As-Seen-On-TVThe story of the Boston Marathon Bombing is rife with contradictions, canards, misconceptions and blatant untruths. Boston Wrong is part of WhoWhatWhy’s attempt to set the record straight. This is the first in an occasional series of articles debunking the faulty stories and “facts” which persist, despite evidence to the contrary.


Verbal intimations by government officials and a TV re-enactment have given some potential Boston Marathon bombing jurors the mistaken belief they have seen a video of suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev setting down a bomb-laden backpack in front of a restaurant.

There’s just one problem: that footage has never been made available to the public.

During jury selection on Jan. 26, Juror 186 said she believes Tsarnaev is guilty because of the “surveillance video from Lord & Taylor,” a department store across the street from the Forum restaurant. Early media reports suggested that the store’s dome surveillance camera captured Tsarnaev dropping his backpack at the spot of the second explosion.

What the public has seen, however, is a re-creation of the footage in a made-for-TV docudrama by National Geographic called “Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bombers.” While the movie provides a disclaimer that some of the video has been re-created for effect, the purposefully grainy footage of an actor playing Tsarnaev doesn’t specifically mention that it’s a recreation.

In fact, an Arizona production company filmed the re-enactment on a Phoenix street using extras and other actors.

A frame grab from National Geographic's docudrama on the Boston bombing.

A frame grab from National Geographic’s docudrama on the Boston bombing.

A close viewing of the video shows that the people, background and other environmental elements do not match up with the scene on Boylston Street on April 15, 2013.

The importance of video evidence in identifying Tsarnaev and his elder brother, Tamerlan, has been crucial to the official narrative since the third day after the bombing. That is when the FBI released footage of the brothers taken from surveillance cameras at Whiskey’s, a bar at the corner of Gloucester and Boylston Streets. That video, however, only shows them walking along Boylston and does not show either setting down a backpack:

The legend of the Lord & Taylor video originated publicly with Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. Either he or his staff told CNN and the Boston Globe that “he’d been told the Lord & Taylor video was critical to the breakthrough” in the investigation. The Globe reported:

“The camera from Lord & Taylor is the best source of video so far,” confirmed Dot Joyce, a spokeswoman for Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino on April 17, 2013. “All I know is that they are making progress.”

Even Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick touted the video evidence before admitting that he, himself, had not seen it.

Tsarnaev’s attorneys have filed three motions asking that the trial be moved outside of Boston because of pre-trial publicity, arguing that Tsarnaev can’t get a fair hearing in the city. More than 68 percent of the potential jurors already think he’s guilty.

That kind of lopsided number is no surprise when all the evidence some jurors need to convict is a made-for-TV docudrama.

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Good points, thank you. According to (Penske employed ex Head of Boston FBI ) Richard DesLauriers, the L&T surveillance video has to be viewed “100’s and 100’s of times” and admits they don’t actually see Tsarnaev put bag down. Also said the bomb bag was black and Tsarnaevs is half empty, small and white. National Geographic seems to have “come to the rescue” and straightened that all out, (snark) Hard to fathom this kids life is on the line while fabricated evidence, blatant contradictions and false information are all over the media and not one potential juror yet thinks he could possibly be innocent.

Mark In Boston

Do you have a citation that says the L&T footage yet to be shown does not actually show Dzhokhar dropping his backpack? My recollection is that the FBI claim is that it does actually show him dropping the bag and leaving the scene without it just prior to the explosion.

Woody Box

Thanks Lara for highlighting this aspect.

One vicious thing about the reenacted video is that it shows Dzhokhar dropping his bag *behind* other people – but the criminal complaint states clearly that he dropped it directly at the metal barriers, being visible from across the street. So the reenactment is highly misleading.

To me this looks like an attempt to muddy the waters regarding the epicenter of the bomb. It might be aimed at the survivors who’ve been at the Forum and know that the bomb exploded *behind* them, but don’t know the complaint.

