Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

A federal judge has rejected the American Civil Liberties Union’s request to file written arguments in support of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who stands accused in the Boston Marathon bombing.

Such arguments are known as amicus briefs, or “friend of the court” briefs, and are filed by third parties who wish to offer legal arguments that may be relevant in a case.  Federal trial judges rarely accept such briefs, which are typically filed not at the trial but at the appellate level.  But the denial is unusual for the ACLU, which for 94 years has entered civil liberties arguments in countless court proceedings.

In a similar setback for the defense, Tsarnaev’s attorneys continue to parry with prosecutors whom they say have been beyond stingy in the pre-trial discovery process. In their latest motion, defense attorneys say “the government continues to withhold reports and testimony of the greatest utility and interest concerning those closest to Tsarnaev.”

The ACLU of Massachusetts (ACLUM) asked permission to file a friend of the court brief in U.S. District Court in Boston on November 5, but the request was rejected less than 24 hours later by Judge George O’Toole.

In his terse rejection order, O’Toole cited his own ruling two years ago when he was presiding over the terrorism trial of Tarek Mehanna, a pharmacy student from Sudbury, Massachusetts,who was convicted and sentenced to 17 ½ years in federal prison. O’Toole rejected an ACLU amicus brief in that case, as well.

Judge George O’Toole

Judge George O’Toole

In the Marathon bombing case, O’Toole wrote, “While there may be no positive rule forbidding it, in my judgment a trial court presiding over a criminal prosecution should not receive or consider volunteered submissions by non-parties except as specifically authorized by statute.”

The ACLU has a well-respected record of filing influential amicus briefs in some of the country’s most momentous constitutional cases, including Brown v. Board of Education in 1954; Mapp v. Ohio in 1961; Gideon v. Wainwright in 1963; New York Times Co. v. Sullivan in 1964; Miranda v. Arizona in 1966, and Furman v. Georgia in 1972.

The ACLU’s attempt to weigh in at this early stage of the Tsarnaev proceedings is a sign that it sees constitutional questions in the veil of secrecy under which the government is proceeding.

Judges Rejection Called Arrogant, Petty

“It is the utmost in judicial arrogance and pettiness for Judge O’Toole to reject even the filing of such a brief,” Harvey Silverglate, a Cambridge, Mass., attorney who specializes in civil liberties litigation, told WhoWhatWhy.

Harvey Silverglate

Harvey Silverglate

Silverglate said the judge should welcome input from solid advocacy organizations like the ACLU on complex cases. He said the organization traditionally seeks “to inject a note of fairness, impartiality, and support for constitutional values and procedures.”

“ACLUM has a very long history of seeking to make its voice heard in cases where there is considerable public sentiment against a defendant, and where, it may be assumed, there might be considerable prosecutorial and even judicial sentiment against the defendant,” Silverglate said. “Put more bluntly, Judge O’Toole is acting as if he were a tool of the U.S. Department of Justice, rather than a neutral judge. This is most unfortunate.”

Silvergate said O’Toole’s rejection of ACLU amicus briefs in both the Tsarnaev and Mehanna  terrorism cases “demonstrates perhaps that he does not have the requisite judicial temperament to handle highly controversial, difficult cases involving ‘national security’ issues.”

By Daumier

By Daumier

Sixth Amendment Rights vs. SAMs

In the Tsarnaev case, the broader issue the ACLU sought to address is a series of onerous Special Administrative Measures – SAMs in legal jargon – that have been placed on Dzhokhar and his defense team. The SAMs impede Tsarnaev’s Sixth Amendment rights to a fair trial, according to Matthew Segal, legal director of the ACLU of Massachusetts.

For example, the Bureau of Prisons is allowed to screen and clear all materials and documents the defense team would like to share or discuss with Tsarnaev. Defense attorneys are prohibited from releasing any information about the case except “for the sole purpose of preparing the inmate’s defense – and not for any other reason.”

Other SAM restrictions place Tsarnaev in solitary confinement, prohibit any contact with the media or other inmates, and severely limit his communications with parents and siblings. His rare phone calls and visits are monitored and recorded.

In his letter to Judge O’Toole seeking approval to file the brief, Segal wrote:

In this case, ACLUM’s amicus memorandum focuses specifically and exclusively on the provisions of the SAMs that relate to defense counsel. The attorney-client provisions of SAMs are no trifling matter. They threaten Tsarnaev’s Sixth Amendment rights because they require substantial expenditures of attorney time; they limit the information that Tsarnaev’s attorneys can pass on from Tsarnaev to other people; and they give the Bureau of Prisons apparent authority to decide which documents defense attorneys can show Tsarnaev himself. The government understands the impact of these restrictions and overstates their justifications. ACLUM’s memorandum seeks to clarify the legal analysis governing these provisions.

Why we need the Sixth Amendment.

Why we need the Sixth Amendment.

