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With the Boston Marathon Bombing defense seeking a new trial, in part because of prejudicial media coverage, we figure this is a good time to remind people about one news organization that worked overtime to retain skepticism and agnosticism about the official position being disseminated through cooperative organs. When you read articles in the conventional media about the new development in the case, you may wish to post comments alerting readers to our work. One good link to the full collection of around 80 WhoWhatWhy articles can be found here. Some of the most thorough pieces will be found several pages back in the archive.


Classic WHO: Must-Watch Video—Secret Service Agent Pulled off JFK Car
By The WhoWhatWhy Team
Among the more important “discovered footage” out there — capable of profoundly changing the ways we understand history — is this little gem. It shows a Secret Service agent being ordered off JFK’s motorcade car and objecting, as the president made his way to his demise. What do you suppose that was about?


Donald Trump Explains All
Time just put Trump on the cover… holding a live bald eagle. Then they sat down for a wide-ranging, but typically Trumped-up interview with the GOP’s surging frontrunner. The interview features relentless attacks on both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, along with his plan to build an insurmountable wall along the Mexican border that (he hopes)will eventually bear his name.

Presidential Sensation Deez Nuts Does Not Exist 
A brash new political outsider is suddenly gaining traction in North Carolina. The candidate is named Deez Nuts and he’s up to 9% in a recent poll. The odd thing is that Deez Nuts isn’t a “he” or even a real person. It’s the brainchild of a brilliant 15 year-old from Iowa named Brady Olsen who gamed Federal Election Commission rules to create the ultimate protest candidate for this already comical Presidential election.

Are American Lawyers Getting Dumber?
The American legal profession is having a mini-meltdown. That’s because many of the law schools that feed their ranks are churning out students who cannot pass the bar exam. Idaho has seen a 15% decline in the pass rate and six other states have registered declines of 9% or more. Now the bar exam’s governing body is scrambling to figure out how to fix its broken system amidst an unprecedented slump in the legal business. Somewhere, Shakespeare is smiling.


What Is Killing America’s Bees and What Does It Mean for Us?
Bees are the silent workforce that feeds America. They are responsible for one out of every three bites of food you eat and their tireless pollination of flowers has been valued at $15 billion annually. Now they are dying in droves and more and more science points to widely-used pesticides called neonicotinoids as the primary culprit. The question is whether or not the EPA will finally do something about it… before it’s too late.


The Science Of Cheating: Why Ashley Madison Had So Many Customers
The epic hack of Ashley Madison has the tech community grappling with the issue ofvigilante hackers. And the Beltway is worried about all those “dot-gov” email addresses in the data dump. But scientists are more interested in answering the perennial question of “why people cheat?” Some say men with a “booming voice” are more likely to cheat. Others point to an “infidelity gene.” Anthropologist Helen Fisher thinks it’s all about power and the imbalance that emerges in many relationships. On the other hand, a lot of people are just stuck in relationships that apparently don’t work for them. Or need variety. This may explain in part the growing popularity of the polyamory movement.

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