Mark In Boston

There are so many problems with the “complaint.” I just revisited it and noticed that it specifically says at least two improved bombs were tossed at police during a car chase, after which the cars stopped. Problem is Watertown police who spotted the SUV are on record (including on national television) saying one, a car chase never happened and two, bombs weren’t thrown until after the cars stopped and they got out of the cars. We are asked to believe that the FBI never questioned the police on the scene before issuing their complaint? Un-friggin-believable. Just comparing the inconsistencies in the FBI’s complaint alone with what we now to be true could keep an investigative journalist busy for months. Praise be to WWW for taking this on.


These bags clearly contain no heavily weighted metal objects. They are not being pulled down. They are being worn lightly. There is no tension on the straps. Anybody who has used a rucksack to carry a heavy object knows exactly what I’m talking about.


Thanks again, Lara! Good to see some push-back against the campaign of propaganda and disinformation employed by the government in this case. How flimsy is the government’s “evidence” if they feel the need to resort to such tactics? Their determination to keep the trial in Boston where they have the greatest chance of a biased jury is indeed telling. A fair trial is the last thing the government wants.


It is NOT only this case. You are not old enough to remember.
Let’s begin with: FDR TURNING back the ST. Louis off of Miami Beach, or refusing to bomb the railroad tracks leading to the German & polish concentration camps; or advanced notice of BOMBING Pearl Harbor; or the Tuskegee airmen EXPERIMENTS: or the OSWALD -Ruby live on TV horror; or the James Earl Ray & Sirhan patsies.

The Gulf of Tonkin, the Nixon blackmail, 911. The already dead resident boogeyman, Osma Bin Ladin aka “Tim OSMAN” a CIA bagman & BUSH CRIME FAMILY chum;

Although the FBI now admits that the 2001 anthrax attacks were carried out by one or more U.S. government scientists, a senior FBI official says that the FBI was actually told to blame the Anthrax attacks on Al Qaeda by White House officials (remember what the anthrax letters looked like). Government officials also confirm that the white House tried to link the anthrax to Iraq as a justification for regime change in that country. It was VINCENT B. LISI , new Boston SAIC replacing DesLauriers, who was in charge of that…how coincidental.

the obama phony birth certificate & counterfeit selective service card; Sandy Hook; Aurora, Colorado.

Much more will happen, bigger & more daring to instil fear & ostensible patriotism. There always has to be hate in order to divide & maintain control.

Until a constitutional law includes mandated vetting of presidents’ eligibility & their appointees, rogue evil will be omnipresent.

It continues because the FBI DHS CIA IRS ATF DOJ & POTUS ARE UNACCOUNTABLE. in other words, lawlessness corrupts.
You will have many stories of storied AMERICAN history to share with your grandchildren…how we got from there to here.

Children live what they learn…


Duplicate in error.


Duplicate in error.


Although the FBI now admits that the 2001 anthrax attacks were carried out by one or more U.S.
government scientists, a senior FBI official says that they was actually told to blame it on al-qaeda by White House officials – that the white House tried to link the anthrax to Iraq as a justification for regime change in that country. It was VINCENT B. LISI, new Boston Special Agent who replaced DesLauriers after the Todashev execution, who was in charge of that…how coincidental.


Duplicated in error.


Duplicate in error.


VINCENT Lisi, new Boston agent in charge, replacing DesLauriers after the Todashev unauthorized execution has been involved since early 2001, at least. How coincidental.

Janet McDermott

What specifically is your point here regarding Vincent Lisi?


See my comment duplicated comments below.

Ronnie S

Good article, Lara. There is, possibly, an additional question here, and it may be ‘which ?’ Lord & Taylor footage is being referred to. We know what the officially-approved versions claims it to be, but there is another piece of Lord & Taylor footage that could require further attention.

It entered the narrative before the ‘definitive’ L&T footage, in a report that was subsequently proclaimed as false. It could ultimately be important to what really happened that Wednesday afternoon.

The originally-reported Lord & Taylor footage was said to be complemented and corroborated by a second source of video, from a local TV camera crew filming on the sidewalk of Boylston Street. This footage was reportedly shot about an hour before the explosions – that is to say, an hour before the Tsarnaevs ever arrived. Specifically, it concerned a suspect for the Forum bomb.