Rationale: Inciting Acts of Terrorism

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder imposed the restrictions in August after they were requested by Massachusetts federal prosecutor Carmen Ortiz.

The government maintains that the SAMs prevent Tsarnaev from inciting others to commit acts of terrorism.

As evidence, it submitted (1) a message Tsarnaev wrote prior to his arrest, (2) Tsarnaev’s alleged pre-arrest request to his friends to remove evidence from his room, (3) the fact that Tsarnaev destroyed a cell phone prior to his arrest, (4) Tsarnaev’s mother’s release of a recorded phone conversation with her son to the media, and (5) several articles that were written after Tsarnaev’s arrest without his input.


In ACLUM’s 15-page proposed brief that was rejected last week by Judge O’Toole, Segal wrote that language in the SAMs is unreasonably vague.

“This is particularly so,” Segal wrote, “because these SAMs do not explicitly allow discussions regarding mitigation, which are critical in a potential death penalty case.” In other words, discussions of mitigating circumstances, which may be relevant in deciding Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s fate if he is found guilty.

He added that the defense document screening by the Bureau of Prisons “presents the attorneys with the Hobbesian choice of either potentially revealing their litigation strategy to the government or withholding certain documents from their client.”

Spotty, Inconsistent Discovery

As WhoWhatWhy previously reported, Tsarnaev’s lawyers have also complained of being stymied by SAMs in their efforts to obtain exculpatory evidence from the government. They filed a Motion to Compel Discovery in October; it was also rejected.

On November 7, the defense team filed another motion pleading for information from the prosecution. William Fick and colleagues from the Federal Public Defender Office wrote:

To the extent the defense can discern any animating principle in the government’s production decisions, it would appear that the government’s self-described “generous” (but still spotty and inconsistent) approach to discovery applies only to witnesses at the periphery of Mr. Tsarnaev’s life and the allegations against him, while the government continues to withhold reports and testimony of the greatest utility and interest concerning those closest to Mr. Tsarnaev, including his parents, siblings, sister-in-law, and other family members.

Specifically, Fick and his colleagues are seeking any information the prosecution might have about the 2011 triple homicide in Waltham, Massachusetts, in which Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Dzhokhar’s dead older brother, has been implicated. They also want to know whether the younger Tsarnaev asked for a lawyer while he was being interrogated in the hospital after he was apprehended and whether members of Tsarnaev family have been subjected to surveillance.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys parried over pre-trial discovery and SAMs at a hearing Tuesday in Boston before Judge O’Toole, according to a report in the Boston Globe. Defense attorney Timothy Watkins revealed that prosecutors have turned over about 100,000 pages of documents so far, though few related to the issues outlined above. Meanwhile, prosecutors said in court that they hoped the trial would begin a year from now. Judge O’Toole took their arguments under advisement and made no immediate ruling.

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LB in TN

It’s as if the government WANTS people to come up with looney conspiracy theories as a result of lack of information. The guy many have done it – he may not have. But, fundamentally, he still MUST be given his Constitutional Rights


Your first sentence struck me. Yes I think you are correct. On youtube someone said that there is so much “conspiracy” stuff there that drowns the critical work people are doing to offset the official narrative. Almost as if that is their purpose, to drown us in alternative and crazy stuff that opposes the official narrative just to throw us off track. Makes sense. Good strategy of the govt. I haven’t been giving them enough credit, I think, for putting these people online to have them saying those things in social media where think change happens.


The Honorable Judge George A. O’Toole needs to order his recusal from this criminal case. Americans are more than aware that the war on terror is not meant to end because it is a cash cow.

The circumstances of the Boston Marathon Bombing and accusations that this young Defendant was involved in the crime just do not add up.

Although the prosecution claims it has strong evidence against the defendant, the FACT that the actual crowd in front of the Forum at the time of the blast had no less than ten undercover FBI agents speaks volumes.

The pictures and video released to the public by the FBI that identified the suspects where the public was instructed by the FBI to pay attention to only these suspects and focus on no other persons were manufactured and not real pictures. The Forum Crowd that the FBI wanted the public to believe was present at the time of the blast was an in whole fabrication where they inserted images of people that would later claim victim status and merged actual legitimate crowd pictures to build the crowd in the fabricated picture. The young Defendant’s head was photoshopped into this fabricated picture yet the FBI claims they did not know who these suspects were until they had finger prints of the older brother after he was dead.

Prejudice is a covert weapon and the media went nuts with promoting the government’s agenda and gave a booster shot to the prejudice against Muslims that already exist and incited prejudice where it did not previously exist. The lies and deception that followed this event were openly apparent and appeared sloppy with intent; it’s as though the government was running a sheep barometer to see how many in this country would buy this farce. Interestingly the government then tried to take us into Syria based on more lies.

