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Barbara Arnwine

Even If You Vote… Will It Count?

Protecting Out Vote 2020


You stand in line for hours to vote, or finally manage to receive a mail-in ballot you can mark at home. You cast it, but wonder if it will be counted accurately. It turns out there’s another question you should be asking: Will your vote be counted at all?


Listen to prominent voting rights leader Barbara Arnwine discuss the “spoilage” of votes, especially in the Black community, and what can be done about it. 


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Wisconsin, voting, coronavirus

Badger State Shame: What Actually Happened in Wisconsin

While some people are happy with the outcome of Wisconsin’s primary, the ongoing litigation is a reminder that what happened there on April 7 is an omen of bad things to come as the coronavirus pandemic meets electoral politics. 


In this week’s WhoWhatWhy podcast, we listen to a conversation between Emily Levy, founder and director of the nonprofit election integrity project Scrutineers.org, and Summer Murshid, a lawyer and election integrity activist who works on the ground in Wisconsin.  


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Just Trust, Don’t Verify: A Recipe for Electoral Disaster


Every time I lost a match in high school, my tennis coach would give me some simple advice: “Change a losing strategy.” It’s what keeps coming back to me as I think about current efforts to increase confidence in our elections.


Election officials, and the media, desperately want to win back the confidence of voters but have not adjusted their game plan to fit the current situation. They do not seem to understand what people need in order to believe that elections are trustworthy. 


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One Week Left Until Election Day

WhoWhatWhy’s Election Integrity Weekly is written by Gabriella Novello, and edited by William Dowell and Sue Rushford. Have a tip or want to suggest a story? Send us an email at ei@whowhatwhy.org.


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The Endless Fight Over Voting by Mail

The Endless Fight Over Voting by Mail: President Donald Trump gave the impression that he had effectively thrown in the towel on the debate over mail-in voting when he tweeted that Florida voters should request a ballot last week.

So why did he then sue Nevada to restrict access to voting by mail? The answer seems pretty clear: polls show that Nevada is a toss-up this November, and Biden supporters generally support vote-by-mail more than Trump supporters.

Trump’s lawsuit echoes much of what Trump and his allies have said in public. The suit claims that the new law will result in widespread voter View article …

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Touchscreen Voting Machines and the Vanishing Black Votes

Protecting Out Vote 2020


Votes from predominantly black precincts have mysteriously vanished from touchscreen voting machines in both Tennessee and Georgia in recent elections. Georgia replaced the touchscreen system it had been using since 2002 with yet another controversial touchscreen system, rejecting the advice of most election security experts, who note that hand-marked paper ballots are less vulnerable to both tampering and error. A political battle is now raging in View article …