fact that he didn’t think to call Barbara or ask any of us to do so.

This should have been one of the most investigated, most heavily reported stories for years after. Certainly, in contrast to the email scandal, Benghazi, Travelgate, and other complex and somewhat esoteric matters that became media rages, lasting on and on and dominating the public conversation, this peculiar Hinckley matter — which by any measure passes all the tests for something worthy of interest by law enforcement — just vanished.

Even when Neil Bush’s involvement in the massive Savings and Loan collapses that dominated headlines in the 1980s was widely reported, no mention was made of the fascinating Bush-Hinckley connection.

To sum up: John W. Hinckley’s brother attends a surprise birthday party at Neil Bush’s house in a period when John Hinckley was suffering serious mental problems. The government exerts financial pressure on the Hinckley family business. Hinckley shoots President Reagan, nearly making Neil Bush’s father the president. The financial pressure on the Hinckleys disappears, George H.W. Bush is in charge of the “investigation” of the shooting, the Hinckleys chalk it all up to their son’s demons, everyone focuses on Jodie Foster, and that’s the end of that.

Coincidence? Sure. Anything, after all, is possible.

Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from Neil Bush (Reagan Library) and John Hinckley (FBI / Wikimedia)


  • Russ Baker is Editor-in-Chief of WhoWhatWhy. He is an award-winning investigative journalist who specializes in exploring power dynamics behind major events.

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Paul Wilson

At the very least you should submit this for publication in Rolling Stone.


Good idea. And Rolling Stone can submit their articles for publication here!


Any chance John Hinckley Jr. could be interviewed now by an enterprising investigative journalist about some of these topics?

Naptown man

One of the conditions of his release is that he cannot give press interviews.


You can call me a Conspiracy Theorist if you call everyone else a Coincidence Theorist.


“Poppy” Bush is the Grand-Master of the US Deep-State.
Reagan messed up his plans to take over the presidency in 1980.

Jason Calley

Hey VoxFox! Most people assume that “Poppy” is a colloquialism for “Father”. Of course Bush (and the CIA) have been active in drug production, import and sales for decades, and “Poppy” more likely refers to the opium flower. In 2001, the Taliban had almost completely eradicated the opium production of Afghanistan, so what happens? Poppy Junior sends in the troops to support the Northern Alliance and the poppy growers of Afghanistan! Bumper crops ensue. Problem solved!


Nice one, Jason: a link I never thought of between the Family Business & the CIA’s sponsorship of the illegal (but highly profitable) opium trade.

danny j

Or the illegal, and THEREFORE highly profitable opium trade. ;-)


Good articles. Need to shorten, however.

Painter Wells

Good article. No problem with length. I highly recommend “Family of Secrets” to those folks who appreciate facts. Baker has done an amazing job.


Alternative suggestion: expand attention span!

james m Nunn

cracked me up. Thanks Russ for a morning laugh.


Glad to hear that response. Say what you need to say regardless of length.

Alex DeHaven

More coincidences. Major events happen near elections/inaugurations. Jfk – 11 months. Lennon – 50 days, Reagan + 70 days, ’93 wtc + 30 days, 9/11 + 8 months. Reagan and Lennon shot only 120 days apart.

Thomas Frick

Wow! That this was left out of “Family of Secrets” underlines how dense and rich that book is! Time to reread it… The Watergate material was especially interesting. I hope there’s another book somewhere out there. Thanks, and cheers!


I believe Russ mentioned recently that he is working on a JFK(assassination) book.
Good luck!

Ken Benner

America desperately needs the sequel to “Family of Secrets” at this critical time. Federal transparency today is at a record low. This nation is confused, frustrated and frightened, all
of which fosters our current level of national violence. K. J. Benner, Tucson, AZ

Burnis Tuck

Brilliant, Russ! This is investigative reporting at its best, connecting the dots rationally, asking the right questions. WWW is well-worth & more my $20 PayPal subscription….can’t wait for the new edition of Family of Secrets. The Bushes are truly an American family that just keeps giving and giving…;-)


Russ Baker hits one out of the park…..again! Thanks for bringing this piece of American history to light, because no one else will.

Brian Schmidt

Wonderful article and great writing, Russ.