The military industrial complex and money in corrupt pockets seem to be at the root of this deception. Raytheon is the mother of the industrial military complex and has a home base in Massachusetts.

Recipients of Raytheon money among Federal Candidates, in 2002 totaled: $643,311. In 2012 the total was $2,227,950.

The case in the US District Court of Massachusetts is corrupt and has been since it was initiated with no random draw for a Magistrate Judge. Many orders never make it to the all recent orders docket which is essentially the master docket where all orders of the day by all sitting judges appear in chronological order; the protective order written by the Magistrate that allows for destruction or at best permanent sealing of discovery is not a true order of the court and does not even appear on the written opinions report.

The docket without warrant or explanation is mostly secret. Motions undersigned by Judy Clarke get filed directly into the ECF system and then removed. I downloaded a motion by Clarke before it disappeared and the properties of the PDF indicate this document came from the Federal Public Defender Office for Massachusetts. Clarke lives in California and the filing by court rules because of ex parte and request to seal qualifiers should have been filed in paper; it remains sealed in spite of the fact that the filing asked for public funds.

The Honorable Judge O’Toole is married to a big wig at Raytheon.'Toole,_Jr. Whether she is currently in this position or not I do not know, but this just does not have an appearance of integrity when the peculiarities (corruption) of the situation are looked at in total.

As a citizen of the United States, every day my disgust with this corrupt government grows deeper. It is more than apparent that the government terrorized its own population and even with knowledge that a large portion of the world is aware of what went on the government continues to push the lies and rip us off. Any trust in the courts that existed has vanished!

WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO! Three Branches of the federal government are in collusion to screw the American people!


I am so pleased to see that you got here. I guess I just had to wait until you did. Great comment BTW.


I hope you realize that you were responsible for this continuing. Now it is a burning fire. Congrats.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

To: Anti-US Gubermint Konjecture Konspiracists/Kultists
CC: public_servant_watch, Abbey S. Books

From: Yours Truly

Re: The subtext of your posts

Just because not a single one, nor any of their combinations & hybrids, of anti-US Gubermint Konjecture Konspiracies can be demonstrated, never mind proven to work in~ Practice , what makes y’all “t’ink & “be-lie-ve” they do in Theory?
Screed on!


Nope, couldnt happen here.
25 Worst Cases Of People Being Wrongly Accused


American Justice Rubin Hurricane Carter Part 1 of 3


Just couldnt happen here in the usa could it Joe – jes cudnt cud it

Did U.S. Gov’t Lie About TWA Flight 800? Ex-Investigators Seek Probe as New Evidence Emerges. 1 of 2


Gulf of Tonkin: McNamara admits It didn’t happen.


After seeing The Boondock Saints were the Boston Police acting it out in reality when they murdered Tamerlan Tsarnaev and wounded Dzhokhar so terribly. The theme is the same. And the wonderful Willem Dafoe said, “I’ll let the Boston Police think for me when there’s a tag clipped to my toe.” Seems they have had this reputation for a long long time.


Thank you for this article. However, I ‘ll like to point out that at this stage, the “boat note” is only alledged.The story of the boat note and its content has changed a few times (pen, marker ,blood & Tamerlan is paradise) so one has to be carefull taking it at face value. Its authenticity can only be proved at trial.
I am disgusted with the way this case is butchered. In my opinion, Ortiz want to send a kid to death row without giving him a fair trial, so that she can win and build her career on his blood. She obviously is not concerned about justice and is using her powers to secure a win, at the expense of justice.The relation between the governement and the main stream media is indecent with the latter turning one of the biggest failure of the governement into a victory…
We need to think about martial laws in Watertown for a kid on the run and look on how a teenager suspect was hunted & shot like an animal.
If we think that this is okay because he is a muslim, then we are no better than the nazis, because they too thought that certain people did not deserve the right to live, based on their religion.
They too listen to the media and concluded that some people were so guilty that they too didn’t deseve the right to trial or justice, they simply deserved the right to be locked up, deprived of their life OR to die.
If this kid is SO guilty, then give him a FAIR trial. Let the defense have access to the press, the same way the prosecution has, let the defense have access to all the documents they need to build a case AND give him an impartial judge and jury.


This is mental torture pure and simple. Our govt is totalitarian whenever push comes to shove. For that’s when you personally find out.


Thank you for this article. However, I’ll like to point out that at this stage, the “boat note” is an ALLEDGED
note. The story of the boat note and its content has changed a few times (pen, marker ,blood & Tamerlan is paradise…) so one has to be careful taking it at face value. Its authenticity can only be proved at trial.

I am disgusted with the way this case is butchered. In my opinion, 0rtiz is more concerned about her career than about justice and is ready to jeopardize one for the other.
The relation between the government and the main stream
media is indecent with the latter turning one of the biggest failure of the governmentinto a victory…

We need to think about martial laws in Watertown for a kid on the run and look on how a teenager suspect was hunted & shot like an animal.