One camera crew filming on the sidewalk at that time was WFXT, and they went right past the Forum at that time, capturing close-ups, face-shots, etc. We don’t know if any other TV crew was at that place at that time, but having viewed the WFXT footage, it seems highly likely that it would – as claimed – have complemented the long-shots from the Lord & Taylor cameras.
However, this report was very swiftly buried, and was followed not long after by official denials of reports of an arrest/suspect in custody – despite the heavy security presence at the courthouse which greeted reporters.

So what, and who, is on the first piece of Lord & Taylor footage ? It cannot be Dzhokhar or Tamerlan Tsarnaev, but it reportedly shows somebody placing a package and leaving. If that is what it shows, then the 2nd (sidewalk) source not only excludes both Tsarnaevs, but does show a different suspect, who is quite possibly recognisable or identifiable.

So there seems to be 2 snips of Lord & Taylor footage, taken an hour apart. It is the earlier, corroborated snip that was buried, and from the ashes of its report appears to have emerged a snip of video that we are told depicts the ‘Eureka’ moment.

The notion ‘as seen on TV’ may have quite another meaning – if anybody asks .


A photo exists of one of the shredded black backpacks allegedly used in one of the bombings. There is a square piece of white fabric on this backpack that clearly does not match either of the Tsaernaev brothers’ backpacks (which aren’t black). However, it does seem to match the backpack of one of the Craft International private security contractors photographed wearing the backpack prior to the blasts – and subsequently photographed without a backpack while running away after the explosions. Craft International is never mentioned in mainstream media stories, even though their presence at the scene is blatantly obvious. Here’s a video with more info:

HP McLovincraft

sigh. another pathetic scam brought to us by the people in charge. American Jurisprudence is clearly an oxymoron.


…and gullible conspirator Menino has met his in line…take a number!


Michael Savage 855-400-7282. When a caller just phoned, explaining that Chris Kyle’s Kraft International contractors were a diversion at the finish line, he called him a conspiracy theorist because the Tsarnaev brothers were muslim, AMERICA haters & terrorists. Anyone who doesn’t believe that is gullible.

So much for his government corruption & malfeasance positions.

He has selective wisdom.

Call him & educate the masses along with him.

Janet McDermott

How many times does somebody have to point out that the guys at the finish line in khakis with black jackets and back packs were not Kraft Intl. but were Army National Guard CST teams.

Sniper Kitty

That’s correct, they were CST.

Janet McDermott

this recent documentary was misleading as the disclaimer was entirely easy to miss regarding the reenactment aspect and the lack of real video footage.

Berry Friesen

Lara, one assumes that Dzhokhar’s lawyers have requested and viewed all relevant video footage in the government’s possession, right? Please comment on that.

I understand your point that the way video footage has been discussed and reconstructed has contaminated the jury pool. What impact (if any) would this have in the evidentiary record?

Lara Turner

Yes. I should hope that his attorneys have seen the Forum video that is cited in the indictment. If they haven’t, that’s cause for a completely different article!

This article, however, does not address whether that video exists (and assumes there is some relevant footage). What these potential juror comments show is that some (or many) Bostonians have been subjected to so much misleading, unclear and muddled information that they have surmised they have seen the actual video when they have not. And, as a result, they have assigned guilt.

This article also does not address the impact to the evidentiary record, but to the jury pool, itself. In order to move forward toward a trial, an impartial jury must be selected and it is misleading information such as the mistaken belief that one has seen this footage that is hindering some of the jury selection (among several other things).

Please keep in mind that Who, What, Why is attempting to address a variety of inconsistencies – this is just one of them.