Family of Secrets also doesn’t delve too deeply into Bush’s close professional and personal relationship with Ted Shackley, whom Bush promoted to chief of covert operations as DCI. Shackley, of course, was involved in missions against Cuba and was head of JM/WAVE (later director of the Pheonix Program in Vietnam). Shackley’s chief of staff at JM/WAVE was none other than David Sanchez Morales, assassinations expert and probably the #1 suspect on many researchers’ lists in the Kennedy assassination. Morales himself would confess to playing a role in the assassination of JFK later in life. So here we have George Bush’s best friend in the CIA’s chief of staff confessing his involvement in the JFK assassination.

Shay Wilkerson

For some reason when you mention David Sanchez Morales, I instantly thought of Rafiel “Chi-Chi” Quintero. Funny enough another assassin hired by Theodore Shackley during the bay of Pigs.


Russ, I like what you write, and how. Always you prompt too many thoughts-of-responding which I can not say in 5000 words or less. (-:

*longform tv fatigue: You list overplayed scandals – emails, Bogus-ahzi, Travelgate.

The Watergate hearings which filled uninterrupted hours of daytime tv, felt to me (for one) like the feeling of ‘surveillance’ tv for days. When Iran-Contra hearings filled days of tv, there came no climax, no soundbite moment; tv seemed impotent in the face of liars and bluster. Then came months of O.J. tv – talk about a dramatic letdown. And the power of ‘longform’ tv on a newstory for weeks, amid 57 cable channels instead of being everything on all three networks, never regained the conviction effects (after O.J.) it once held. Audience fatigue. You listed some of the ‘crises’ that didn’t sell.

*Poppy as POTUS five times:
Reagan was mentally vacant from Day 1. Poppy was president two terms from Day 1 filling that vacuum. For me, you should accuse stonger. No matter you can’t completely prove full-on direct allegations, neither can I but I accuse in imperative voice. Poppy planned Nine-Eleven Op, after losing in 1992. Cheney and Dubya were his cutouts.

Did you ever play Flight Simulator on IBM’s 1980 Personal (Charlie Chaplin’s) Computer — a video game showing flying from JFK airport into the Twin Towers … — or did that software only interest old WW II pilots?

*The status of MK-ULTRA mind control before 1975 Church Committee, is contemporaneously shown in Sirhan Sirhan’s notes and diagrams for his psychiatrist.
Today, human emotions and thoughts can be singly packed and delivered in a formulated pill. What thought would you like your target victim to think?


What do you mean by “Did you ever play Flight Simulator on IBM’s 1980 Personal (Charlie Chaplin’s) Computer — a video game showing flying from JFK airport into the Twin Towers…”???

I ran an educational software company starting in 1984 and we had tons of copies of FS running on the PC Jr and Tandy’s IBM clone at the time. I don’t remember any “airport approach hazard” things like WTC until Windows 95 versions more than a decade later. The 5150 (original PC or the XT hard drive of 1983) version of FS and contemporary machines with better graphics did not include WTC as far as I can remember, and the 5150 could not run Windows, even with souped up graphics cards like the Hercules.

Fondly remember Charlie Chaplin in early PC commercials and ads, but once the actual machine came out, Charlie ambled away, it seems.


What about the Trilateral Commission connections ? Bush Sr and Bill Clinton are both members, along with an ever-increasing number of members of Presidential administrations since Carter.

Richard Arlen

Yes I believe it was a scam – but why so close after inauguration ? Very good – keep it going ,but watch out….


They are threatening Trump with the same outcome…look at the backdrop of this Romney hate speech against Trump…coincidence? A shot across the bow…..Psyops at it’s best, courtesy of the Bush Cabal.


The Bushes and Clintons are all unfit for office. GWB destroyed the Republican Party when he went into Iraq without provocation.


The Bushes and the Hinckleys are not only friends, they’re also cousins. Also interestingly both George Bush and Obama are descended from Samuel Hinckley of Massachusetts in the 17th century.


too many coincidences to dismiss


In a 1980 Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” segment during the GOP National Convention, SNL reported that Reagan was negotiating with George HW Bush about how long Reagan would serve before dying in office and Bush assuming the presidency.

Sir Suo Negidni III

Comedy precedes truth.