If we think that this is okay because he is a Muslim, then we are no better than the na zis, because they too thought that certain people did not deserve the right to live, based on their religion.

They too listen to the media and concluded that some people were so guilty that they too didn’t deserve the right to trial or justice, they simply deserved the right to be locked up, deprived of their life OR to die.

If this kid is SO guilty, then give him a FAIR trial. Let the defence have access to the press, the same way the prosecution has, let the defence have access to all the documents they need to build a case AND give him an impartial
judge and jury.


They wanted both of them dead.


It seems to me everything in this case is alleged. I haven’t seen or heard even one piece of credible evidence. This appears to have been a setup that was planned well in advance. And the way the case is being handled by judge “Tool” is despicable but expected since this also is part of the plan to keep the people from learning who was really responsible for the explosions and why. When this is said and done I want to see every person imprisoned who had any role in the wrongful murder of Tamerlan, for the railroading, mistreatment, and miscarriage of justice in Dzhokhar’s case, and for the harassment and murder of Ibragim Todashev, as well as all of the other illegal and immoral forms of harassment involved in each and every so-called “terrorism” case that was planned and managed by any aspect of any government and blamed on “patsies”. I don’t believe there has been a legitimate “terrorism” case in this country since…I don’t know when. And I’m fed up with all of the complicit conspiracists who hide behind the illegal, unconstitutional “laws” and procedures that have been illegitimately put in place by other “tools.”

The true facts of this case must come to light one way or another.

Truth Serum

Unfortunately, like with the murder of JFK and many other tragedies , we will never get the full, correct story. It saddens and angers me that we live in a day and age that our government can not be trusted. This is NOT the government I was raised to believe in, they give off the persona of a free, fair country and has done so with the help of MSM. It is quite clear that the media is censored and biased per instructions from above. I liked the world a whole lot better when I still had my rose colored glasses on.


Unfortunately, we can’t make any positive progress not knowing about the problems. Now that you know there are problems you can become part of the solution. I know it’s not pleasant, but it’s a great step to take off the glasses and see what’s really going on.


Thuth be told, education and specially public education is completely forced by government to raise you and your children to believe that they are the heroic guardians of a free and just country and then they make you wear the “rose colored glasses” and forbid you to ever take those out.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

To: udoentmatr

From: Me

Re: Your kweer obsession with “Joe”

WWW asks its readers to read the article. I did because I respect the work-word product of all writers. My post is premised on: Boston Bombing Iron Curtain. You do a disservice to the authors and to the good will extended readers/posters by ignoring the article, hence missed the context and perspective of my post.

There are scores of antiUSGubermint internet versions of the 15 April 2013 events advanced by Konspiracists. Not a one will find its way into a Courtroom. Not a one can be laid out as an affirmative defense. In six months, the anti-US Guberment internet sensations haven’t coalesced around a single one yet some claim to have solved the case in 6 minutes, 6 days or 6 weeks. ” I’m 150% sure the Gubermint did it ” is not an affirmative defense. Neither is “if it would please the Court, our defense is Viet Nam or George Washington and the then Congress not so secret secret to open mail from potential Loyalists to the Crown. Or the JFK assassination or any other wet dream of yours or of your ilk.

Both Brothers confessesed/admitted and/ or boasted, directly or indirectly. Tis only one of scores of self-inflicted hurdles the Defendant and his Defense team must overcome. The Brothers credited self with the crimes. There is no way you or anyone else is going to put “the Gubermint did it” into the Defendant’s mouth after boasting, emailing and hand writing admissions of self. To do so would be for the Defense Team to try to square a circle.

His Defense Team is led by an expert ( JC), not in “death” but in “dealing”. Her track record is one of persuading her guilty clients to spill their guts rather than to spill human waste on a steel plate. All the pre-trial posturing in this case is standard fare-including SAM. The Defense may emerge victorious in loosening SAM but I assure you they do not want his crazed Momma nor his 2 miscreant sisters anywhere near the Defendant. That is the fact of the matter. Facts matter in Law and in Reason. In the LooniSphere, faxts not facts, are the Rule.

Law 101 reigns supreme. If one doesn’t have the Facts ( on ones side) – argue the Law. If one doesn’t have the Law ( on ones side) argue the facts. If one doesn’t have either—Punt aka cop a Plea. Until the AG weighs in on the “Penalty”, the Defense will soldier on as is their sworn duty.

As a point of [ personal ] privilege, it would be gratifying if the Defense won most pre-trial motions especially change of venue-hence Judge, then left nothing on the table in Court, including anti-US Gubermint Konjectures &Konspiracies- to play out on pay per view TV.

Then Big Talkers, such as yourself, can scream at the TV to your heads explode as the facts and evidence mount nearly as high as the altitude on my Mountain ( which is both literal and metaphor).