The L&T video was first reported as showing a dark skinned male planting a pack at the Forum. There was a big ruckus over this as if this were referring to an African American (which it wasn’t–just dark skinned as in non Arab Middle Eastern) and CBS (one of the main crafters of the official FBI government narrative with ex FBI PR man John Miller at the center of the stories and official lies including Collier’s killing) mocked I believe it was John King for reporting this and made sure it disappeared down the memory hole where the real L&T evidence has been kept hidden.
Remember DesLauriers described a video they “chose not to show” to finger the bros at the press conference with lies about what was on it which were repeated by FBI agent Genck in the Criminal Complaint a few days later–where he refused to site any particular frames but used two of the faked photos from the FBI website (see S. Green The Boston Bombings:What Happened for forensic photo analysis of those faked photos) as “proof” of Dzhokhar setting down his pack and calling on his cell phone. The faked “passing by” photo with the Martin boy at the fence has a black pack with a white swatch on the top–totally unlike Dzhokhar’s grey and white pack and the person’s face is heavily blurred and not Dzhokhar’s and has gold at the neck not his grey hoodie (a white hat double among many that can be picked out in and around the 2nd blast site). This white hat backwards and gold jacket wearing person can be seen in the smoke of the 2nd blast and drove a white unmarked truck up to the finish line and then is shown sitting on the ground in a park with his hands handcuffed behind his back with plainclothes officials around him. Green shows there are two of these photos of this fake Dzhokhar and the black pack in the foreground near the fence on the FBI website–and one has a background that is not the Forum–an unknown background–clearly where the original photo was taken and moved into a photo in front of the Forum. There’s no unfaked evidence Dzhokhar was ever in front of the Forum–though there are pics of him in front of Atlantic Fish–which evidence shows is the place he ran from the blast with the crowd–two women there who moved in front of Crate and Barrel just before the blast are seen running with him in David Green’s photo– the photo the Feds doctored to remove the evidence of Dzhokhar’s pack behind his left elbow as he ran. The other photo Genck used was the cell phone heavily blacked out photo with a column of Atlantic Fish behind it as Green points out. The Feds claim Dzhokhar set his pack down 4 minutes before getting on the phone but B Blake of The BB: WH? shows with forensic photo analysis that the strap of his pack has been covered over and is still there. They couldn’t use video “evidence” in the Criminal Complaint or after because there isn’t any! They had to use their faked photos–put out on their website on April 18, showing prior knowledge of who they were going to blame and proof of a set up.
That L&T video was hugely dangerous–the black bag remnant of Craft International is visible blown into the air at the moment of the blast–look for it–it’s there in the picture–and that remnant is what the FBI first photo’d in the street and has been suppressed. It’s a Craft pack with the little white square on it–the same pack worn by the dark skinned man with another man both with communication devices photo’d around the first blast site. This dark skinned man is later shown in photos running from the blast areas without his pack along with other Craft ops.
This is why the press briefing was called so quickly on the 18th and the bros fingered–the online sleuths were zeroing in on April 17th on the Craft ops and the black pack blasted into the street and this dark skinned man running without his pack. This had to be stopped –as DesLauriers said taking the investigation in “the wrong direction” and the investigation stopped with the fingering of the targeted bros–“the only credible suspects”. The investigation was effectively ended before it began.

Back to the L&T video–that’s why it’s so dangerous and hasn’t been produced.

daniel wilson

Well I’m glad whowhatwhy is delving into the specifics of the scene at hand. I’d like to point out a few things of interest in the short video of the Tsarnaevs. As has been pointed out first before me , it is of note that the man against the wall with the blue jeans and the woman with the balloons have at least half the time had their faces blurred out. It also has been pointed out that the man appears to perhaps utilize an ear piece. Also , the balloons are interesting because it seems they could be another form of signal in that there was balloons released immediately following the blast as can be seen in the David L Ryan wide photo looking down the street. It seems possible they even , with comical simplicity , wanted to associate the balloon lady with the Tsarnaevs and the explosion scene with balloons. just a few thoughts.

Mark In Boston

Thanks for the contribution, Lara. Your perception is so obvious it’s scary that no one in Boston media has picked up on it. I’d like to point out, however, that the way your article is structured implies that the 186 potential jurors mentioned in Jim Armstrong’s tweet are referring to the NatGeo footage, when in fact they may have only seen the footage taken by the camera at Whiskey’s pub, which in a way makes their conclusions even more troubling.

Lara Turner

Jim Armstrong was referring to Juror 186 (you’re correct – his Tweet seems as though he’s saying that 186 people have said they’ve seen something).

And, yes, these jurors could have either seen the Nat Geo footage, heard so much from law enforcement about the video they believe they’ve seen it and/or have only seen the Whiskey footage. We simply don’t know.

But what remains consistent is that no one outside of law enforcement and the attorneys involved in this case have seen the footage the FBI says shows Tsarnaev setting down the backpack.

