Russian oil rig, Donald Trump, Rex Tillerson

Ice T Trump: Hidden Motivator is Oil at Top of World

Reading Time: 2 minutes Trump has chosen Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, to be the next Secretary of State. Exxon, a quasi-state with its own foreign policy, has oil ambitions in the Arctic worth half a trillion dollars — ambitions a SofS can assist. Tillerson is one of several one-percenters who will shape policy in an administration made possible by working people struggling with severe economic hardship. Can they see the problem here?


Unexpected Russian Traffic Spike in Wisconsin Raises Eyebrows

Reading Time: 2 minutes Why did so many people in Russia and its former republic of Kyrgyzstan visit government-affiliated websites in a small Wisconsin county? Were efforts afoot to probe security systems? With a recount in the close election, and questions about whether vote totals could be hacked, this is very interesting.