Konspiracist Harding poisoned Momma Tsarenev who in turn poisoned her entire family. Father went Poof. Daughters sought refuge in shelters. Big Brother went dark and violent. Little Brother is now in the human zoo FDM – albeit Camp Cupcake compared to what and where his destiny awaits.

The Journey and the Outcome is plain. You have a better chance at spilling cut dried spaghetti straight from the box onto your KommanderKolonelKeyboard , tieing them into bows and ribbons, then you do of persuading rational people of the Booogieman ( Gubermint did whatever). Your tiny pin pricks do not draw blood from me because you are at the base of my Mountain. Here is how another rational person described your low-brow posts made from your rabbit hole to my Lodge high upon a Mountain.

“It is absurd to hold that a man should be ashamed of an inability to defend himself with his limbs, but not ashamed of an inability to defend himself with speech and reason; for the use of rational speech is more distinctive of a human being than the use of his limbs.” ~Aristotle~


Hey scrotumboy JOE: couldnt happen here could it?
Write a book, but cant answer a simple question – hey and you keep gobssessing about your wet dreams – son – you should be careful – the longer you get talking the more we see of you…..


oh yea – its called “by way of analogy.” Literary technique you should familiarize yosef with.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

To : udoentmatr
From: Me
1. Your obsession with my scrotum is downright kweer. BTW You claimed I was making a play for One Eyed-Abbey s Books. Odd she did not tell you she is following me on Disqus! Following is admission of submission.
2. Analogy? Literary techniques are just that-literary. You were citing event exceptions which only serve to prove the Rule. It would take as many exceptions ( not analogies) to simply balance the Exception with the Rule.
3. In summary- you could spend 100 lifetimes searching for that number ( it does not exist) and 200 more searching to find your way up to my Mountain. Read: You cannot insult me. Am indigenous. I know-well all the flavors of YT spit since 1492. And know them in 3 tongues not including my own.
4. It is “I” on paper that should fit the profile of anti-US Gubermint which is far different than Konjecture or Konspiracy. Indigenous take the long view, framed properly with context and perspective. Indigenous know-well what was and what is in regards to the US Government. Government is individuals, individuals are human. The human condition includes misjudgment, errors, flawed thinking…this adds up to the exceptions. Boston is not one. It is unexceptional.
5.If I was selfish I would encourage you loons to duke it out with the Gubermint. Indigenous don’t roll that way. Your ancestors were killers, mine were People of Peace. Indigenous know-well what happens to all innocents when you loons go Barbarian. Barbarians kill more than People, they kill all living things.
6. Indigenous are Turtle Island and America’s Stewards. Your ilk are the killers and the polluters, the rapists of Nature and thieves of what is not yours- that is what belongs to future generations. It is why I live on a Mountain, self-sufficient and secure and you crawl along on your snake belly.
BTW I am not your son. Am proud of my Heritage. I know 18 generations of Father-Sons and udoentmatr is not a one. “Names” matter to the Indigenous . Calling people names matter to yts ( regardless of skin tone).


The ACLU wanted to intervene to complain that Joker was locked in a manner that violated his rights. Where were they in the Whitey Bulger case when he was held under the same circumstances? Sometimes the ACLU is interested more in a politically correct prisoner than the every day bloke.


Hey scrotumJoe – ya see son unless you were there you know as much as anyone here. The author of this piece is pointing out – since you obviously have missed his point – that this is going way beyond guilt or innocense. This is cutting to the Constitutionality of the governments actions here – SON – now really unless you know something none of knows – how can you think withholding evidence from the defense makes this a fair fight? What is in that fat old file that Ortiz sleeps with everynight like it was her boyfriend. What possibly could be in that file that could jeopardize the entire prosecutions case? Hmmm? That fact he is being denied his constitutional rights to a fair trial is not a conspiracy – son. It is a fact. And only pigs and Nazi’s like that – so which are you – son?

Shadowcloud ba'cho

lowbrow of the udoentmatr clan

You are an as ineffective as a reader as you are a poster. You t’ink & bee-leeve your “son scrotum Nazi pigs” is effective posting. Au contraire. Your emotions cause you unforced error after error on top of boasting of being lowbrow.

I read the article. I have no interest in what the authors “think” , only that which they know. Investigative journalism is about knowing, it isn’t about editorializing on issues sans expertize. Where are the JDs behind their names or the Law Schools they attended?

There isn’t anything precedent setting in this case. America’s justice is an adversarial system. You ,your ilk and the authors should be concerned if and when the Government and the Defense play patty-cake rather than to engage in pre-trial jousting. I know I would be!

What should concern you, your ilk and the authors the most is the Defense is not seeking a Speedy Trial. Tis the number one Tell of what side is holding Truth. Truth is far above mere legal standards of not guilty or guilty. As is your MO, your ilk and WWW , all missed thee most obvious. Why I am not surprised?

