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Trump Reminds Us How Hitler Did It

By 11/19/2023

There are few Americans alive today who remember Hitler — the details are lost to the mists of time. But Donald Trump is bringing it all back to us with a fresh, stark splash of reality.

US Rivalry With China Is Newest Reason for Climate Optimism

By 08/22/2022

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Herschel Walker Is Not a Sheriff nor a Doctor

By 10/16/2022

Rather than limiting the cost of insulin to $35, Walker pushed the idea that diabetes patients could control their symptoms by improving their diet. Diet affects patients with Type 2 diabetes, but would not cure patients with Type 1 diabetes.

Putin’s Indecent Proposal

By 07/25/2018

Bill Browder talks about being on the top of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most wanted list, his personal safety, and his shock at President Donald Trump’s reaction to Putin’s Helsinki proposal.