Interesting, I’d never heard any of this before.

So the globalists took out JFK and attempted to take out Reagan.

Sir Suo Negidni III

AND was it the “Global Elitists” or merely the less socially advantaged “Global Geeks?”


They are not really globalists so much as seeking global dominion. They mask in and subvert the globalism idea of an awakening cooperatiion of global humanity – (and I mean human relationships not statistics) – to both hide in and poison. That’s the way it works.

Take the FORM of any emergence of truth and use it as a trojan to kill the truth-child.
This is the patterning of denial upon the Life-force. Without the growing of truth AS our Felt Consciousness – ‘we’ only ‘see’ forms and hardly register or articulate the deceits of false in-form-ation.

The agency via which hate operates is not it true cause. You can kill all the ‘bad guys’ and even more subtly hide the cause. Because killing the hated is the assertion of self-power upon the death or subjugation of the ‘other’ – and that ‘mind-set’ is operating the human bot-net of secret hate-worship. Secret because its mask (distortion filter) makes it seem the source of worthiness and power of protection against the hated.

Mind control is an extension of the idea of mind as the controller. Look at yourself and your life through the day and see if that is installed and running. And pause to ask if it is true. Mind is the focus within an idea of intention and desire. You are aware that phishing can steal identity? But of course if successful, the ruse defends against exposure AS IF defending you.

The fragmented dissociations of conflicted identity seems to call for all the king’s horses and all the king’s men – but there is no intention of putting wholeness together again. Nor is it possible wholeness can be broken – except under the assertion of a false identity in persona (masking).

I realize that in a political discussion this may seem un-belonging – but everything runs on the structure of thoughts that support it. Recognizing the true cause of a sickness does not mean NOT taking practical steps regarding any ongoing symptoms.

Lawrence Turner

I think that one thing you overlook Russ, is the fact that John was heavily dosed with a hypnotic trance-inducing benzodiazepine making it much easier to control his thought processes … suggestions become commands … as a matter of fact this is most likely the cause of his “mental instability” .


that is further confirmation of the MKULTRA angle noted in the piece


That would bring up another troubling point. Did Hinckley Sr (or someone in the Hinckley family) >knowingly< set up his own son to take the fall? Wouldn't it make more sense to use those MK Ultra techniques on someone else's kid to let them take the fall?

Russ – do you have any thoughts on this?


You are thinking like a human being – and so you miss the sense of being required to ‘prove loyalty’ in ways from which there is no way back – in order to ‘get’ what ‘power’ gives or to retain the ‘protection’ such power offers from otherwise disaster.
I’m not sure how much ‘sense’ can be found in such insane dissociations – for they operate the exclusion of sense (reason) under a false narrative to which most everyone in ‘power’ has a stake in and fear of losing or being targeted by.
The root of corruption is the exchange of what is truly your own, for something that then owns you – while feeding the illusion of self-specialness, power and privilege – or the non disclosure or non-completion of a execution of extreme penalty.
Beware power given to a wish or It will cuckold your true thought with false offspring. That what distortion of a coercive intent does in place of true willing.

Naptown man

Well, think about it- how much of a fall did Hinckley take? He got his worldwide fame, free room and board for life and then retired to his parents’ estate in Williamsburg. Never saw a day in jail and is now famous forever. My belief is this was engineered by the CIA, whose lawyers defended Hinckley.


Satan demands blood sacrifice from FAMILY many times in da past!


You mention Nixon’s reason for picking Agnew…”assassination insurance.”
Seems like Trump has done the opposite.

Great story on the Bush Hinckley connection.


I think you mean; “Seems like Reagan did the opposite.” I think that’s what you meant.

Mark Petry

True investigative journalism, a vanishingly rare commodity. Another donation sent to thanks Russ !


It’s about time mentioning – next step is going deeper than mainly citing the Houston Post, which was owned by the then Lt. Gov. of Texas (who else would have had the guts to publish such explosive connections within a day, not years later?).

Family of Secrets’ passing on the coup jugular was pretty lame. Worrying about MSM book reviews after filling half the book with JFK stuff, well, appears to follow in others’ ‘responsible’ choices.


