Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago superimposed over an aerial view of Palm Beach  Photo credit Image name: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from Emilio Labrador / Flickr (CC BY 2.0) and Michael Kagdis / Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Trump has a dangerous weakness. He tends to overlook critical details. For example: Getting 10,000 people to show up at a rally to watch a media sensation is one thing; getting them to show up to vote on a winter day in Iowa or New Hampshire is another.

The eighth installment of the documentary Trump does not want you to see focuses on one of those pesky details. In this case, the mogul purchased the Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida for $10 million (naturally, he claimed that he got it for a steal at $8 million).

However, he overlooked just one little detail: that mansion was in the direct flight path of West Palm Beach International Airport. Oops.

Without the same kinds of connections in Florida that he had in New York, Trump could not just make his little boo-boo vanish. Not surprisingly, he ended up suing, and, by now, he has filed three lawsuits on the issue — the latest just last year.

It remains to be seen whether Trump the Politician has learned the lesson of minding small details that make big differences in politics.

So far this election cycle, Trump has excelled at sucking up all of the media attention and exciting large elements of the GOP base. But we won’t know until a couple of weeks from now whether his campaign also did those little things that earn wins in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The following video is part of a documentary on Trump that was made a quarter century ago but never released.

The film has a gritty tabloid quality — and is, by definition, a period piece. While some “chapters” will be more explosive or longer than others, what the documentary reveals about Trump’s character and manner of operating is more relevant than ever. We dare you to watch this and say that, like Trump, you already “knew it all.”

From now until the first votes are cast in Iowa, we will stream “chapters” of it here.

This is Part 8 of 12.

Part 1 is available here.

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Part 8 is available here.

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Part 11 is available here.

Part 12 is available here.

Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from Trump Plaza (Wally Gobetz / FlickrCC BY-NC-ND 2.0), Donald Trump and Mar-a-Lago (Trump The Movie), Trump Princess (FrummerThanThou / WikimediaCC BY-SA 3.0)

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Jeffrey McKinney
Jeffrey McKinney
5 years ago

More like “Palm Beach snubs Donald”, those egotistical blue-bloods and their distaste for
“nouveau riche.” Give me a break, just another cheap hit job on Donald Trump…no wonder he declined to go back to Fox and be harassed with “gotcha” questions from Megyn Kelly.

5 years ago

I so agree. That is the most closed-off bunch of arrogant snobs… who would want to be part of their inner circle? I wouldn’t move there (if I could afford it) if you paid me. They do everything they can think of to keep us, the common people, off their turf, mostly their beaches. They charge a fortune for the parking meters and last year took away about the last dozen free 2-hour spaces at the north end of the main beach, now they are all “permit parking”… really?… these people have parking for 15 cars in their circular drives… what could they possibly need “permit parking” for?…. (and don’t say parties, because they have valet for those.) Then they complained about “noise” on the beach… Oh what? The “regular” people have picnics, talk and bring radios to their beach? There are at least 15 factual errors in this anti-Trump video, but honestly I wouldn’t waste the time to watch it again. (he didn’t want to move the freaking airport… he wanted to change the direction of the runways… It is ridiculous (and would have put the flight path over my house in an undesirable little neighborhood) but, trust me, they all would like those runways changed). Worst of all, it neglects that via Mara Lago he opened Trump PGA which (gasp!) allows Jews, which, shocking in this day and age, bucks the Palm Beach tradition of segregation… yes, you heard that right… these “fund raising” bigots actually limit memberships at a few of their golf courses to non-Jews. So take your ridiculous anti-Trump piece of video and shove it. (And P.S. it says a lot about how hard they are digging and how far they are reaching to show that tired old Roxanne Pulitzer video, who was herself completely shunned by those idiots.)

Frank von Winkhorst
Frank von Winkhorst
5 years ago

Boo hoo.

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