Mark In Boston

Indeed, no one has seen the alleged footage. I’m gonna make a prediction. when the trial is over people are gonna want to see this footage. Since it’s alleged to be from a security camera high in the air and across the street, it’s low resolution and gonna be grainy. What you’ll see is a faint image of someone wearing a backwards white baseball cap. The hat will be the link between the video and the stills, not his jaw bone, color of his eyes, hair line, shape of his nose, etc. The camera is too low quality and too far away for any of that. IMO if the footage were to stand alone without any other still images of Dz at the scene, it wouldn’t be enough to prove anything. Ditto on the stills. Without corroborating video of him doing what they say he did, the stills don’t prove anything. Everyone is gonna go along with it. New conspiracy theories are gonna emerge. “Photoshopped” will be the claim and of course will be dismissed by most.

IMO there are only two pieces of evidence to prove Dz’s guilt. The video footage is one. A ballistics match of the bullets fired at Collier and those fired in Watertown is the other. Recalling the infamous bullet found in Parkland hospital 51 years ago, getting the “right” bullets entered into evidence doesn’t seem to be too big a deal, though the Silva incident suggests the prosecution needs everything it can get to prove the Watertown gun and the Collier murder weapon are one in the same. And the defense isn’t gonna challenge any of it.

I like to characterize the alleged footage as “Abraham Zapruder meets Forest Gump.” Gotta go, gotta pee! Too much Dr. Pepper.


Today, March 2, The NY Daily News claims the defense challenged the existence of the infamous smoking gun footage of Dzhokhar dropping the back pack in front of the Forum Restaurant.

Is this true? “That does not exist,” defense attorney David Bruck said at a pre-trial hearing in Boston Federal Court.

Was WWW there?


I called it pretty friggin close:

Here is what you can see in the video. At 2:46 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev comes down Boylston Street. You can barely tell that he is carrying a backpack: that was visible on the other, widely circulated video taken by a different camera. He stops shortly before he would have crossed the view of the camera, and stands facing the street. He fidgets, much the way he does in the courtroom now – though there is no telling if this is a nervous habit or simply the habit of someone who can’t stand still. At one point he looks down: he may be setting down the backpack, or he may be looking at his phone.

WakeUp America

I actually was at the bar the other day and heard two people, who later identified themselves as DHS agents, talking about the Boston Marathon bombings, and a conference they had just been to where the Boston PD chief, Ed Davis spoke.

I have followed this case very closely, and decoded to strike up a conversation with them, to quiz them on some of the major inconsistencies in the case.

When we started speaking about the lack of evidence pointing to Tsarnaev, one of the agents proceeded to tell me that she had seen the CCTV footage of Tsarnaev dropping the backpack, walking away, and the bomb going off.

She also told me she saw Martin Richard die in his fathers arms on the same video. When I asked her why this video hadnt been released, she told me very mater of factly it was because it was evidence.

When I continued to push her, and ask her whether she had worked on the case officially, and that was the reason she was privy to the evidence, she told me she was not, and that the video was shown at this conference by Ed Davis specifically for DHS officials and contractors.

I think the video was faked, but she absolutely believed she had seen a video showing Tsarnaev drop off the backpack. When I asked her what color the backpack was however, she did say it was black. When I showed her all the other pictures of him with a white backpack on that day, the video of the naked guy being arrested that aired on CNN, and Hahatango Flickr album, and the woman who was wearing a tourniquet already applied, walking from up the street to the bomb scene, you could tell she was genuinely flustered, and the wheels started turning in her head.

I have her card, and she asked me to send her all of the things I had shown her in an email, but I was a little drunk at the time, and when I sobered up, I realized that I probably shouldn’t contact her with my information. I cant imagine anything good would come from that.

WakeUp America

I also find it incredibly disturbing that the government is literally traveling the country like a circus or rodeo, and showing government workers and contractors evidence in a federal death penalty case where someones life is on the line, this doesnt seem like its normal portocal.


How many people still think that Iraq was involved in the 9/11 attacks? Government lies are extremely effective. That is why they are used. Once a narrative is placed in peoples’ minds, it’s nearly impossible to dislodge. BTW: There is no experience that better reveals the astonishingly high prevalence of bone-headed stupidity in your neighbors than observing voir dire in a court room.