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Mimi Kennedy

Mimi Kennedy Takes On the ‘Surrender Rule’: Scrutineers, Part III

Reading Time: 17 minutes In a year when 50 percent of voters or more are expected to vote by mail in the general election, “the surrender rule” could require millions to vote by provisional ballots. Emily Levy interviews election protection activist Mimi Kennedy about what happens when voters who are listed as having been sent a mail ballot show up to the polls to vote in person. The answer could be suppression.

Bennie Smith

Bennie Smith: Scrutineers, Part II

Reading Time: 26 minutes Bennie Smith discovered a high-risk tampering mechanism built into US election systems.

Smith explains what he found, its implications, and how election officials and members of the public can detect this “feature” of our voting systems that belies the principle of “one person, one vote.”