Mary Pinchot Meyer, The White House

The Murder of John Kennedy’s Mistress, Part 3

In the third and last installment of this series, the case against the black laborer continues to build. To make matters worse, a new witness comes forward. But something is quite wrong with his story about what he allegedly saw — and, it turns out later, about his own background. Who was he really?

fire, grass, power lines, truck

Did Negligence Cause the California Wildfires?

The wildfires that ravaged California’s wine country look to be another symptom of climate change. But state politicians and regulators have another culprit in mind: poorly maintained power lines and electrical equipment.

Rex Tillerson

The Man Who Called Donald Trump a “Moron”

Rex Tillerson has reportedly called Donald Trump a “moron.” But what epithet might apply to Rex Tillerson? For many years, Tillerson headed ExxonMobil, a company that obfuscated what it knew about climate change — to the detriment of the planet.

Harvey Weinstein

Will the Harvey Weinstein Scandal Inspire Reforms?

The Hollywood mogul’s swift fall from grace may signal that men in power may no longer be immune to the legal and financial repercussions of sexual abuse. Whether his widely publicized story triggers a decline in predatory behavior remains to be seen.

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