Innocent Defendants and their Defense teams demand a Speedy Trial. They do not need full discovery from the Government because they have the ultimate Justice system trump card~Truth. I might add, they want it played ASAP in order for the Defendant to be cleared of all charges and released from incarceration. Logic and Law 101. Innocent defendants and their Defense team want the Government to play their thin hand to secure a dismissal without putting on their own case in chief.

There are many Tells of guilt- even in a system where the onus probandi rests 100% with the Government. The actions of a guilty man/woman differ greatly from that of the innocent man or woman. Including how they choose to legally defend themselves. At this point in time this Defendant and his Defense team is simply seeking to avoid Death. Bon Chance with that!


but of course it couldnt happen here again – joe?


we are so full of comrades like you who jackboot for the state APPARATCHIK.

glad to know you have no clue – thanks scrotumboy joe – for a another one of those mind bending chickenmush answers you are so good at making – and proving once again that empty headedness isnt learnt its bornt…..LOLOLOLOL


ya know, if you keep taking yourself so seriously – you are going to fart so loudly in public that your boyfriends are going to leave you.


sorry to hurt your feelings scrotumboy Joe.

EDIT: sniff, sniff

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Q. “sorry to hurt your feelings scrotumboy Joe. EDIT: sniff, sniff ” e.
Don’t flatter yourself. You hurt only self and your ancestors. Your “sniff sniff” is apropos for it reflects you sniffing my red-arse adding to your kweer obsession with my scrotum.
Be Well


Sounds like this Obama tool is delivering the governments case up on a silver platter.

An outcome engineered, the law shredded, a verdict directed.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Q. ” Sounds like this Obama tool is delivering the governments case up on a silver platter. An outcome engineered, the law shredded, a verdict directed ” e.
Sounds? Sounds are mere noise. Predicated on your absurd statement, the sounds are the voices in your head.
Soundness is associated with validity. There is no soundness in your sounds.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

To: Offshoreguy

Re: Voices ( in your head)

You wrote: Q. ” Sounds like this Obama tool is delivering the governments case up on a silver platter. An outcome engineered, the law shredded, a verdict directed ” e.

Voices in ones head is metaphor for the power of suggestion made by others. The power of suggestion in print is is better known as advancing a false narrative. In turn a false narrative leads to the human condition known as Self-Fulfilling Prophecy ; E.g. Q. “An outcome engineered, the law shredded, a verdict directed ” e.
The fact is thus; the case has yet to sniff the trial phase yet you declared this matter to be a fait accompli, without reason or Reason.
~ [A] False Narrative, Wishful Thinking and Self-Fulfilling Prophecy an argument do not make~


You don’t understand how the federal judicial system works. (Having been through the federal system myself, I do have personal experience and knowledge). Judges and prosecutors work in concert with each other to ensure the desired outcome. I call it outcome based judging….much like outcome based education.

While trials are performed under the solemn rubric of “innocent until proven guilty” in reality the federal judicial system has no interest in justice, following the law, ensuring the rights and liberties of defendants. Rather they make a mockery of it. Prosecutors and judges will withhold and suppress evidence, overtly intimidate witnesses (perhaps even manufacture “evidence”) all in an effort to ensure their desired outcome.

And so I reiterate and standby my statement: “An outcome engineered, the law shredded, a verdict directed.”

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Q. “You don’t understand how the federal judicial system works.” e.
My friend, you are assuming facts not in evidence.
1. Am indigenous. Know~well the yt man’s systems and institutions-including yt Law. Know~well is far beyond “understanding”.
2. The over-simplification of onus probandi to mere “innocent ’til proven guilty” does a disservice to the actual standard.
3. It is absurd to broadly paint this baby nation’s Justice System as one having “no interest in justice”. Just as it is absurd to premise an argument in the small number ( a fallacy) that exceptions disprove the rule.
4. You can continue to stand-by your statement yet I remind you, your statement was a fallacy. All fallacies fall to Reason. As did yours.


When the case is finished, we’ll be able to look back, analyze, look at it from its myriad of perspectives and see if I was wrong or you were wrong.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Q. ” …finished…” e.

I shall meet your “finished” with “If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development” ~Aristotle~

Am grateful you wrote what you did and how you did.

I don’t look back- I look forward. I do so by beginning at the beginning , then proceed forward from the starting line. Some call this “vision” or “foresight”. Tis compliance with the natural laws.
Tis ironic the second Boston Massacre involves a race, a Marathon no less!

Looking back is against the natural laws. Looking back is Monday Morning Quarterbacking – a pejorative. Hindsight “should be” 20/20. Hindsight rarely is because unless one sees~well to begin with, hindsight will not reveal value. Instead “hindsight” will reflect back the individual or sytems or institution’s lack of vision.

I’ve written this once- will try to be plain as possible.