The connection between Bush and Hinckley family must have penetrated from Houston to NYC — remember discussing it in my national reporting class at the time, and having students pull stuff on it off of Dow Jones News Retrieval. The assassination attempt happened mid-semester of the spring term. But that factoid sure didn’t stay around long. Nor did hearing material and eye-witness reports that indicated the Secret Service had backed up the Presidential limo, bringing the back door rather close to the security rope Hinckley was standing behind.


I have long speculated, in the little room where I keep my “conspiracy theories,” that the Reagan assassination attempt was to get Poppy into office early, and thereby almost assured of a win at reelection time. Another “lone assassin” was too much, plus the stupid story about Hinckley’s crush on Jodie Foster just didn’t wash with me. More likely brainwashing by the CIA – again.

Rich Morgan

They all went to Yale – Bushes, Hinkley, Foster. Bushes are S&B skull & bones, and by then they were starting to allow women in S&B because most of the older members had daughters instead of sons, Hinkley may have or is a member of S&B.Look up everything folks it all falls into place , too many coincidences..

Sir Suo Negidni III

A fascinating imposition of our need for ‘the real reason’ for significant events and our reliance on a pattern matching neural network that fails to properly handle ‘false positives’ thereby rocketing us off into improbable conspiracy theories that serve to only obfuscate the truth rather than elucidate it.
Nonetheless… If true, then this is certainly a remarkable compendium of co-inky-dinks … at the very least.


A fascinating example of contradictory statements within a short comment! As for “improbable conspiracy theories….” — that statement itself betrays a lack of historical knowledge, and a reliance on a deficient sort of “neural pattern matching” that assumes again and again that violent regime change only takes place just about everywhere else in the world but in one’s own country.


The world’s only superpower sure is vulnerable to lone wolves.


Just like how 19 (mostly Saudi) guys gave the slip, on 4 commercial aircraft, to the greatest air space surveillance complex in the world and hit the WT buildings and the Pentagon. ;)


A co-worker who knew a Secret Service agent told me that a bystander tackled Hinckley, so that he was taken alive. The agents were VERY unhappy and proceeded to severely beat the good citizen.

Nancy Ruth Owens

He was taken alive and murdered shortly thereafter. Been dead for over 3 decades now.

Nancy Ruth Owens

Hinckley’s been dead for decades.

Naptown man

The connections between the CIA and the Hinckleys are so obvious and so numerous, anybody with an Internet connection could find them in about an hour. It is is just mind blowing that nobody ever looked into this more.


Poppy was also allegedly the supervisor of JFK, RFK, MLK and John Lennon’s hits.


Don’t forget 9/11. The Bushes were used to murder on such a mass scale that one little hit was just a walk in the park.

Jacob Steelman

This is all about oil, the Bush family is deep in the oil industry.
One of the first things Reagan did after becoming President was to abolish oil price controls which were propping up the price of oil, then the price of oil and the price of gas at the pump began to drop almost immediately. The price of natural gas (used for home heating and to power electric utilities) began to drop dramatically as well, and both prices continued to fall until GHWB got America into the first Gulf War over the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq.

Reagan’s “kitchen cabinet” was filled with some of America’s largest automobile dealers who were suffering under the high price of gas.

Bevin Chu

I would not be least bit surprised if the Bush crime family ordered the hit on Ron, any more than I would be surprised if LBJ ordered the hit on JFK.
After all, what is the first rule of crime detection that every homicide detective knows by heart?
It’s “Qui bono?”
Who benefits?


There’s very little doubt in either case. I’m interested in just who the other parties were to the JFK hit, and the Bushes seem highly likely. I think the Reagan job was carried out fully by the Bushes and their cronies.
After what they got away with re the Nazis, I think the Bush clan felt itself invincible. And now we see that to be pretty much true.

Bevin Chu

“We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.”
– Leona Helmsley

She was right. Her only mistake was her definition of “little people”. She was one of the 1%. She didn’t realize that unless one is part of the 0.01% or even 0.001%, then she was still among the little people.

The Bushes, on the other hand, were not.


I don’t know that it was that she wasn’t elite enough economically, because I believe she was. More likely, it was just that she was talking out of school, which is the biggest no-no there is. She’s lucky it only got her jail time and not killed, IMHO.