What rational person records a TV show on their DVR, then plays it backwards, rather than to first rewind it to the beginning, then view forward?

That is the allegory of this case from the LooniSphere. They rewind backwards, pausing here and there, then repeating the exercise over and over.

They then emerge with a distorted version replete with ” did you see that, what about that?” How do you explain that?” All the while dismissing all which contradicts or explains ” this and that”.

Having chosen not to begin at the beginning leaves “them” no choice but to fill in with conjecture that which they failed to understand as the TV show, Football game or in this matter, the Bombing Event unfolded in real-time.


You and I may have two different philosophies of history. I do look back to learn from history and seek to apply those lessons to the present and future.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Q. ” You and I may have two different philosophies of history.”.

You claim to look back at events. I suggest you look back at this event from beginning to end prior to leaping to a nexus you cannot establish. Indeed the imaginary “nexus” remains solely in your head for you did not complete it in writing. I have. Boston Massacre II.

Comparing ( as was your inference) YOUR limited experience in the Federal Courts to the 15 April 2013 Patriot’s Day Boston Marathon Bombing and subsequent events is not a nexus- it is textbook False Equivalency along with the Fallacy of the small number via Conflation (of self) to a higher order. You are preaching Intellectual Negligence as the same-same as Intellectual.

I do not come here to “win” “beat up” “make a mockery” “best” ” to be right” ” to say I told you so”. Those are what lesser men pursue- dick measuring -is the pop culture term.

Up arrow/down arrow votes on posts? Arrows mean something entirely different to the indigenous. Arrows are semiotic for Penetration. Yts dick measure- Indigenous penetrate. The meaning “extends” sexually as well. While yt males dick measure , indigenous penetrate. Note: this is a profound difference with a distinction between yt and white.

I do not “fear” yts- to include the Kolonel Keyboard Kooks of Konjecture Konspriacies. It is they burdened with fear. Hence the propensity of the dog whistle Konjecture Konspiracy of the “USGubermint did it ( again)”! Indigenous prefer names to expressions. To me, the term Dog Whistle translates to ” The bitch named Fear is in heat again”.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Q. “When the case is finished, we’ll be able to look back, analyze, look at it from its myriad of perspectives and see if I was wrong or you were wrong.

1. Your closing statement [above] contradicts your opening statement in which YOU declared the case was [already] over.
This results from beginning the case where YOU saw fit, rather than at its actual beginning. By starting where you did, you have no choice but to get ahead of the case’s actual time-lines. Now you wait with anxious to perform a post-mortem, far before the last breath of the living thing ( the case) has been taken.

What rational person “t’inks” then proceeds in that fashion?

Even WWW raised red flags to “self” by a closer examination of the Watertown “shootout”. Had WWW used their own article, they would have hit the “pause” button ( for thought and as a DVR metaphor) and went back to the beginning. It was another example of never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity.
Same~Same with you My Friend. Instead of revisiting and reflecting, you have the long knife out ready for a post-mortem. Why wait, your blade is out? Perform the post-mortem to be consistent with your flawed approach of the Q. “An outcome engineered, the law shredded, a verdict directed.” e. Tell me the outcome, tell me what law(s) was shredded and which verdict was directed. In short, walk your talk Sage and Seer!


No I was not contradicting my statement. I was attempting to be conciliatory. You are so confident that I am wrong and so sure you’re right. So, we’ll observe the process and see if the trial is a sham (as I confident it will be) or if there is a diligent effort to find the truth and let the defense have access to the information that it says it needs.

The needed outcome in this case is a guilty verdict. The judge and prosecutor will make every effort to ensure that outcome. And in that process there will be plenty of laws shredded, ignored, and forgotten. The jury will be kept in the dark and deliver the perfunctory rubber stamp the DOJ seeks.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Q. ” You are so confident that I am wrong and so sure you’re right. “. e.
Once again your mischaracterization ( much like you guessing wrongly about my “understanding of the Federal Courts) , of my words miss the mark..
The 2nd Boston Massacre is not about me being right or wrong. It is about the Boston Massacre. It is about a crime against humanity- the use of 2-WMDs on hallowed ground. It is about investigations as opposed to conjecture. Reason v. Absurd, Rational v. Irrational. It is another in a long test and long series of challenges to the American Justice System.
You can’t make this about you or I. I don’t care what you “think”, I care only about that which you know. In this matter, you claim to know that which you couldn’t possibly know- then write it as if it were so- as a bumperstinker no less!


“Hallowed ground”?


Shadowcloud ba'cho

Hallowed as in where the American Revolution was birthed~Boston~.
Massachusetts recognizes its place in history by declaring Patriot’s Day as a solemn holiday. The Boston Marathon is a world wide symbol of the long journey to freedom. That one state gave license to citizens to delay the filing of the ” burden” of filing income taxes when Patriot’s Day falls on or about the 15th of April. Once again, the ordinary citizen reaps the benefits of the sacrifice of Bostonians going all the way back to this nation’s birth.
Why don’t you know this? Or why do you choose to ignore that which is plain after telling me you “look” at history-aka the past as prologue?

Shadowcloud ba'cho

FTR: “Massachusetts” is what the English and the Americans call a “loaner” word. It is an indigenous name-word. It was not loaned- it was stolen after cutting out the tongues of The People. You don’t know American History. There are more loaner names and words from the indigenous ~People~ in your everyday speech, prose and maps than the combined sum of all other loaner words from around the Blue Marble.
The framework for the 1st and 2nd Constitutions come from the Iroquois Confederacy- handed to Thomas Jefferson no less- along with other Framers. Even the US Congress came to acknowledge that Truth as historical fact and did so in a Joint Resolution.
History cannot be revised- it can only be revisited.


There is also an argument that the founders pulled from Oliver Cromwell’s Instrument of Government in writing the US Constitution.


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This is why so many people believe that the Boston Marathon bombings were a “false flag.”

While I fully believe that there is far more to this case than meets the eye, I do not believe that those injured and killed were “crisis actors.” In fact, because we’re not allowed to hear ANYTHING about the defense as a result of these SAMs, anyone who thinks they do know what really happened is a full and blindly following a government has blatantly disregarded our Constitution since 911.

I’m a former crime reporter and it bothers me, tremendously, that the mainstream media either does not know to question its governments’ motives or does not care. When I was reporting, the FIRST thing I would attempt after the initial bombing/killing/capture story passed as to request an interview with the prisoner – did it many times with and without attorneys present. If I was denied that for any of these unConstitutional reasons, my paper would have come up to bat. Has anyone even tried to talked to Tsarnaev? Doubtful in today’s climate.


This is a site on the Boston Event that has posted 18 posts on it with lots of images to look at carefully. It seems to me that the narrative and the photos do not agree.


The mainstream media is part of the ruling elite ,so the so call reporters do as they are told,i thought by now you figured that one out.


The very act of keeping any facts “secret” means there are things the gooberment don’t want you to know. They’ve done this with sandy hook, columbine, aurora, breibart, murah bombing etc.
Where there is smoke there’s fire, either release everything pertinent to the investigation or risk losing all credibility.


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Shadowcloud ba'cho

LMRAO at you Mr Baker. Your deletions are a Badge of Honor.

Mike G

Are you a paid troll, or do you just enjoy it?

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Mike G: ” Are you a paid troll, or do you just enjoy it?” e.

Your false framing matches the falsehoods of the anti-US Gubermint Konjecture Kooks, Klowns and Kultists. If you have a quarrel with my Reasoning, then by all means, get to it. If not, then get self educated in Reason & Rhetoric after 1st being certified as rational. Thanks.
~Fare Thee Well~

Mike G

LOL! Thanks for keeping in character.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Q.”LOL! Thanks for keeping in character.e”

No need to dignify your remark with a riposte, rejoinder nor a rebuttal. Plainly your “remark” speaks for self.

Mike G

But you did anyway. Nice. Have fun.


You sir sound just like the censors from the Pravda newspaper during communist times.I just hope this comment is simple ,civil,etc for you and as you could see it’s not typed in all caps.


When I hear and see these articles, it really seems like this person has already been convicted. I thought in this country we were all innocent until proven guilty. It seems like the court and DOJ are trying to make an example of him – is it because the FBI is embarrassed, or because they don’t want all the actual facts and details to overshadow their inconsistent statements they have made, or are they trying Dzhokhar for what they think his brother did – or is it simply because they are pouting and angry that so many people around the world are watching, reading, paying attention to the false statements – and are standing by this young man because they know something is very wrong here? I don’t think he will ever get a fair trial. I think the verdict has already been sealed. It’s sad. And if this is what has happened here, we all should be very afraid.

Susan Olsen

This would seem to fit the suspicion that Tamerlan was a CIA asset and “helped” to set up this bombing. Dzhokhar may know as much, and they don’t want that getting out. His mother (I think) has stated that Tamerlan WAS connected somehow with the Feds. Apparently, he can’t even discuss this with his own family. (Actually, I haven’t even heard if he is able to speak after his wound to the neck). The bizarre killing of Todachev, and the deportations of people connected to HIM are also pretty suspect. This whole thing is roped off, and not to protect us, but to protect the government FROM us.


This would explain so much. But if Tamerlan was an asset, then the whole bombing was either a huge security breach or, as some people believe, a setup or fake act. If this is the case, Dzhokhar’s case is hopeless. No effort would be spared to plug any leaks or possible implications of the true cause. Even the defense attorney would be chosen to minimize such outcome.


http:// If the government has not deemed the bombings an act of TERRORISM, why is Jahar being labeled a terrorist