Bevin Chu

Could be.

Rich Morgan

Well you can add on the Bushes’ side ” the Warren commission” to investigate JFK’s murder, and who benefitted from that ruling of the magic bullet? Gerald Ford, the only person to be vice President & President who wasn’t elected by the people – his reward for being a true soldier to the elite. But they didn’t count on Carter winning election, hence the oil embargo & Iranian student hostage thing.. All BS..We were taken over when JFK was assassinated.


Yep. 11-22-63, the day the Republic died.


The Bushes were personal friends to LBJ. In President George W. Bush’s book he mentions that LBJ visited his grandfather’s mansion one Christmas when he was a kid.


LBJ was a participant. But it was most likely an Agency hit authorised by the BANKSTERS for EO 11110!




That day “somebody” ordered the limo to be moved from under that ‘protective awning’ over the hotel a spot 30 yds down the driveway…near the crowd. ABC-TV Reporter Jessice Savich was on scene live, on the other side of the limo, and when the shooting started(12 bullets were found) she said..”there’s a man on that BALCONY w a RIFLE”..the feed immediately cut away from her and NEVER went back to her. I saw a pic of the scene..there was a balcony above the “wall”..but in the follow-on pix, and especially on the Time cover, they airbrushed out that balcony. Hmmmmm?????? I also heard an early report where someone said he was beside Hinkley and “grabbed the gun & pushed the arm down” after 2 shots and the rest went “into the ground” did they determine 12 bullets were fired?? IMHO that is hard to do from a .22 revolver w/o reloading.


Reagan was hit with a flichete from a C.I.A. air rifle…


And don’t forget the strong ties between the Bushes and the Saudis…9/11.

robert corbett

The Bushes knew members of the Bin Laden family and gave them safe passage back to Saudi Arabia when all other commercial flights we grounded for days despite the family members could have material witnesses and sources of 911 investigation information.


I’ve had a copy of Famly of Secrets gathering dust for a while now. Now it’s next up on my reading stack. Thanks for the nudge!

$parkle Puss

Bush forgot one vital piece of information: Reagan was indestructible. To quote the late great Bill Hicks:

“Jesus? Murdered. MLK? Murdered. Buddha? Murdered. Gandhi? Murdered. JFK? Murdered. Reagan? Wounded.”


“Buddha? Murdered.” Might want to re-check that one.

bonees f

This may end up sounding like I’m being a Bush apologist but just to explore the non-conspiratorial angle, Hinkley and Bush families are friendly, probably no fans of Reagan. The mentally ill son hears disparaging remarks and maybe sour grapes about Bush not winning the primary and he makes something delusional out of it. Families realize this privately but can’t make this public and also have this shame to live with. So they do what can be done to hush things up and get the world to move on. Bush’s political instinct is cover up even if there is no crime to cover up, its public perception they have to worry about too. Bush family feels empathy towards the Hinkleys so John Jr gets some preferential treatment plus they help make government financial issues go away because of what the family has had to endure. Just on a purely human level, that can all make sense. Probably sounds like I’m trying to hard to explain things away but if GB was behind the attempt, why would he or the CIA use someone who has any link to the Bushes? Can’t they find another mentally ill person to program?


Satanically driven. These people are truly evil. This article didn’t mention even the more absurd fact that Hinckley’s brother, personal friend of Neil Bush shot Reagan, Bush arch enemy – out of obsession for Jodie Foster? Is this not some kind of dark drama?

Jan Taljaard

It is clear that Hinckley did not want to kill Reagan only wound him from point blank range .
This brought Reagan closer to the Pope who was wounded in a similar way.


“…Hinckley was also stalking the actress Jodie Foster. He said that he had been hearing “voices” in his head — and became convinced that he and Foster had a special bond.”

When “terrorists”, patsies, etc., talk about “hearing voices” in their head you have to suspect the use of psychotronics, as exposed by Carol Rosin, who worked for Von Braun during the last years of his life in the 1970s. By then psychotronics was already advanced to a point where they could make anyone “hear” voices loud and clear as if they came from “God”, etc. Search Carol Rosin Von Braun on YouTube and download copies of her lectures as they tend to disappear a lot these days.